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Police Cracking Down on Cell Use While Driving

Local Drivers Appear To Be Adhering To Phone Law

July 14, 2013

WHEELING — Local drivers are either adhering to legislation banning handheld cell phone use or coming up with an effective way to avoid getting caught, Ohio County Sheriff Pat Butler sai....

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Jul-14-13 12:50 AM

Glad to hear that people are abiding by the law. There is no reason they should not. Those most interested in their communication have the IPhone V and voice texting. An ear set is not that expensive. I think there will be those who forget because it is such a habit of answering calls but hopefully most will abide if they don't understand the danger.

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Jul-14-13 1:01 AM

You drive drunk and kill somebody you go to prison. Why shouldn't the same apply to killing somebody while texting? The penalties imposed now for texting are a joke.

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Jul-14-13 7:00 AM

This is just about REVENUE and not about making the roads safe.

MO' MONEY for government from tickets.

Look at the friggen picture, which is more distracting, talking on the phone or LOOKING at all of those ****ing SIGNS???

What about eating and driving?

Listening to LOUD stereo and driving?? These a^^^les couldn't hear emergency vehicles coming with their megawatt stereos?

What about having sex and driving? Is that maybe a LITTLE distracting :)!

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Jul-14-13 10:28 AM

Those hands free sets may cause cancer. I will never use one.

It should not be a crime to drive while talking on a cell UNLESS it is also a crime to turn around and look in your back seat, play with your radio, drink coffee, apply makeup or chow down on that Egg McMuffin. These are all distractions and this recent crackdown has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with revenue. And not just ticket revenue, either. Many positions in the Wheeling Police Department are funded by a Homeland Security grant. The WPD must justify its' inflated force, and budget, by producing "violations" in numbers that they can use to justify the renewal of their grant money.

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Jul-14-13 12:06 PM

The Nazi SS men are simply doing EXACTLY what i said would happen!!!

They are using it for an EXCUSE to do ILLEGAL and UN-CONSTITUTIONAL background checks and searches!!

Always REFUSE to cooperate and NEVER agree to a vehicle search!!!

It is you constitutional RIGHT to travel un-molested by the NAZI regime!!

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Jul-14-13 2:35 PM

Most people resist change. What people PROTEST is Dictatorship. The DOH has been putting up signs since Sep 2012. It's impossible not to take our eyes off the road to read them. Catch "22"

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Jul-14-13 8:29 PM


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Jul-15-13 5:12 AM

uncommonsense-you go ahead and try exerting your rights in wheeling wv. When you end up in jail and paying thousands of dollars for an attorney, ruin you reputation, loose your job, and have a broken jaw, then tell me what you think others should do to protect their rights. Give them cops whatever they want=we have no rights. Teach your kids to be survivors if they are to live here. Get over it.

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Jul-15-13 8:34 AM

bloomin..I totally agree... and with the ever-growing staff and facilities of the WPD..more and more finances are going to be necessary to maintain the enormous police force. The city of Wheeling is basically 4 miles by 4 miles..16.1 square miles, and police are completely saturated. That's why you're seeing many more petty charges..notice all of the "obstructing" charges lately? Even the homeless are being attacked for "trespassing" or "pandering". Want to walk from River Ale to DiCarlo's...better not be could very easily get a "public intoxication"'s happening more and more.

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Jul-15-13 9:08 AM

Watched a lady in a Mercedes SUV drive completelty left of center this past Saturday while TALKING on the cell phone, not texting. And I saw a kid sit through an entire red light in Elm Grove while he was busy texting. The same arguments FOR texting are the same ones that Drunk Drivers used. They can drink just a few beers and drive, they can handle their booze. They can text, yeah they can. NOT. I am way tired of seeing drivers coming toward me who are looking down texting and as they drift into my lane. And really, how much money do you think the PD gets from writing a ticket? Most of what you pay is court costs, it doesn't go into a giant tip jar in the police departments. We learned that life goes on and if you are a drunk or can't stop texting it goes on without you. I hope they write MORE tickets. How is ever safe to not pay attention to driving, and not looking ahead/mirrors? How does that logic work? Arguments for it, are simply lame.

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Jul-15-13 12:52 PM

Yet eating & drinking, browsing the internet on your smartphone, shaving, putting on make-up, using a mounted laptop or GPS, talking on a CB, reading a newspaper, etc, etc,...still OK?

The good citizens of Wheeling are the ones who should protesting and exercising their right to free speech over the police state the city has become.

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Jul-15-13 5:55 PM

Deputy Chief Kimball hit the nail on the head when he said "why do these people feel the need to be so connected." I agree. How much stress are people putting on themselves by depriving themselves of any freedom? Hang up for crying out loud and take time to enjoy your quiet time. No one is that important.

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