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Store Targeted For Synthetic Marijuana

Ohio attorney general declares St. C business nuisance

July 24, 2013

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said Tuesday that Bob’s Cheap Smokes has been declared a public nuisance for selling synthetic marijuana....

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Jul-26-13 3:42 PM

If the government really wanted to stop synthetic marijuana they would legalize and regulate real marijuana. NO ONE would smoke fake pot if real pot was legal for adults. You morons that go on and on about "dopeheads" and such clearly have been brainwashed by "Just Say No" and other government propaganda and know NOTHING about marijuana in the real world. There is NO good argument you can make for keeping it illegal.

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Jul-25-13 1:38 PM

Oh boy. No common sense, it is called bath salts to be confused with Epsom salts, which people put in their bath. It is synthetic cocaine that is called bath salts so it looks harmless on invoices when it is shipped in from china. Yeah, they are clowns. I realize picking up a book is out of the question, but google it before you talk from your rear.

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Jul-25-13 6:06 AM

some dopeheads prefer pills,some dopeheads prefer alcohol and some dopeheads prefer smoke.and nobody that knows me would ever call me worthless unless i'm sick.i've never collected a penny from hard and retire early.

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Jul-24-13 11:44 PM

After this place was raided early this year I saw the placed closed and I saw the space empty and available for rent . Then within the last couple months I saw bobs smokes in the place again that's weird

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Jul-24-13 6:03 PM

AGAIN, how can these clowns shut down ANY business for selling a LEGAL product??!!!!!

If people are using these "bath salts" to get a buzz INSTEAD of their intended LEGAL use, how is that the responsibility of the store that sells it??!!!!

This is no different than shutting down Krogers because they sell whip cream that people get high on!!!

Or why not shut down Lowes for selling the spray paint and glue that people get high on??????!!!!!

Close down ALL Wal Marts for selling whip cream, spray paint, contact cement, and any of HUNDREDS of other products that might be misused to get high!!!!

As I said before, we are about to see the largest class action law suit ever to hit Belmont county and the State of Ohio and it will BANKRUPT the county!!!

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Jul-24-13 2:47 PM

Hey Buffy..have you noticed that most of us are not on here commenting all the time? that's because we WORK and pay taxes. Judging by most of your comments you were not smart enough for an early retirement. I would bet your on the taxpayer hand out list. Just another flea on the back of society. Just because people are intelligent enough to realize that weed is not a harm full narcotic doesn't make them a user or a worthless piece of crap that sits around on their behind all day and just because some one doesn't smoke weed it certainly doesn't make them a better person. LOOK in the mirror and clean of your own front porch before you start telling me how to clean mine. IDIOT

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Jul-24-13 10:52 AM

Looks like we have a bunch of %^#@ dope heads on here defending their favorite smoke. You dope heads are WORTHLESS .

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Jul-24-13 9:35 AM

once again NR,this stuff is nothing like marijuana.other than having to be smoked,there are no all.

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Jul-24-13 9:15 AM

Will someone explain to me why 1 business is being shut down till October and the other 2 are allowed to remain open...

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Jul-24-13 8:53 AM

This stuff shouldn't even be compared to's totally different and is demeaning to the true wholesome goodness of ja weed. Seriously.'re right on...Wheeling has already become a police state...massive staff and facilities that require massive funding - which means the good citizens are all targets for a legal shake down...not to mention the embarassment, loss of jobs, trauma, financial depletion, and hatred that is fostered in this environment. We really need to take a serious look at Wheeling, and decide if this is really the way we want to live.

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Jul-24-13 6:23 AM

There IS a reason for this "War On Drugs" and it is money. Prosecutor's offices and police departments, not to mention the alphabet soup list of involved government agencies, depend on arrest statistics and dope on the table to keep their inflated budgets. Local towns and prosecutors apply for grants to help fund their mini-police states.

I would support the idea of decriminalizing d r u g s if we had an agreement where those receiving public assistance would lose all aid if caught (in a random drug test) using AND if taxpayers did not have to pay for the health care of losers who did d r u g s.

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Jul-24-13 6:20 AM

Can you get drunk from rubbing alcohol, if you drink enough of it?

Rubbing alcohol could mirror the symptoms of Jack Daniels so anyone selling rubbing alcohol should be put out of business.

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Jul-24-13 2:08 AM

and the grand jury in the steubenville rape trial has a year off with no adults charged for not coming forth with evidence.I agree the synthetic crap is hurting people. I haven't smoked weed since the early 80's but it is a relatively harmless substance. I don't call it a drug because I do not believe it should be considered a narcotic and if some one wants to grow their own on their own property and not for commercial resale with out being licensed they should allowed to do that. then the Mexican drug cartel loses half it's business here in the USA. cocaine being the other half. there has to be a huge big money political reason to throw people in jail for weed and keep it illegal on the federal level.

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