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4,710 Local Jobs Tied To Coal Industry

Obama Emissions Plan Puts Employees at Risk

August 11, 2013

WHEELING — Robert Murray has spent decades filling America’s energy needs through his Belmont County coal operations....

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Aug-13-13 6:34 AM

Hope all concerned in the tri-state area voters, Stand up for Coal! Remember these Obama lover Democrats in the polling place! A vote for a Democrat will cost jobs in WV, Ohio and Pa! Proud to be a WV Republican! May our State continue to get redder!

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Aug-12-13 7:21 PM

atoddh: light manufacturing?? When energy is unaffordable here, light mfg will take place where energy (and labor) is cheap. High energy costs and high labor costs are not going to cut it.

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Aug-12-13 7:15 PM

atoddh: Gas emits CO2, CO2 is verboten. It will be next on the target list.

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Aug-12-13 1:22 PM

Wait a minute, what's wrong with all of us right-wingers, Murray has more than enough money to live happily ever after. The Ohio Valley doesn't need these jobs. Goose, wonder, choker, and old man will support these families while Murray takes his money to some other location where jobs are needed.

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Aug-12-13 12:42 PM

Gooseman “I wouldnt trust any man who needs to have closed-door meetings”

...said the Obamazombie whose Messiah took two years to release a birth certificate and who still hasn’t released ANY records of being a college professor or a college student, ANY records of his foreign travel or passports, or even unedited White House visitors logs.

Most opaque administration in history. LOL

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Aug-12-13 11:31 AM

As the environmental alarmists succeed in eliminating more and more of the economical power sources that make this planet habitable for the minions that populate the major cities of this country, it is truly sad that these same minions do not realize how their standard of living will be effected when they spend more and more of their income on the necessities of life.

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Aug-12-13 10:52 AM

if coal was the fault of climate change we here in the valley would have been cooked back in the 60's and 70's.we are still alive.we had lots of snow back then.might have been black but lots of it.

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Aug-12-13 9:09 AM

Big Mike, your post is nothing but old weak rightwing propaganda. Get in the real world.

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Aug-12-13 9:01 AM

I wouldnt trust any man who needs to have closed-door meetings with leadership of the far right wing extremists. If you have a case to make, present it to the people in the open.

Just how many closed-door meetings has there been? (Romney, Boehner...). Who is next, Limbaaaaaa, Micky Mouse?

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Aug-11-13 11:08 PM

"Do business with Murray, and most likely you will be concerned for late payments, and disputed charges." Hey wonderbunny, care to elaborate?

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Aug-11-13 8:51 PM

whgfleeing why should I care, YOU are clownboi sitting on the sun deck of the Titanic.

Coal, Gas, steel or weed, the valley has already hit the iceberg and is going down.

Only a question of How Fast.

I hear the flute music starting up now.

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Aug-11-13 8:24 PM

mike: there is no value in cleaning up coal when we have voluminous supplies of cheap, "already clean" gas in the USA. Why bother? Better mouse trap.

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Aug-11-13 8:22 PM

Murray is correct in saying each manufacturing job supports 5/6 service jobs such as retail(eg Highlands).Mining is a form of value added manufacturing. As the large payrolls dry up in the OV- including coal, steel and Ormet- there will be a huge decline in demand for service also. The future is very bleak. To make matters worse McKinley ran on a platform of steel and coal as the economic base of the OV/NP. There is zero funding available in WV for seed or venture equity. The State is just sitting there on a sinking ship doing nothing. Meanwhile the welfare and Medicaid rolls are expanding weekly. Gaming is declining as well.

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Aug-11-13 7:17 PM

wrat read up at mountain justice dot org. you all will see coal mining jobs are not the answer.

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Aug-11-13 7:16 PM

WVUGEO: You cite many novel and potentially achievable new technologies. The question is: Why is there no one willing to invest in these technologies in the U.S.?

Is it due to risk & uncertainty?

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Aug-11-13 7:09 PM

oldmansvan: "Try to beat that for two faced."

Ok, Barack O'bama:

Voted against increasing the debt limit; then supported raising it. Campaigned against the Bush tax cuts; then extended all of them. Promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term; then proposed trillion dollar deficits. Vowed the unemployment rate would be below 8% if his stimulus was passed; but then it broke 10%. Promised shovel ready jobs; then admitted they weren’t shovel ready. Said if you like your health plan you can keep it; but then threw seniors off Medicare Plus and employers are now saying they’ll dump people onto the public exchange. Promised to have health care negotiations on live TV, but then reversed himself. Said Bush violated the Constitution; then carried out warrantless wiretaps, indefinite detentions, secret renditions, quadrupled drone attacks, and kept Guantanamo Bay open. Voted against the Patriot Act, but then supported its extension.

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Aug-11-13 7:08 PM

blah, blah, blah. same old blowhards spouting same old bull. a bunch of chicken littles fill this site. but your all good for a laugh. kind of like what life is doing to you...laughing. lol

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Aug-11-13 5:17 PM

Heard on CBS radio today that coal employment in KY is the lowest it has been since 1927 Great Depression!

Any who says that the coal industry BOOMED under OBama is *****ing full of {Bleep}!

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Aug-11-13 4:29 PM

make no mistake: coal has been blackballed. It will never return.

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Aug-11-13 4:27 PM

The failure of Ormet and the decline in coal mining combined will be a huge blow to the OV economy. Steel is gone forever. Once drilling is over, the current gas payrolls will dwindle. Meanwhile no effort is being made at new light manufacturing projects in the OV or WV. Byrd's money and influence was squandered on WNHAC which has failed vs job creation. Without manufacturing and mining jobs there will be no Highlands customers.

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Aug-11-13 3:10 PM

Wonder how the Steelers and the Mountaineers are going to do this year?

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Aug-11-13 2:19 PM

daddybig8: Ditto. Be prepared to read by candlelight, put on extra blankets, and walk to the grocery store with a pocket full of food stamps.

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Aug-11-13 2:11 PM

oldmansvan: "Try to beat that for two faced."

Ok, John Kerry

1) "In May 2003, at the first Democratic primary debate, John Kerry said his vote authorizing the president to use force was the "right decision" though he would have "preferred if we had given diplomacy a greater opportunity."

But then in January 2004, Kerry began to run as anti-war candidate, saying, "I don't believe the president took us to war as he should have."

2) In September 2003, Kerry implied that voting against wartime funding bills was equivalent to abandoning the troops.

"I don't think any United States senator is going to abandon our troops and recklessly leave Iraq to whatever follows as a result of simply cutting and running," he said.

Then, in October 2003, a year after voting to support the use of force in Iraq, Kerry voted against an $87 billion supplemental funding bill for U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Aug-11-13 2:05 PM

picture every coal mine shut down and every power plant converted to gas. think it,s going to help? in the long run no no no

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Aug-11-13 2:03 PM

Kerry (cont'd)

3) In October 2003, Kerry said Israel's unilateral construction of a security fence was "a barrier to peace."

But less than a year later, in February 2004, he reversed himself, calling the fence "a legitimate act of self-defense," and saying "President Bush is rightly discussing with Israel the exact route of the fence to minimize the hardship it causes innocent Palestinians."

4) Kerry joined with 97 other senators and voted for the Patriot Act in October 2001. Campaigning in New Hampshire in June 2003, he defended his vote, saying, "it has to do with things that really were quite necessary in the wake of what happened on Sept. 11." But in 2008 in Iowa, Kerry advocated "replacing the Patriot Act with a new law that protects our people and our liberties at the same time."

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