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More Coal-Fired Plants Closing

AEP and FirstEnergy eliminating facilities in Ohio, Pa.

July 12, 2013

WHEELING — To comply with President Obama’s plan to reduce carbon and mercury emissions, American Electric Power and FirstEnergy Corp....

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Jul-14-13 6:51 PM

Thanks OBUMMER,,you WORTHLESS piece of garbage..

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Jul-13-13 7:17 PM

Sure, sounder. Over a BILLION short tons a year for the last 20 YEARS. Exports UP 11 percent in the last year alone. And now all of a sudden we’re running out. You've got the Chinese all freaked out. LOL

And I’m sure that “caliber of people” back at ol' Elkins High miss you sooooo much. LOL

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Jul-13-13 5:57 PM

Coal is a finite resource; once it is extracted, that's it, the commodity is removed, the jobs eventually move on, those who can't or won't leave the area to find new jobs, a different way of life--chances are the people who are elected into office have little interest or the knowledge to move their local economies into something else. The end result; towns like Wheeling with decaying buildings, some growing trees and brush. That coal fired plant in Beverly; the people who sought that plant and brought it into the area with Ohio Power, those management personnel who came into supervise the construction and power generation. In no way are the people who are in charge today of that plant of the caliber of people who were moved into the area when everything was new, including that newly consolidated high school from which I graduated. Those days are long gone in the past.

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Jul-13-13 11:22 AM

sounder, just in case you didn't hear, the US coal industry just mined and sold over a BILLION short tons of coal last year. Again. That’s been the case every year for the last 20 YEARS. So your claim that coal is dead is a little off.

But CONSUMPTION of coal in the US has been DOWN since 2008. Since Obama began his “War on Coal.”

Obama’s War on Coal has NOT succeeded. Coal is as strong as ever. But Obama’s War on American Jobs Fired By Coal is going very well. As shown by Obama's stagnant high unemployment rate, Obama's RECORD food stamps rate...

mmm mmm mmm, bankrupter in chief

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Jul-13-13 10:40 AM

That gloom and doom? Certainly if all that remains of a once vibrant economy of another era is clinging to coal, like finding an additional rack of lifeboats on the Titanic. You wonder why there isn't much posititve news about the economy in the upper Ohio Valley? The editorial slant and focus from this newspaper; that floundering campaign to turn back the clock, finding a way to bring back something of the economy which existed when I was in high school. That isn't going to work. The movement away from coal isn't going to change anytime soon, more likely never. My father retired, as a dozer operator, for Central Ohio Coal; a division of AEP, working near the Beverly plant of what was then Ohio Power. That coal fired plant was big news when I was in high school; today just another mostly 60 year old, dated facility with very few employees. My Mom and Dad are in the Beverly Cemetery, so are several others who left Warwood for better things so many years ago.

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Jul-13-13 9:02 AM

the coal miners that i know love their jobs.that's half the truly isn't everything.obama won't quit until he paralyzes this country.when you remove the mills,railroad system and mines it becomes a matter of national security.the country that will start world war three will know that they have an advantage.we'll have some catching up to do.they are building.obama needs to go to some country that wants him.

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Jul-13-13 7:59 AM

WWU, The point is that your post was factually incorrect. I would agree that it would take a lot more money for me to go underground, but no one is forcing those who do into those jobs.

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Jul-13-13 12:54 AM

OMG, we'd better shut these coal plants down, right now! There's NO time left to fix the horrible damage we've done. The fragile Earth is so, so very weak, she's barely turning. :( The good news, I've lost 1.4 pounds due to her weakening gravity (Ask me for my government funded paper). Anyhoo, I find real science to be tedious, complex, and boring to the max! But admit it is fun when Washington and Hollywood scare the living sh** out of me! ROF**** :) Charts with sweeping upward trends, adorable animals falling from the sky, certain death is the best rush ever! Hahaha! ;) So here's to OUR friends in government, please revive Soltndra and turn my property into a rancid swamp. When I've burned all the furniture, and the government cheese runs out, luckily I'll die from exposure before the Carbon kills me.

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Jul-12-13 10:03 PM

"I can't see why more people wouldn't want to work in a coalmine, 28-35,000 a year if things is good"

@WWU, secretaries and adminstrative asst's make more than $28,000 in the industry!!!!! From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, NAICS 212100 - Coal Mining

All Occupations Annual Mean wage - $53,560

Secretaries and Administrative Assistants - $38,330

Carpenters - $49,400

Helpers, Construction Trades - $43,880

Extraction Workers - $51,160

Mining Machine Operators - $52,150

Roof Bolters, Mining - $54,030

First-Line Supervisors of Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers - $79,310

Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists - $56,630

Millwrights - $61,070

First-Line Supervisors of Transportation and Material-Moving Machine and Vehicle Operators - $68,600

First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers - $78,120

Construction Managers - $101,240

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Jul-12-13 8:03 PM

It's Lincoln's fault.......

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Jul-12-13 5:41 PM

Why are all you capitalists and conservatives crying about the lost of certain industries? Don't you know "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT."?

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Jul-12-13 5:17 PM

...but we're not doing that in America because of some vast conspiracy against making money from CO2 to fuel. Derrr....

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Jul-12-13 4:48 PM

Troll: Yawn right back at you. Again, CO2 recycling is being done on a commercial basis by the company Carbon Recycling International, in Iceland. Maybe more interesting to you would be the fact that the German parent company of your local Bayer Corporation has a plant up and running in Germany that is using Coal power plant CO2 to make plastics and polyurethane raw materials. They call it their "Dream Production", and have an extensive array of commercial literature and technical documents, including of course patents, explaining and describing it.

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Jul-12-13 4:25 PM

Wow GEO. Given enough taxpayer dollars I’m sure the US Navy could convert feces to fettuccini. That doesn’t mean it’s commercially viable. yawn....

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Jul-12-13 3:35 PM

Troll: The US Navy, in a September 12, 2012 news release from the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), easily accessible via web search of the title: "Fueling the Fleet, Navy Looks to the Seas", explains that they have developed "a process to extract carbon dioxide (CO2) and produce hydrogen gas (H2) from seawater, subsequently catalytically converting the CO2 and H2 into jet fuel ... . NRL has successfully developed and demonstrated technologies for the recovery of CO2 and the production of H2 from seawater ... and the conversion of CO2 and H2 to hydrocarbons" - - We have provided the editor of this rag with many of the supporting documents, including the Navy's disclosure of a ship design, that, using environmental energy to drive the processes, converts CO2 into liquid fuels for the other ships, and planes, in the fleet. The NRL. by the way, had at least one pilot plant up and running. Don't believe it? Tell it to the Marines.

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Jul-12-13 3:08 PM

WWUthinking If you know how incredibly stupid you sound you'd crawl under you bed and not come out for a month.

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Jul-12-13 1:18 PM

OBUUUMA-1---- The people 0.

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Jul-12-13 12:18 PM

The destruction of America is the theme of this year's "hope & change"

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Jul-12-13 11:52 AM

WVUGEO “NASA, too, by the way, has developed the tech... yawn ... CO2-to-Methane technology invented by Paul Sabatier ... yawwwwwnn blink blink ... 1912, Nobel Prize in Chemistry ... zzzzzzzzz....”

Snake oil dreams. Do it and prove it, or move your little Dr. Geozoni’s Snake Oil Liver Cure cart off the information superhighway... zzzzzz...

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Jul-12-13 10:40 AM

Turn-off all the coal fired power for a week, next week would be perfect! See how the peeps like shopping and living in the non-AC world....

When will we be demanding those nasty combustion engines be eliminated?

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Jul-12-13 9:35 AM

Troll: True, Methane leaks - but, if we're going to use it, we might as well make it from Carbon Dioxide. NASA, too, by the way, has developed the tech to do that, based on original CO2-to-Methane technology invented by Paul Sabatier, who won the 1912, yes, 1912, Nobel Prize in Chemistry. But, once we have the Methane, interestingly, it can be catalytically reacted with even more Carbon Dioxide, in what are known as "bi-reforming" and "tri-reforming" reactions, with both the Methane and the CO2 being converted into syngas which can be condensed into all types of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons. See, for example: "'United States Patent 2,448,290 - Process for the Production of Synthesis Gas'; 1948; Assignee: The Texas Company (Texaco); Abstract: This invention relates to ... the reaction of a gaseous hydrocarbon (methane) with carbon dioxide and steam so as to produce carbon monoxide and hydrogen".

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Jul-12-13 9:34 AM

our government doesn't want us to make steel.or anything.

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Jul-12-13 9:30 AM

The photo is of the Burger Plant where many workers lost their jobs. Empty and jobless will be this valley and state of WV. Keep supporting the Obama Administration, your new and excessive taxes will be needed to pay the thousands of new unemployed workers and their families in the very near future.

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Jul-12-13 9:28 AM

And how can WVUGEO argue that mercury and even radioactive materials like uranium and radium in coal ash can be “forever encapsulated” in the concrete used to build roads and bridges that school buses full of our children will travel over every day, while not seeming to understand the concept of sequestration of fracking flowback and its trace concentration of radium a MILE below the ground?

Maybe WVU isn’t making GEOs like they used to...

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Jul-12-13 9:27 AM

WVUGEO “fly ash could then be used to make high-performance concrete, where any Mercury would be forever encapsulated.”

Forever is a long time, GEO. Have you ever seen concrete wear, decompose, crumble, fall in tiny pieces into the storm drains and culverts? I have. That’s where all your “forever encapsulated” mercury will wind up in a relatively few years, and then washed into the water supply. Why would you advocate exposing future generations of children to exposure to the “horrific” diseases and deaths caused by mercury exposure, just to shill for your coal to snake oil scam? Shame shame.

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