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Farm Bill Doesn’t End Food Stamps

July 13, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — One after another, angry Democrats took to the House floor to say Republicans would increase hunger in America by stripping food stamps from the farm bill....

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Jul-15-13 1:02 AM

Whoa! Deja vu...

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Jul-13-13 7:03 PM

Right, spanky. Learn how to swear properly, like "eff." What do you think this is, a comment board?

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Jul-13-13 5:51 PM

Spanky, you are a SKANK. Grow up. If you can't talk intelligently shut the eff up!

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Jul-13-13 4:52 PM

How would Bela Pelosi know what the GOP is trying to do with this bill? Has she yet found the time to read the ObamaCare bill to let us know what is in it?

The reality is, housing, education, health care, food, clothing, transportation and religion are YOUR responsibility as a parent. If you are unwilling or unable to handle these items, go on down to the health department and get some birth control. You are not fit to be a parent.

Those of you who believe that government (ie. taxpayers) and not private charities should aid the less fortunate, please post your names, social security numbers, credit card info, bank account info and home addresses, making sure to leave your doors unlocked and your keys in your car ignition.

If everything that I have worked for belongs to the whole, as you believe (else you wouldn't support taxpayer subsidies) then logic dictates that everything that YOU own belongs to the whole, as well, and should be used by them for their comfort.

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Jul-13-13 3:13 PM

Yawn. You are the master debater. zzzzzz...

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Jul-13-13 1:10 PM

Chokingracebaiter “The TEAbillys are riled up. The Americans elected a man with skin darker blah blah racist blah”

Typical. When he has nothing else to support his ridiculous argument the Progressive Liberal plays the racist card. You’re the first one to mention skin tone in this thread, Choker. Now tell us who’s fixated on race?

yawn... wake me when you have an actual argument... zzzzz......

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Jul-13-13 12:56 PM

I agree with RockE on this one. We need a bill to immediately end taxpayer-funded subsidies to stinking rich farmers like Michele Bachman, thus increasing the cost of food produced in America, and thereby giving a price advantage to food produced overseas.

I haven’t decided what call that bill, though. The Boost Overseas Jobs Bill? Or the Higher Prices, Higher Unemployment, More Hunger, More Food Stamps bill?

I know RockE wanted to call it the Stick it to Michele Bachmann bill, but you know how RockE's mind works... eye roll...

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Jul-13-13 10:59 AM

Tax payers are responsible for 80% of the losses! Where can I buy my tax payer subsidized business loss insurance? I would be glad to "stimulate" the economy with a few new businesses with the 80% income guarantee!

"Agricultural economists at the University of Illinois have estimated that the drought will trigger gross indemnities of about $30 billion this year, with an underwriting loss of $18 billion.

Of that, the U.S. government would shoulder about $14 billion, they said.

The department said that the government would also pay producers $11.1 billion in direct subsidies in 2012, a 6.3 percent increase from last year."

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Jul-13-13 8:49 AM

At a time of record profits for corporate farms what we need focus on is providing them with a $9?billion increase in crop insurance Farm Bill programs to protect them from those pesky market price fluctuations....right, GOPeers?

and them walmart-wage-crowd Americans?.. and their reliance on food stamps?....divide and conquer.

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Jul-13-13 8:38 AM

"What do you really think is gonna happen next?"

I think the wealthy elite will continue to watch out for each other! From MarketWatch, "There will be no criminal charges for former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine over the use of customer funds leading up to collapse of MF Global."

Bilk people out of billions, but if your politically connected (i.e. an Obama campaign donor) face no consequences!

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Jul-13-13 8:29 AM

What I really think will happen next - Michelle, her family, and her entourage will take another multimillion $ vacation. But since it's our money they're spending, the Obamas aren't singing the blues. They're having a marvelous time and laughing at people like Chokingsmoker.

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Jul-13-13 8:15 AM

So why is that Skank Pelosi claiming that republicans are taking food from their most needy constituents when the vote clearly shows that democraps are doing the same thing? Democraps stand for nothing but hatred and division.

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Jul-13-13 7:35 AM

The $85 Billion a month given to Wall Street (via quantitative easing) has ballooned the assets of the wealthy while decreasing the purchasing power of the poor/middle class and the elderly. While income inequality is certainly not unique to this admin, the FED's policy has contributed to it greatly!!

Washington DC and Wall Street enjoy a symbiotic relationship to the detriment of average Americans. Liberals have left the "common man" behind in favor of common stock!!

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Jul-13-13 7:32 AM

Interesting observation as income inequality has grown under (and due policies from) the Obama administration. From CNBC , "Economist Anthony Randazzo of the Reason Foundation wrote that QE “is fundamentally a regressive redistribution program that has been boosting wealth for those already engaged in the financial sector or those who already own homes, but passing little along to the rest of the economy. It is a primary driver of income inequality.” "The reason is simple. QE drives up the prices of assets, especially financial assets. And most of the financial assets in America are owed by the wealthiest 5 percent of Americans.

According to Fed data, the top 5 percent own 60 percent of the nation’s individually held financial assets. They own 82 percent of the individually held stocks and more than 90 percent of the individually held bonds."

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