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More Demo In the Works

Gene Long Center, burned buildings set to come down

July 23, 2013

After a failed attempt to sell the former Gene Long Community Center on Wheeling Island, the decaying, city-owned landmark displaying decades of high water marks from various floods will come down....

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Jul-23-13 1:29 AM

After refering to it as a "landmark" the city wants to tear it down.

There is no such thing as historic preservation in Wheeling or in West Virginia.

West Virginia Division of Culture and History "commissioner" Randall Reid-Smith is charged with protecting historic structures.

Randall Reid-Smith's formula is no preventative maintenence.-- Tear it down!

Senators wife Gayle Manchin protects her shopping buddie, Randall Reid-Smith.

Absolutely no support from Randall Reid Smith's local flunkies, Travis Henline or David Rotenizer or their underlings.

History will call to task these cowardly, weak, useless, public servants.

A cranky old man calls it an eyesore, bulldoze it.


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Jul-23-13 1:31 AM

did the City sell any of the offered buildings?

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Jul-23-13 1:39 AM

City Manager Robert Herron says, "I'm not optimistic, of obtaining timely approval from the SHPO."

So. Why don't we just dismantle the State Historic Preservation Office?

It is useless, and if it is useless it is a waste of money.

Think about that!

City Manager Robert Herron knows more than the State Historical Preservation Office.

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Jul-23-13 7:52 AM

If I had a son in Wheeling, he would be a Demolition contractor!" Barack Obama.

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Jul-23-13 8:24 AM

So according to the regular barking dogs, we are now for blight? The former Gene Long building is a heap of rubble, no more historic than my converse all star tennis shoes and ready to fall in..and that is the line in the sand? It took a conspiracy of anti history people to knock this building down and deprive of it falling in on the street. And lets work some venom for the guy who was in the paper pointing out that it is falling in piece by piece. How dare that guy have an opinion, opinions are only for the blow hards. When they decide to bull doze the Osiris Shrine for a Sheetz you may have a chance to rant and not slobber simultaneously. Maybe take a ride and look at the place before chaining yourself to the flood rotted front door. Hey, at least not all demo is in EW thats a good thing. If you think the Long building is what history looks like, flea markets must drive you crazy. Its all rubble.

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Jul-23-13 9:34 AM

When you have nothing old and when you have nothing new, you have Wheeling.

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Jul-23-13 9:56 AM

So, whether or not a building is stable or not because it's an historical landmark, we leave it stand, right? If it has some historical significance we let it stand, such as it is. You bemoan the destruction of buildings in Wheeling without taking a moment to think of how much money it would cost to bring these buildings up to code. The financial burden of keeping these buildings standing only to remain empty. Nobody was interested in the buildings because they are death traps. I think it would be fantastic if many of the buildings in Wheeling that aren't being utilized could be restored and put to great use. But facing reality, I see that when a building has been neglected beyond the point of repair and restoration, it's time for it to go. So what if there's an empty lot. Better that than having it fall on someone, especially a group of kids. Let it go already. What is it hurting you personally?

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Jul-23-13 10:32 AM

The only thing in Wheeling that is going to "fall on kids" is poverty.

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Jul-23-13 12:30 PM

If you want them Choking, buy them. Talk about a grumpy old man, look in the mirror.

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Jul-23-13 1:13 PM

The new motto for West Virginia's Division of Culture and History.

"Neglected beyond the point of repair"!

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Jul-23-13 4:43 PM

Let's see, historic landmarks in Wheeling?

Sheetz, Lowes, Dairy Queen, bridge and tunnel.

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