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TeleTech Closing To Hit Moundsville

Loss of 260 jobs to have hard financial impact

July 11, 2013

MOUNDSVILLE — The Marshall County Commission and Moundsville City Council are working to lessen the impact of the loss of 260 area jobs with the announcement of the closing of TeleTech Customer......

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Jul-12-13 4:29 PM

Trollslayer; Not even remotely close to the Beltway traffic, we don't have Beltway traffic--the job market went to places that either had a great base to begin with, like a good university system, a school system that was at least better than average or places could do what the state of Texas did--took a chunk of their oil revenue and built a first class university system...but I don't live in Texas either. Location, luck an attractive natural environment--a downtown that never went into decline--one that is filled with a lot of young, talented workers that could make one over forty, feel---like a little old.

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Jul-12-13 12:08 AM

sounder, how’s the beltway traffic these days? How’s it breathing all that auto smog? All the noise and the DC crime and rat race? Whatever makes each of us “happy,” eh? LOL

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Jul-11-13 10:18 PM

Trollslayer; you must have lived in one bizarre and unhappy place in the United States or your one of those Valley residents who saw the hand writing on the wall but couldn't figure out what it meant. What you call Progressive with such disdain happens to be the environment where many of the very high paying jobs are Software Engineers in the five grand per week variety and those are jobs which see a serious influx of many new hires. If you want to hang on to coal, yesterdays technology then your going to be just as unhappy anywhere.

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Jul-11-13 5:18 PM

TeleTech had an excellent training program and an excellent work force when they first opened. The pay was modest, the benefits good, and employees took pride in their work. Some employees at that time had Master and Bachelor degrees. Dress was office casual, no sloppy attire. The building was kept spotless, and the employees worked in comfort. It's a shame this area is losing a company of this quality.

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Jul-11-13 3:48 PM

SHAMbaugh finally admits, "I don't know anything but what I read in the newspaper." Shameful! A paid public official who only knows where to pick up his paycheck and his Joseph Banks suit from the dry cleaners!

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Jul-11-13 11:57 AM

Triton, Not sure of your point. No one should be looked down on for having any "legal" job. What's the alternative, they stay at home and live off the gov't? Not everyone in the underclass of employement is a high school slacker. Many don't have intelligence level, physical ability, or just plain luck to succeed in higher paying jobs. It doesn't mean their job and life doesn't mean anything. I don't care for Walmart, but they even brag about how many of their employees move up the ladder within the company.

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Jul-11-13 8:28 AM

Maybe if they'd just raised the minimum wage a little higher these hard-working, highly skilled phone jockeys could have kept their jobs. Or maybe if they'd unionized and then went on a strike for higher benefits that would have convinced the company to keep those jobs here in the good ol' USA. Or maybe if that B&O tax were just a little higher that company would have been encouraged to stay. Lots of Progressive cures we could have applied to save these jobs. Now get to work, Democrits, and apply more of your usual fixes to create new jobs for these poor folks!

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Jul-11-13 8:27 AM

Seems to be an assumption that they are taking their business someplace else, as though they are making Fords down there. That is a business that services other businesses, they don't manufacture or generate anything there. If they have no contracts they can't open another production line. What is with all the rage against the rich guy stuff on this one? Teletech has had a number of long term contracts but they expire, one of the best being the call in background check on firearm sales but the FBI moved that. Answering telephones is not a career path job no more than Walmart jobs are. If your work plans center around answering a phone or stocking shelves at Wal Mart, it might have been better to enter the job market with some more valuable work skills. Or rethink that sleeping in class, or truent lifetstyle you had in high school. They were good jobs for semi retired, disabled, or students needing flexible hrs. It never was General Motors. It fit the needs of many, but no all.

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Jul-11-13 8:21 AM

This matter was previously covered about two weeks ago in this same newspaper. Can we feel any worse, now two weeks later? So long TeleTech, may your underwear be infested with a million camel fleas.

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Jul-11-13 7:03 AM

After opening call centers in Mexico, the Philippines and other countries, they finally have everything in place to close their US based call centers. A select few of the Teletech employees here in the Moundsville center and other US based Teletech centers were sent to these countries to train these new employees. Now everything is in place to close the US based centers and reap the biggest profit on the backs of these new employees that will work for just a few dollars a day. Yeah, Teletech knows they are under fire right now about the Moundsville center closing but they also know in a few months from now, all will have settled down and been forgotten. The bottom line for them is profit with no concern for humanity. No matter how much money they make, it’s never going to be enough to suit them.

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Jul-11-13 6:41 AM

Amen! What the filthy rich and their political puppets call "good jobs" are any that pay a dime more than minimum wage. Then they get rid of even those piddly jobs, and send them to a third-world country.

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Jul-11-13 2:39 AM

I couldn't agree more CT.

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Jul-11-13 1:56 AM

Score another one for the ultra rich elitists who run our government and for Bengla Desh, or some other third world craphole where people will work for $8 per day answering phones, and where half the time they can't understand you.

In their never ending quest for cheaper labor, the rich who control both political parties are destroying our middle class.

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