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Flasher Pleads Guilty Again

Ostrander released to serve probation for March incident

August 2, 2013

MOUNDSVILLE — Brody Ostrander pleaded guilty to charges of indecent exposure and solicitation of prostitution in Marshall County on Thursday, one day after pleading guilty to similar charges in......

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Aug-02-13 4:16 AM

Future Democratic Congressman!

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Aug-02-13 7:10 AM

No, not the next Democratic Congressman. It's DuhWraith's new squeeze!

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Aug-02-13 8:15 AM

When that guy was first caught doing this it was said that he had been doing it for years. But his family and lawyer decided to treat it like a ticket and fight it in court and used up all kinds of resources to try prove that it really didn't happen. But you can't fix that kind of behavior by pretending that it didn't happen. So what happened, he got released and it was just a few months later he was being charged again, and then he got released and now has been charged up and down the Ohio Valley. Instead of spending money on lawyers and denying the conduct, maybe it would be better if someone gets him the head help he needs. He seems to have become a "serial flasher" whatever that is, AFTER he got a lawyer and into the system of judges. He also appears to becoming dangerous. He has a problem, those who profit or deny his problem have only made it worse.

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Aug-02-13 8:23 AM

Justice system is a farce; there are two teen age boys in Jefferson County who screwed up once and will be paying the price for years and then we have this idiot who can't keep his pants zipped and doesn't even have to register as a sex offender.

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Aug-02-13 8:52 AM

How unfortunate the teens little "screw up" was rape. I guess being raped is preferable to being flashed, eh?

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Aug-02-13 9:33 AM

Chemically castrate this pervert and all will be well.

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Aug-02-13 9:41 AM

probation again...........OMG Marshall Co. wake up!!!...He will do this again and again. Put his a@@ in jail. Slap them on the wrist and let them go..........

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Aug-02-13 10:08 AM

Maybe we could just send him to New York City. They're looking for a new Democrit Mayoral Candidate there, and this weenie would fit right in.

Get him a Twitter account and a I <3 NY bumper sticker and vote, vote, vote, New York!

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Aug-02-13 10:38 AM

BOOMGROUNDER: You need to read the entire article. He did not receive "just probation"! He received 112 days "IN JAIL" He served the maximum amount of jail allowed by law on one charge and was sentenced to 82 days on the 2nd charge which is MORE than the minimum. In "ADDITION" to the time he served in jail he is on 1 year probation. If he violates that probation he goes back to jail for 60 days! And if you read the Hancock County story you will see he is spending 6 months of incarceration. Both these counties did a good job with the sentencing.

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Aug-02-13 12:48 PM

I fear this situation will only get worse. Started off with him a few years ago standing naked in the street and standing outside his car exposing himself. Now he's moved on to talking and interacting with people, and trying to "solicit" them. What's next? Scary.

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Aug-02-13 1:05 PM

This man is obviously mentally ill and needs to be institutionalized rather than remanded to jail. This man is a murder or rape waiting to happen.

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Aug-02-13 7:21 PM

2616 you are a moron. they also drugged her, p'ed on the girl, raped her in the arse and you want to compare? only hope it happens to someone in your family so you then can really compare.

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Aug-02-13 8:36 PM

Put him in the federal lock up where the lifers will know what to do with his type!!!

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Aug-02-13 8:47 PM

If only one of those women had a stun gun, Ostrander might be thinking twice before exposing himself again!!

400,000 volts into the ole berries would be quite painful

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Aug-02-13 9:03 PM

The subject is clearly a born "striper." He would do very well performing in gay clubs for tips; perhaps on the bar. Send him to Ft.Lauderdale or Houston. It is his calling. Right behavior(for this); just wrong venue.

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Aug-02-13 11:16 PM

I implicitly trust atoddh's judgment on this one.

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Aug-03-13 2:31 PM

troll: you do see the subject could make a nice living-be a productive tax payer- from his natural talents. Gays love to look at male genitals and will pay to do so.

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Aug-03-13 5:02 PM

buy this dude a membership to nudist kolony. he have a close relative running for NY mayor ?

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Aug-03-13 5:03 PM

is his actions so very unlike the accepted behavior of strippers, pole dancers ?

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Aug-03-13 5:07 PM

He has character. he knows people see him. unlike those who show real character only when they think they won't be found out.

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Aug-03-13 6:19 PM

atoddh, again, I'll have to trust you on that one. And I certainly do. LOL

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Aug-03-13 8:47 PM

I agree with Tritons post. So far he has not done anything to cause serious harm, but left untreated, it is likely that he will step it up eventually. Next time it may be 2 12 yr old girls or worse. He needs to be forced into a treatment plan-although I am not certain that any of them work for more serious stuff, cant keep slapping his wrist and putting him back on streets. The guy needs some head help.

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Aug-04-13 11:33 AM

Since no one would hire someone like him, I'll bet he is collecting a variety of "Big Gooberment" assistance from us taxpayers. May as well jail him and cut off his source of income.

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Aug-11-13 3:28 PM

Isn't there a fitting place for him in democrat politics?

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