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State Police: Troopers Needed

Agency says its ranks should be near 1,000 with more minorities

July 24, 2013

CHARLESTON (AP) — West Virginia State Police officials say the agency needs more troopers, particularly minority officers. Lt....

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Jul-24-13 12:35 AM

Move one from each city that is over officered, or 5 from wheeling. Take the 5 bad and train them with the state police. Oops, cant do, wheeling would loose its minority status, one black and one woman.

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Jul-24-13 4:09 AM

Start offering a better pay. WV pays their employees squat.

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Jul-24-13 6:05 AM

Pennsylvania's State Troopers earn $48k plus benefits in their first year. Doesn't West Virginia start off at something like $28k?

When you're 49th or 50th in almost every measurable economic standard, it is ridiculous to expect that you can afford to pay cops and teachers the same as they get paid in Pennsylvania.

And why target minority candidates? Shouldn't the most qualified person get the job? Shouldn't the person most likely to be a good state trooper be the one that you hire?

Focusing on attracting minorities is affirmative action BS and it is wrong. It is also discriminatory.

Race should never be a factor in hiring. If blacks can't qualify, they need to go back to school, work harder, etc.

Not always but in general, there IS a significant gap in intelligence & achievement. It is genetic and cultural and it has NOTHING to do with racism.

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Jul-24-13 8:37 AM

Is Affirmative Action still in effect? How about just hire the best qualified people for the job?

I seriously doubt that it is justified to hire that many more troopers...I mean for the love of God..they're everywhere. In the northern panhandle at least, between the massive and ever-expanding Wheeling PD and the state trooper presence, I really don't know how they're existence can be justified. It seems to me that there's a lot more petty charges taking place, a lot of the same homeless and mentally ill being arrested...they got to keep the income coming from somewhere.

I personally believe this is the wrong direction for any community, and eventually is going to cause a serious rift and animosity between police and citizens. We really need to examine this further. It seems to be a voracious monster that needs to keep eating and growing.

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Jul-24-13 9:27 AM

so the white man can forget about it.

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Jul-24-13 10:53 AM

A full year of the State Police academy

A pittance starting salary

Risk of bodily injury, permanent disability, and death

Arresting the same criminals week after week because the system dumps them back onto the street.

Ungodly schedule and hours




Who wouldn't want to be a WV state trooper!!!!!

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Jul-24-13 3:16 PM

I feel people do have more respect for State police then they do county or city police.

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Jul-24-13 6:10 PM

Stop the press!

I for once find myself agreeing with Acoustic!!!

We are allowing the tyrannical local and state governments to createa police state and build a "standing army" to be used AGAINST the people!!

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Jul-24-13 6:12 PM

Talk to ANY NAZI occupation survivor and they will tell you it looked ALOT like Wheeling does today!!!

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Jul-24-13 7:28 PM

Median income in WV is 49th of the 50 states! How much should State workers get paid? fYI, Pennsylvania is 22nd in median wage....

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Jul-25-13 3:53 PM

The WV state police do a good job. They do many things such as-crimes against children work. They mention hiring minorities, etc, but the real issue seems to be that they do not have the funding to train and hire anyone. Even with less pay than other states, why are funds too short to cover the needs? Are they asking for more troopers than needed or compared with other states or is there a reason for lack of fund?

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