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Back to Negotiation After Student Loan Vote Fails

July 11, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — The defeat of a student loan bill in the Senate on Wednesday clears the way for fresh negotiations to restore lower rates, but lawmakers are racing the clock before millions of......

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Jul-11-13 5:45 PM

Im sure I missed the details somewhere, but will this change effect the interest rates on those who have already graduated and are currently repaying loans?

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Jul-11-13 5:44 PM

Triton-"parent who allow their kids", these kids are over 18 and can do what they want.

Our higher education is not what it use to be. It is big business, over priced tuition and books are rediculous. Look at any big college area, ex;Morgantown, and slum lords getting rich and towing companies reaping benefits(wont even give kid a receipt). Its a joke. The grads are not finding work easily. I know grads that are working in other fields. A bachelor degree is the old high school diploma-you better have one if you want to be a sales person at Best Buy or a job at the Apple store.

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Jul-11-13 4:39 PM

Triton “Why does a degree now cost so much?”

A degree costs so much now because colleges and universities can charge that much and still fill their classes and dormitories. Colleges and universities can still fill their classes and dormitories because parents and students can obtain that much money to pay the tuition and fees. Parents and students can obtain that much money because it’s being given to them in the form of taxpayer funded Government-subsidized grants and loans. Government-subsidized grants and loans are being given to them by liberal politicians to buy their votes.

Get rid of the liberal politicians, you get rid of the taxpayer funded Government-subsidized grants and loans, the parents and students can’t obtain that taxpayer-provided money, the colleges and universities will have to lower tuition and fees to fill their classes and dorms.

Application of the laws of economics makes fixing our problems so simple.

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Jul-11-13 11:48 AM

Dems need to address the problems and the causes of the increase in education costs, instead of creating another welfare program. Grads make more money in their life time, nearly double, so they are investing in themselves. Why should others have to pay for that? The traditional colleges are a major part of the problem as are parents who allow their kids to assume such debt just for the "college experience". Go to a JC for the first two yrs, you can often do that out of pocket and its the same courses, of course no frats and bars and parties. Get loans for the upper two yrs of school, not for art appreciation and 60 hrs of survey courses. Why does a college prof need to make $250K a yr to teach drawing, or lit? Academics are the ones gouging parents and students, plesae don't put them on the federal teat too. We are paying for Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, we have no money for our own kids. Why does a degree now cost so much?

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Jul-11-13 7:09 AM

GETACLUE “let students borrow from the Fed.”

Since their defaulted loans will eventually wind up as Federal debt, which my tax dollars will eventually have to pay, why not just let them rob me at gunpoint for their college money and cut out another middleman. Same difference.

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Jul-11-13 7:06 AM

the rate has been higher in the past.

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Jul-11-13 6:59 AM

Since the BANKS can borrow money from the FED at .75‰ take banks out of the equation and let students borrow from the Fed. The federal government guarantees the loans anyway.

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Jul-11-13 6:31 AM

Did anyone not see this coming? The administrations money grab from private institutions was a guaranteed disaster. Now dems want a quick fix and excoriate the gop for trying to find a long term solution. They are shameless.

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