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Friendly City’s Cash Carryover Crumbles

New budget cycle $750K shy of last year

July 17, 2013

Despite pulling in a record $30.7 million in revenue over the last 12 months, Wheeling began the new budget cycle with about $750,000 less than it did a year ago....

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Jul-20-13 11:22 AM

He doesnt work for the city? since when? He was there in Nov 2012. He was at St Mikes festival last year. Did he retire or was he fired? Or did he get promoted to state police or FBI

His behavior has harmed many residents and given the police a bad name. Good riddens. Hopefully he is not hired by another agancy.

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Jul-20-13 10:30 AM

Griffin doesn't work for the city anymore.

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Jul-19-13 6:41 PM

Griffin needs to go. He is a liability to the city. What kind of fool steals counterfeit money from the evidence locker. Think he carries chip on shoulder because another cop stole his wife.

If you will steal at work, what else are you capable of? Just about anything! Scumbag!

Cops are human-make mistakes such as DUI, it is those who are are over zelous and make their own laws and have no regard themselves. Once caught in lie on case or report-they should be gone. Stealing included

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Jul-18-13 7:56 PM

AWAVEY- Of course, they can't afford them. But, instead of making them visable, they hide them in sub-stations, schools etc. Did the city ever hear of "R.I.F." ?????

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Jul-18-13 9:08 AM

these city leaders are robbing the minute they are broke and the next minute they have money.this kind of stuff leads to never know whether they are lying or not.and if they lie about one thing it's for sure that they'll lie about another.lie detectors for all politicians.they are a lowly bunch.

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Jul-18-13 2:20 AM

What did Redford do to get a sentence? He was not the one who stole counterfeit money from evidence was he?

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Jul-18-13 2:18 AM

Heard good about Redford or aka. PWait has license plate=Zoom-man. Rusty caught molesting girl at Bethlehem Farm Fresh on camera. Perv and woman abuser for many yrs prior to catching. Excused. Daniels nuts abuser. Blue Shield protects wife beaters. Have list of other 5 big problems.Small % for number, unless u r a victim. WPD has new complaint policy on website. Think Schwart..trying to clean up. Citizen board needed for complaints and oversight. Dont mind more patrols-im dont break law. Just dont agree with harrassment. Time for change. Hope chief is sincere. Dont want my tax dollars going to settlements of bad cop behavior. They need to publish evry settlement

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Jul-18-13 12:05 AM

WVUthinking-yes, Albert got nearly 100K from lawsuit. Just google last name v city of wheeling. KFC guy was an attorney harrassed for having a gun-settled for 55K. Just read another case in federal court-dean v alderman, ward, and city of whg. Evidently no ruling yet or date set.

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Jul-17-13 3:36 PM

The size of Wheeling cannot afford the size of Police Officers and Firemen and their pension plans. When will the tough choices be made? Only when it is a choice between "untouchables"?

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Jul-17-13 1:13 PM

The .5% sales tax will cover new spending? I thought the piggy back sales tax was going to be put into place so the B&O tax could be reduced, per McKenzie. Looks like they need to hire someone who can either do math better or else tell more clever lies.

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Jul-17-13 11:50 AM

As you read the spending by the city now you know why taxes keep going up for the citizens and their pay keeps going up. Many jobs in the private sector do not have pensions, health insurance or the amount is base on copays, or pensions are 401 plans. Maybe it is time to look at the pay and benefits of government employees because the taxpayer is going broke. Why pay CM higher wages than big city Mayors?

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Jul-17-13 11:41 AM

Why did Mayor Andy abstain in the vote with Well Fargo Insurance for worker compensation? Who sold the insurance to the city?

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Jul-17-13 11:36 AM

Underfunded retirement plans take $3.6 million this year and another $200,000 from gambling revenue to fix the problem if I read it right and that is for just this year. They tell what it was in 2000 but what the unfunded amount is now to give a better idea of the problem and what taxes and fees to are going to increase to fix the problem.

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Jul-17-13 11:17 AM

Notice how city government never tell the public of all the law suits and settlements they had to payout. Well, most cities just spend like there is no requirement to cut expenses since it is the taxpayer money.

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Jul-17-13 6:26 AM

What has happened to previous cash carryovers?

Where is the new revenue? Wasn't the 0.5% sales tax revenue assuming more than $200 million in taxable sales each year? That was the number that the Boy Mayor was using. That revenue would amount to more than $10 million per year. Now we hear that 6 months' revenue will be $1.1 million.

I told you all along-either the Boy Mayor and Herron were lying or they couldn't do basic math. Either way, neither should be handling taxpayer funds.

Record revenues-soon to go away.

I have seen many of the new residents in Wheeling and, believe me, they are not about to contribute to the tax base or a lower crime rate. They are moving in everywhere. Wheeling will soon be little Detroit.

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Jul-17-13 1:13 AM

How much of that 750 was paid out in settlements for misconduct. Officer postle got 100 and the kfc attorney got 55. How much is not disclosed in the news?

New chief is going to put an end to this nonsense. He is running a tight ship. Follow the rules or get out. I think he might know about laws and is passing it on to his officers and human resource dept. For the past few months, every time I have run into an officer directing traffic or at sheetz, etc, they have been very polite. Im impressed.

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