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Ohio Rates to Increase Under Health Law

August 2, 2013

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohioans using the new marketplaces created by the federal health care law will pay on average 41 percent more for their monthly premiums, state insurance officials said......

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Aug-04-13 8:22 AM

oldman “Your showing your ignorance.”

You’re showing you don’t know how to form the contraction for “you are.” Talk about ignorance. LOL

But BUSH! Phony wars! Meds! Canned Democrit babble. yawn

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Aug-04-13 7:56 AM

Do, do, please take your meds.

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Aug-04-13 7:54 AM

Not one penny of the NATIONAL DEBT is from S.S. The National debt is a result of bush tax cuts and two phony wars. Your showing your ignorance. NO SURPRISE.

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Aug-03-13 1:54 PM

The ACA will go down in history as the worst piece of legislation ever! The bill would have never have passed without the lies fed to Americans! Obama told us it would decrease the average American's premiums. It won't! It was often described as coverage for ALL Americans. At no point are fewer than 30 million left uninsured! We were told it would reduce the budget. We now know it will cost 3 times more than first told. The list goes on and on yet progressives will continue spouting the talking points just as they are told!

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Aug-03-13 10:41 AM

dyingov, I thought that was pretty funny, too.

oldman, maybe you SS recipients can get in line behind those 1.3 BILLION Chinese folks, and when our now Socialist-debtor Government pays back the $17 TRILLION we owe the rest of the world you retirees can start collecting your share of the debt. Obama promised to cut that deficit in half in three years, so it’s only a matter of time until he pays it off... LOL

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Aug-03-13 10:13 AM

oldman, So the goberment that is 17 trillion in debt owes 3 trillion in IOU's to SS....Priceless!

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Aug-03-13 9:53 AM

"By taking a longer view and broader view, however, Boston University economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff calculates that the difference between the government’s promises and its revenues, discounted to present value, is $222 trillion, or nearly 14 times the country’s gross domestic output. He points out that most people don’t know that the difference is that large because so many of those promises are kept off the books and consequently are not counted when the national debt is calculated:"

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Aug-03-13 9:52 AM

Stupidasswhipeoldman, how about $222 TRILLION in debt???

Unfortunately, buried in the trustees' report are two unsettling facts that SSS ignored altogether. First, the Disability Trust Fund under Social Security will be out of funds in three years, forcing beneficiaries to take at least a 20-percent cut in their benefit checks. Second, after the year 2020 the highly touted “surplus” drops to zero in 2033, forcing everyone receiving a check to take a “haircut” of at least 25 percent, if not more.

Under the trustees' “high cost” scenario, totally ignored by SSS, Social Security will be out of funds by 2026, a scant 13 years from now.

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Aug-03-13 9:46 AM

Rich Lowry:

"Washington is riven by conflict and deep-seated division. It is rare indeed when both sides can agree on anything consequential. Therefore it is incredibly heartening that there is now bipartisan agreement that the implementation of Obamacare is a mess.

Republicans have long maintained this, but now the Obama administration has lent its implicit assent with its astonishing decision to delay by a year the law’s employer mandate. This is what the administration calls, via a blog post by the Treasury Department’s assistant secretary for tax policy that announced the decision, “Continuing to Implement the ACA in a Careful, Thoughtful Manner.”

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Aug-03-13 9:06 AM

this article is fascist propaganda.

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Aug-03-13 9:05 AM

Do do & Troll, the general fund owes S. S. 3 trillion dollars.

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Aug-03-13 7:56 AM

Obama CLAIMED the cost of ACA was about $900 BILLION in 2010.

CBO NOW says about $2900 Billion and climbing.


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Aug-02-13 9:46 PM

atoddh "Citizens could still purchase private-luxury-care."

Oh, sure atoddh. You elitist 1%ers would be well taken care of with your expensive, priority, gold-plated, elitist health care, while the rest of the 99% get Medicaid. Aren't we ALL equal? We won't stop until we're ALL equal. No justice, no peace.

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Aug-02-13 9:18 PM

The solution is a quality national single pay system. Citizens could still purchase private-luxury-care. Why should only seniors receive(single pay) Medicare?

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Aug-02-13 6:45 PM

Funny to see the left try to justify rate increases after Obama told us the ACA would “bring down premiums by $2500 for the typical family.”

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Aug-02-13 4:12 PM

Friday's jobs report was disappointing, but it also contained a truly heartbreaking statistic. Black teen unemployment is a shocking 41.6%. In July last year, the unemployment was considerably lower, at 36%. That almost half of black teens who want to work can't find jobs is a stain on Obama's economic policies.

This isn't a numbers trick. This isn't a rate based on the whole black teen population in the country. This is the proportion on the black teen population that is looking for work but can't find a job. Just in March, the number was 8-points lower at 33%. The white teen unemployment rate is half the black rate, although a still high 20%.

The heartbreaking thing is that these teens haven't given up hope and left the job market, something that has artificially lowered the overall unemployment rate. The unemployment rate is based on those who want a job and are trying to find one.

Barack Obama: FAIL! the black community.

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Aug-02-13 2:02 PM

TBH I'm tired of paying for everyone elses insurance. I pay for my own through my job, Medicare (tax), Medicaid (tax) and now I have to help pay for Obamacare because my employment's healh insurance rates will be rising in 2014. So in the long run I pay for 4 different medical insurances. Isn't it great?

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Aug-02-13 1:21 PM

Based on the Labor Utilization rate from the BLS, if the same figure were used as when Bush left office, the REAL Obama unemployment rate this month would be 11%.

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Aug-02-13 12:48 PM

Since obama has taken office over 9 million jobs have vanished.

Who do you suppose will pay for their coverage?

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Aug-02-13 11:31 AM

"Hiring in July was concentrated in sectors typically characterized by low-wage jobs: Retailers, for example, added 47,000 jobs and restaurants and bars hired 38,000 workers.

July's job growth was also below the average monthly gains over the past year, and revisions to June and May figures show that the economy added 26,000 fewer jobs than originally reported.

Meanwhile, the average workweek fell slightly, and average wages fell by about 2 cents to $23.98 an hour."

I guess they will all need health care subsidies!

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Aug-02-13 10:30 AM

Oldmanlivinginhisvan, Social Security? The program that has $40 TRILLION in unfunded liability, almost three times the total Gross Domestic Product of the USA.

Yeah, the program that is the biggest financial FAILURE in the history of the WORLD???

That program is SIMPLE compared with Obamacare, yet it is a complete FAIL!

What could POSSIBLY go wrong with Obamacare? BBBWHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!

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Aug-02-13 9:53 AM

oldman, you mean the Social Security system/Ponzi scam the Social Security Trustees just forecast to be BANKRUPT in 2033, which is precisely when the MAJORITY of current payers will expect to begin receiving benefits? THAT Social Security? Wonder why conservatives would oppose that?

Oh yeah. Because we hate old people. You libbies crack me up. LOL

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Aug-02-13 9:31 AM

these same low information A holes opposed Social Security. Go figure.

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Aug-02-13 9:29 AM

Wvcoffee, the people who currently pay $0.00 for health insurance will STILL be paying $0.00 for health insurance. NOT everyone will contribute something. That money will come DIRECTLY from insurance payers’ rate increases, or indirectly from insurance payers’ tax subsidies. You can’t get blood out of a turnip, moron.

And it’s YOU who argue that people who pay nothing should have the same access to the same doctors and hospitals as everyone who pays. Those who can’t pay should receive charity care, just as they should receive charity everything else.

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Aug-02-13 9:18 AM

You morons. The people you're referring to currently pay $0.00 for health insurance. Under the Affordable Healthcare Act everyone will contribute something. You would think the average dumbupilcans would embrace that. Instead you argue that people who pay nothing should have access to the same Dr's and hospitals as everyone who pays. No logic there.

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