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Wheeling Unveils Pair of Promotional Videos

August 14, 2013

WHEELING — City officials unveiled a pair of promotional videos Tuesday portraying Wheeling as a progressive, pro-business community and a haven where people can live, work and play....

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Aug-17-13 10:13 AM

If the people on here that live in Wheeling and are making negative comments and bashing the videos and the city are THAT miserable, what are you still doing living here? Leave! If it's that bad here, GO! You're not doing anything to help the situations that you're on here griping about. You sit behind your computers making fun of the city and everyone in it who is trying to something to make it better but you are doing nothing else to help. Some of you moved away, like Hefner, and you still have to come on here and run your pie holes! If you are not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. You don't like what you see in Wheeling? Do us all the favor of packing it up, load up the truck and get out!

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Aug-16-13 12:55 AM

Anybody that lives in Wheeling and has seen the video would have to say that it does not depict the truth. Yet city administrators (with big pay raises), make this video with hopes of bringing others on board. Do they not realize that they have just shown us more deception. I suppose the nay sayers are the ones with their heads on their shoulder, opposed to those with their heads up their bums.

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Aug-15-13 4:50 PM

wraith: yes I know and no other manufacturer either. Even the gas folks are locating in Ohio.

This was a proposal/project to make money for the producers of the videos; using non profit/tax money; pretending Wheeling is something it is not. Typical local scam by locals for locals.

It would be interesting to see if any responses come from it.

It is scary to look at Wheeling's lot in 2020.I see a huge inventory of large old empty houses: Braddock-like.

I do not think there were any takers for the free buildings the City offered.

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Aug-15-13 3:51 PM

Atoddh, NO car manufacturer will touch a state that is NOT right to work.


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Aug-15-13 1:17 PM

The loss of thousands of value added factory OV jobs can only be replaced by a very large industrial labor intensive project: such as a car assembly plant. Keep in mind Wheeling was a manufacturing economy. This is not to be negative. Just the facts. Soon there will be no manufacturing base to the area economy. Gas will help somewhat. There will be just a few processing jobs relative to the thousands in steel, coal and other manufacturing. Delusional-pretend- videos will not alter the reality of the situation. As usual the production vendors/planners were the beneficiaries.

Any new major industrial project is unlikely to select WV due to capital taxes, Courts and labor issues.

The squandering of Byrd money and power was a huge error. It could have worked to reverse the decline as it did along I79.

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Aug-15-13 9:03 AM

I suppose this article's comments give a pretty good view of dialogue in Wheeling. On one hard there is the city administration that acts like the Soviet Politburo, operating in secret and issuing dramatic statements, and then you have the negatives, the naysayers who have nothing to add but criticism, many do not even live in the city. I cannot imagine how putting together a promotional video and getting support from one of the city's favorite sons can be such a bad thing. Heaven forbid that we mention the things that the city government has nothing much to do with, such as the high number of colleges in the city/area or the river and road system. Its like someone kicked a cage of the strays and the barking goes on forever. In Wheeling we have the constant din of negative remarks, and the deafening silence of city hall other than press relases. Its a battle of the silent and the snarkies. Some of us still love Wheeling though. Just wish the paper was a little more committed.

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Aug-14-13 10:31 PM

The soon to be even deeper decline in OV value added activity is really going to hurt Wheeling: coal and Ormet. Without a major tourism anchor the new hotels will stand empty; once the gas drilling is completed. There is nothing positive on the horizon. There is no base to the economy; no big payrolls.

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Aug-14-13 10:02 PM

Ya Wrath,

Internet "obstruction" and if you say a word, will slap on internet "resisting" arrest. Only in wild and wonderful bum.....wv

I heard wheeling has more arrests per year for obstruction than Chicago. Anybody else hear that?

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Aug-14-13 9:31 PM

Bloomin, yeah it would probably go viral!

But then the Bloater and 1DUHY heads would explode and the corrupt Wheeling government would charge me with 2nd degree Internet murder :)!

Then the corrupt state government would pass a retroactive law making it a felony for contributing to the suicide of a blogger and lock me up forever.

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Aug-14-13 9:31 PM

A error was made turning away a renewed JUSA production at the Capital in the 90's before the show as discontinued. Downtown has little future now.

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Aug-14-13 9:14 PM

rover, 40 cent an hour jobs my azz. $7.25 an hour, baby. Plus 2% of the ad revenue. Every time you click that Post Comment button, cha-CHING! Moolah in my pocket. I get nothing for Disagrees, though, so wear yourself out on those, skippy. LOL

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Aug-14-13 9:10 PM

So Wrath why dont you come on out and make a real video. You can video 711 at night, the church with the roof caved in, Gene Long bgld on the island and so much more. You could capture the drivers giving each other the finger or honking because someone pulled out 50 ft away. Grouchy faces leaving the gambling parlors. You could make a good UTube video.

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Aug-14-13 9:05 PM

Did a good job, all the smiling faces, laughter, wine sipping and crowds of people enjoying life. Anybody notice the great cultural diversity. I think it was a bargain for 45K. Where was the po po that day, and all the hookers hanging out. They were probably with the popo. Maybe someone will buy my real estate based on that video without coming for a look. Where can I get a copy. I gonna be rich.

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Aug-14-13 8:32 PM

Bloverator1758, your job is to sit in your depends in 26003 and be jealous of anybody who has a life.

Thank the Lord your losers are in 26003 which means your effect on the world is like pizzing in the wind.

Sit on your porch and wait for some them there out of towners to come buy and flip you a quarter.

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Aug-14-13 5:37 PM

@wonder - "duwhop- Why do you care? You claim to live in CA?! wonderwhy you don't concern yourself with your neighborhood. Do us all a favor. Get lost.......... "

He can't. His 'job' is bashing Wheeling and Democrats. He and Troll sit side by side in cubicles as internet trolls of political action outfits of the repugs. Their job is to hype up the rubes to hate progressives in WV and increase repug political control. Their wet dream is for repug Senators eventually representing our State.

So.....we have these disgusting 'quislings' with their 40 cent an hour jobs harassing good & honest people like yourself and, of course, moi.

Had Wraith lived in the 1930's he would have been in the 'German-American Bund' for sure.

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Aug-14-13 11:51 AM

Why didn't they include the church with half a roof in the videos?

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Aug-14-13 9:49 AM

These videos dramatically expose the problem plaguing Wheeling; that being that Wheeling cannot see itself as it is, rather can only see itself as it would like to be.

During the 2nd World War the Nazi's made movies of how good life was in the death camps, and unfortunately the German people, because they didn't want to know the truth, believed them.

This fraudulent production has Andy McKenzie written all over it. Andy, Wheeling isn't Mayberry, wake up.

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Aug-14-13 9:18 AM

Welcome to show me your drivers license, registration, and insurance information.

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Aug-14-13 9:06 AM

Loved both videos. But, unfortunately, they are not completely accurate. The downtown is mostly a dead zone. These videos could backfire for that reason. Wheeling has so much to offer. Where is Wheeling Park pool and waterslide? Where is the Wheeling Skatepark? Why not show more of the walking trail? The people who make these videos are obsessed with things like Heritage Port and the Capital Music Hall. While both are beautiful, they are not the everyday attractions. I kind of think these videos portray a snobby culture that really isn't the Wheeling that most people here experience.

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Aug-14-13 9:00 AM

@ShadrachNoVa, I don't disagree with you that these videos have achieved what the people who financed them intended for them to do. The problem comes in, as others have pointed out, when someone sees these videos, comes flocking to town to check the area out before moving their residence or business here, they take one drive down main street and up market and quickly discover that the actual city that the locals live and work in every day is quite different than these videos depict. Then they do more checking and find out the tax rates, etc. they laugh, perhaps cry, and run for the exit.

That cascade of fireworks that is shown falling from the suspension bridge in this photo? Regulations ended that. That blues fest? Yeah, the waterfront looks like that for 1 weekend out of 52.

If the government and those in "power" really wanted to try and do something positive, they'd strive to make the city and surrounding areas actually look and feel like it does in these 2 video

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Aug-14-13 8:48 AM

Dyingov, Yep, that is the REAL scorecard where people "vote" with their feet.

And the vote for 26003 is : LEAVE!

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Aug-14-13 8:41 AM

Check-out the US Census and you will "hear" the people speak!

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Aug-14-13 7:45 AM

wonderliar, your chickenshat paranoid "locals only" attitude demonstrates every day why Wheeee-ling is getting more Weeeee everyday.

You bunch of crooked local yokel bast88ds just want to see how much cash you can unload from other's pocket into YOURS before the music stops COMPLETLY.

Isn't it time to say something derogatory about people who live in "Moundsville" (oooh yuck) or worse, Martins Ferry.

Gotta make yourself feel superior, witch.

Nobody CHOOSES to move to Wheeling, most temps can't wait until their assignment is DONE to see Wheeling in their rear view mirror.

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Aug-14-13 7:03 AM

These videos do exactly what they are intended to do: present Wheeling in a positive way to interest businesses in considering the area as a relocation site. They are well-produced, and the fact that they were created locally is impressive. Most videos of this nature are created in NYC or LA by a large industrial company for at least six figures.

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Aug-14-13 2:49 AM

I actually thought the video with John Corbett was good, but the gourmet dining is a lie. I make better food at home than most of the eateries can provide. I used to enjoy the metropolitan, but the owner keeps getting arrested and the last time i was there, he was screaming at his wait staff. Will not eat there again.

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