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Man’s Fight Against Shelter Levy Continues

He believes Hancock County is going beyond state law

July 29, 2013

NEW MANCHESTER — For two years, David Cline has fought a losing battle to overturn a levy that funds the Hancock County Animal Shelter, maintaining it amounts to taxpayer support of a private humane......

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Jul-29-13 5:10 PM

Hey NOcommonsense, from the tone of your posting I doubt if you've ever written a "donation" check. As to not knowing what you're voting on enough levies have been voted down in the valley to disprove that notion.

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Jul-29-13 3:28 PM

In the days BEFORE people got lazy, places like shelters were 100% run on DONATIONS and VOLUNTEERS!!!!!

And THAT is as it SHOULD be today!!!

Just like the VOLUNTEER fire departments that ran 100% on DONATIONS!!! (Not government grants and "fire fees"!!)

Today, we have counties that call a TAX a "levy" and the lemmings don't even know what they are voting for!!

MANADATORY fire TAX is being forced down our throats when we are being covered by VOLUNTEERS!!!

VOLUNTEER is my definition work that is done for FREE or "donated"!!

The same is true for animal shelters

If I am FORCED to pay a "levy", "fee", or whatever other progressive name they want to call a TAX, then I will be forced to STOP any and ALL donations to these places!!!

If YOU like paying a tax to support the shelters, pools, etc, then WRITE THEM A CHECK!!!

And stop STEALING the money from the rest if us!!!

Once ANY "levy" is started, it NEVER goes away!!!


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Jul-29-13 2:51 PM

What a jerk! With around 30,000 in the county it cost less than $10.00 per person a year. Maybe he wasn't allowed a puppy when he was growing up.....or a sheep either. ...

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Jul-29-13 1:52 PM

Everyone has to complain about something. I do think that animals are, in some cases being treated better than people, by laws.

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Jul-29-13 1:42 PM

A steel worker complaining about taxpayer's $$$ support for animals... but not complaining about taxpayer's $$$ support for steel workers?

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Jul-29-13 8:34 AM

Well said Ragnar. The scarey thought is some were foolish enough to elect this idiot a county commissioner once upon a time. I've been to the Hancock animal shelter and believe Hancock county taxpayers are getting a great return on their tax dollars.

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Jul-29-13 8:11 AM

Wow this guy has nothing else to do with his life? Obviously he has no compassion for animals. Perhaps he should be put on the street like the strays and live like them.

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Jul-29-13 6:01 AM

Well, taxpayers aren't legally or morally obligated to subsidize shiftless layabouts, steelworker pensions or senior citizen programs but they do it, anyway.

You have to question the character and motivation of someone who would waste so much time and, presumably, money, fighting basic care for homeless animals in need.

Government often contracts out to private businesses. Morgantown has a private trash hauler for which residents pay a fee. Is this subsidizing a private business?

Get a life, you loser.

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