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Teen Turns Self In After Steub. Murder

July 27, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — The city’s wave of violence continued late Thursday, when police found 17-year-old Demitrius Thomas murdered in an alley near Lawson Avenue....

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Jul-27-13 6:52 AM

Murder Rates per 100K:

Steubenville 54 (if year continues at same rate)

Detroit: 47

Los Angeles 7

New York 6

Congrats Steubenville, you finally got the big cities beat at something.

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Jul-27-13 7:42 AM

Here is what we should do.

1) Send a letter to all residents in Stupidville, informing the decent, working class folks (a dozen or so) that there is a jobs fair in Wheeling one week from that day.

2) On the appointed day, firebomb Stupidville.

Since the criminal element most likely can't read and the criminal/welfare element couldn't be bothered to go to a jobs fair, problem solved.

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Jul-27-13 9:36 AM

Even young small vipers are deadly, kill it now!

daWaith, what are the rates for Chicago and Columbus?

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Jul-27-13 10:42 AM

hey wraithy,steubenville was #1 for air pollution for many beat out all the big cities.we were so proud.

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Jul-27-13 10:45 AM

So this is a non gun homicide committed by a juvenile in Steubenville, wonder how we can divert attention away from what causes such violence. National news people, celebs and entertainers will tell us that the nonstop exposure to video/movie and music violence has no impact on conduct, its art. We hear that all the time. The incredibly violent video games do not desensitize kids to not understanding the finality of murder. And the liberal entertainers who have made fortunes doing shootem up movies, 2 hrs of nonstop use of firearms and violence to solve their problems on the big screen..has no effect on the culture. Its art it is not reality. And yet the same liberal pigs who excuse their impact on the youth culutre of violence, also make millions endorsing products directed at the youth market. If they have no influence wonder why they are paid to endorse products? Well, this is one those truth things and we cannot deal with that. Its about guns, thats all...honest.

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Jul-27-13 11:27 AM

Triton: The knife used was beside a gun earlier in the day. The gun was a bad influence and caused an otherwise good knife to go bad. It's the gun's fault.

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Jul-27-13 2:07 PM

Just to be facetious-- 1, kill with a gun. guns banned. 2. kill with a knife. knives banned. 3. kill with a wet noodle. all pasta banned. Where theres a will theres a way.

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Jul-27-13 5:47 PM


Columbus 9.9

Chicago 15.5 /100K

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Jul-28-13 11:35 AM

Maybe it is time to bring in the some outside law enforcement to help clean up the city before it start to spread to cities like Wheeling. The city manager they had before wanted to bring in the national guard so something is wrong in that city.

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Jul-28-13 12:02 PM

no chance it will continue ya moron. reaching for strings again. that is all your life is..reaching for strings. why not pull the string between your legs and put it in your mouth to absorb all the hot air coming out of it.

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Jul-28-13 12:04 PM

you can't make a bet with wrat cause he is not a person of his/her word. proven that on here many times over. shame.

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Jul-28-13 12:08 PM

per fox news.4-month-old infant dies after being left alone in car in San Diego.

more proof that those out in ca are true morons.

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