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‘Obamacare’ Working, Despite Criticisms

August 4, 2013

There is a lot of uneasiness about Obamacare, primarily because many Americans listen to doom and gloom scenarios by Republicans....

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Aug-10-13 9:26 AM

Notice that the costs for health coverage are dropping in the states that are cooperating in implementing the ACA? The obstructionists and extremists keep kicking and hollering the same old drivel yet not one of them have put forth what they want to replace this law with. Repeal and replace is the cry. Replace with what? Lets see how the conservatives replacement compares to the ACA. Or is that just empty noise from conservatives again and again?

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Aug-08-13 3:36 PM

Why is cost equated with quality care? Because that's the only way to sell it.

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Aug-07-13 8:10 AM

how's this work for the prisoners?

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Aug-07-13 12:00 AM

Paranoia-based babble straight from a factless loony leftist's Kool-Aid sticky keyboard to my funny bone. LOL

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Aug-06-13 2:48 PM

Fear based comments straight from Rush Limbaugh's mouth to my ears!

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Aug-06-13 8:21 AM

Yes, thank you President Obama for a big new tax, death panels, and longer waiting lines for lower-quality service. Isn’t socialism wonderful? Hello United Socialist States of America. Enjoy the misery, libbies. You built that.

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Aug-06-13 2:41 AM

I love it when a plan starts to come together and the ugly side of Republicans resort to name calling. Thank you President Obama for the courage and leadership that so many other politicians ran away from with health care reform.

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Aug-05-13 10:44 PM

The doc who wrote this needs to have his head and heart examined. What a crock of bullshiat!!!!

Obamacare was hatched in he11 & the its fruits are showing their color. That color is black. Black is for death.

Notice the one common thread of Obamacare...i.e. cost increases across the board for all working Americans and small businesses. The other common thread is you are now getting less benefits. That is right, you are now paying at least 30 to 40% more (if not more) for your healthcare & getting less.

Many big businesses are exempt & now Congress has exempted themselves!!!

Just when you thought the American people couldn't get more idiotic but their supidity never seems to end.

No way any right-thinking person could think Obamacare is good. Yeah it's working...working its evil as it was intended to do.

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Aug-05-13 7:35 PM

Total Boosheet!

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Aug-05-13 1:26 PM

Littlefox- Not only is Obamacare a disaster- Look at all of our money spent and no way of paying the bills. He is a disaster.

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Aug-05-13 11:48 AM

@ugly. Check out HR 2300.

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Aug-05-13 10:35 AM

Obama care is working and it's killing these repugs.

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Aug-05-13 9:44 AM

Google "Obamacare causes..." Top results: Obamacare causes job loss Obamacare causes doctor shortage Obamacare causes doctors to quit Obamacare causes unemployment

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Aug-05-13 8:28 AM

Google "Obamacare is a..." Top results: Obamacare is a disaster Obamacare is a train wreck Obamacare is a tax Obamacare is a joke Obamacare is a mess

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Aug-05-13 2:14 AM

@Goosedroppings. Dr. Ruben. Is he a proctologist? If he is, you nedd him to get your head out of your rectum. ObamaCare is going to kill us with the high prices and put business's down the drain. Proposed by Obama, yep, but it still *****. Do you really think he is so great? Your problem is he has you brain washed, oh excuse me, I'll take that back, you have no brain, or once again Dr Ruben can help you as you are sitting on it. You really need to get a life.

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Aug-05-13 12:56 AM

I'm just saying to the least some got the ball rolling on something that can be tweeked and fixed. what is the GOP offering us? Nothing....what do you have are you going to help us hard working tax paying people to get a fair rate for health care??? TELL MEEE..and don't tell me me the proposed law!!!!

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Aug-05-13 12:53 AM

hmmm...well..we do need something to be done for hard working middle class citizens and really small work for your self business owners. So..the welfare people,public employees, state and federal workers, politicians, and those with employer provided coverage get it either free or for a FAIR rate. Why can't us hard working middle class citizens and really small work for your self business owners that buy on the free market get the same? We are the back bone supporting the rest of your health care plans mostly through taxes. Yet we are denied fair health care rates. something is fundamentally wrong with that and if you can't see it your blind or just plain stupid. we don't want FREE we just want FAIR.

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Aug-04-13 8:30 PM

Even Obamacare evades Obamacare! "A call center due to open in the fall to tell the public about ObamaCare has been criticized for offering half of its employees part-time work, which will deny them the very benefits they have been hired to promote. Staff and city officials in Contra Costa County have been left dismayed that the successful bid to run one of three Californian call centers has ended in employees being left without benefits." (Daily UK)

What a fiasco!!

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Aug-04-13 5:21 PM

"All Americans, including Republicans, have every possible reason to give Obamacare a chance."

"Every possible reason," that's funny. How about every possible reason to repeal this unsustainable power grab?

No thanks, Mr. President, I prefer the free market. And thanks IRS, Unions, for the heads-up.

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Aug-04-13 3:02 PM

You picked out the Obama B.S. points. It's fine for those who don't work,or pay taxes and stand there with their hands out.

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Aug-04-13 1:57 PM

I wonder why the NR does this, gives space for "local" commentary to just a small group of people. Today we get another lecture on how to live and why we should do what we are told by another rich guy lib. At first I thought he had personal perspective on gun ownership, but as it turns out he is available to tell us what we need toknow which is pretty much what he thinks we should all do. That is liberal, pushing further and further to the left until its fascism. I am not his boogeymen (Repub) but he is mine. See, I am a lifelong Dem and think the Party did good things but once in power it tends to go crazy with wars, worries about people having opinions, etc, until it sinks into using the IRS to pressure dissenters, starting more wars (we killing people at a feverish rate these days) and proposing to restrict what we can do, etc. So we get another dose of blowhard chronicles from the Doc, can Hal before far behind which his lifeplan for others? Can't wait.

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Aug-04-13 12:37 PM

From the first sentence of this far-fetched opinion piece “...many Americans listen to doom and gloom scenarios by Republicans...”

From WVEXPAT’s thorough, factual rebuttal one can plainly see it isn’t just Republicans who are spreading doom and gloom scenarios.

“Fully implemented in 2014”? Barry Bankrupter himself delayed the employer mandate until 2015.

Maybe you need to rethink that “Obamacare working” hypothesis, Mr. Ruben. LOL

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Aug-04-13 12:20 PM

Good one Troll! Liberals remind me of the Kevin Bacon character at the end of that movie. Screaming "All is well, all is well" while surrounded by chaos and destruction!

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Aug-04-13 12:18 PM

How disappointing it must be for Liberals to see Union & Administration leaders spreading "lies and gloom" about Obamacare!!! Obviously if Republicans had proposed it they would be happy w/ the legislation!!

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Aug-04-13 12:16 PM

Acting IRS chief Danny Werfel, "I would prefer to stay with the current policy that I'm pleased with rather than go through a change if I don't need to go through that change". Yes, even the head of the agency enforcing the ACA is not happy about it!!

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