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McKinley: Obama Takes ‘War on Coal’ Global

World Bank cuts developing nations’ access to loans for coal plants

July 22, 2013

WHEELING — The “war on coal” now has an international front after the World Bank announced it will limit funding of coal-fired power plants in developing countries, Rep. David B. McKinley said....

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Jul-23-13 1:36 AM

Remember the main maker of gas turbine power stations is GE USA. The equipment has huge export potential; along with USA LNG to run said.

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Jul-22-13 11:53 PM

Washington DC has been powered almost exclusively on bovine dung for over a century, so a urine powered cell phone is actually plausible...

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Jul-22-13 10:35 PM

Possibly someday someone with common sense will realize that when generating electricity from urine, bacteria, or other means will work on a large scale people will actually buy it without someone forcing them.

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Jul-22-13 10:17 PM

Wow, it is amazing. The same folks on here yelling that coal will be mined forever are probably the same folks that thought Whg Pitt Steel and Weirton Steel would still be going full throttle today. It is a shame the Wheeling leaders of the 80's and 90's failed to lure any new business/factory jobs after the collapse of the steel industry because the loss of the mines will be the final nail in Wheeling's coffin. Last one to leave Wheeling, turn off the Slot Machines (another phony ploy to save Wheeling). Good luck Wheeling, you may need it. Oh wait, look at the bright side, you will have the new Central.....oops, I mean the new East Wheeling Playground to be proud of in Wheeling.

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Jul-22-13 7:53 PM

WVUGEO Did you miss this one:

" A group of researchers from the University of the West of England have invented a method of charging mobile phones using urine.

Key to the breakthrough is the creation of a new microbial fuel cell (MFC) that turns organic matter – in the case, urine – into electricity.

The MFCs are full of specially-grown bacteria that break down the chemicals in urine as part of their normal metabolic process. The bacteria produce electrons as they consume the matter and it this natural process that creates a small electrical charge to be stored in the MFC.

“No one has harnessed power from urine to do this so it’s an exciting discovery,” said Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos, an engineer at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory where the fuel cells were developed."

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Jul-22-13 7:42 PM

atoddh “btw: Nuke power is the least expensive and no CO2”

Right, atoddh. And all that nuclear waste is nothing to worry about. Ask WVUGEO. We’ll just bury it in your yard, atoddh. Or we could ship it out of that facility in north Warwood. By truck or barge. Nobody would mind, I'm sure. LOL

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Jul-22-13 6:34 PM

da mn CO2!

"As part of the carbon cycle, plants, algae, and cyanobacteria use light energy to photosynthesize carbohydrate from carbon dioxide and water, with oxygen produced as a waste product.[2] However, photosynthesis cannot occur in darkness and at night some carbon dioxide is produced by plants during respiration.[3] Carbon dioxide is produced by combustion of coal or hydrocarbons, the fermentation of sugars in beer and winemaking and by respiration of all living organisms. It is exhaled in the breath of humans and land animals. It is emitted from volcanoes, hot springs, geysers and other places where the earth's crust is thin and is freed from carbonate rocks by dissolution."

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Jul-22-13 6:14 PM

I like the way Mckinley is out to save jobs, we all know the coal companies are most likely lining his pockets to do things their way. It does not matter that his grandchildren and great grandchildren will suffer the pollution

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Jul-22-13 4:38 PM

folks: coal is the # 1 global source of CO2.So coal must go. Not a big surprise. Obama will want this as part of his legacy: a cleaner Earth.

btw: Nuke power is the least expensive and no CO2.Gas is competitive with coal.

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Jul-22-13 4:34 PM

Obama has cut coal's balls off!Both the domestic and export market will dwindle; especially for high sulfur coal such as that in the OV. Meanwhile OV gas will flourish in a big way.

Look for World Bank incentives to replace coal units with gas or Chinese nukes soon.

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Jul-22-13 4:09 PM

The intent is to encourage gas plants and a methane export market for USA producers. This is all related to the new found gas reserves in the US and the CO2 problem. The Chinese has smaller prefab nukes to offer now also. Yes coal is on the way out. WV had best diversify.

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Jul-22-13 1:16 PM

lieforalways, I believe you....Off the grid, I'm sure....

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Jul-22-13 1:13 PM

YOU- voted for this, YOU-elected this, Now We have this. Get rid of him.

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Jul-22-13 12:46 PM

No, deadGov. It's charged with the energy I get from solar panels on my roof. LOL

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Jul-22-13 11:59 AM

Being from Ohio, I really have no huge opinion on McKinley one way or the other, either way nothing he says is wrong or inaccurate. We(US)have absolutely no business forcing agenda and policies across the globe.

As for us here in the US we have and have had the technology to burn coal cleanly and have clean power plant omissions. The Burger Plant that was closed was very close to complete compliance as are the other plants scheduled to be closed in the near future. It is much better to invest tax payer money to these projects then give hundreds of millions to "Green" ventures that go bankrupt, their CEO'S walk away with millions in their own pockets and no one goes to jail.

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Jul-22-13 9:44 AM

Lets get rid of all the nasty coal powered plants> WE can build several nuclear plants on the Hudson River at New York, and with wind mills on the National Mall and behind each cherry trees at DC.

All of those electric cars can be recharged from home wind mills and solar panels on the house roofs.

"Sorry boss, I can't come in to work today, it was overcast yesterday and the wind didn't blow last night.

My month's ration of natural gas was used up last night as I ran my generator to power my computer to blog my protests to coal mining and shale oil development in WV PA & OH.

What it doesn't matter if I come in or not, my job has been shipped to China. Seems their coal powered plants are supplying the energy to run the machine that you used to run.

You can hitch-hick to the unemployment office and see if they will help you find you some place to work.

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Jul-22-13 9:44 AM

hoopie, Coal Fired Plants Union? So much for your Union brothers/sisters. LOL

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Jul-22-13 9:41 AM

lieforonce, How do you charge that Volt? Solar/Wind or Coal fired electric? LOL

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Jul-22-13 9:31 AM

Last week's news headline: "East Coast Power Grid struggling to support the electrical demand, as temperatures in the cities rise".

Sounds like a good time to shut down all those dirty coal power plants and utilize the wind from those carbon dioxide fools.

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Jul-22-13 9:23 AM

Amazing how mankind is now living in the most advanced age with more people supported on the planet, in large part due to the freedoms fossil fuels have provided.

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Jul-22-13 9:18 AM

The "world" is building coal power plants like crazy and SOMEBODY is going to supply market.

Coal exports help the USA balance of trade and give jobs to locals.

What is the problem here??

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Jul-22-13 9:11 AM

The quality of human life should be greater than the need for corporate profit. Coal is one of the worst pollution creators there is no matter where you burn it. Reducing cancer and related deaths caused by burning coal should be way more important than profits.

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Jul-22-13 9:10 AM

so obama now owns the world he going to dictate to china also?is he planning to become the world's only dictator?the leaders of the world are laughing at you obama.crawl back into the ground with the rest of the potatoes.coal will continue to be mined until there is no more.just in the same way that you spend money mr. obama.til it's all gone.

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Jul-22-13 9:04 AM

Does McKinley think Obama is now in charge of the world bank? McKinley is just another company HO.

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Jul-22-13 8:58 AM

"When did we become the world cop???" Really Bobby is that a rhetorical question? It happened many, many administrations ago.

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