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Mayor’s Family Filed Complaint

August 21, 2013

BRIDGEPORT — Family members of Bridgeport Mayor John Callarik, along with several candidates for village council, are among the nine complainants that filed a lawsuit against Bridgeport Council......

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Aug-21-13 4:08 AM

Someone needs to sue the mayor on his actions also. It's really odd that it's HIS family filing suit. The mayor is what's the problem in Bridgeport. HE needs to go.

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Aug-21-13 5:55 AM

The correct spelling is "naught."

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Aug-21-13 6:04 AM

bossman, I think the article reads that the Council peeps self-reported ethics violations.

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Aug-21-13 6:19 AM

more political thieves.politicians are politicians.

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Aug-21-13 6:25 AM

Another corrupt small town. What a shock. . . . NOT.

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Aug-21-13 7:03 AM

Its a shame that this has to go on, simply because the mayor doesn't like his council members. News flash *******, they were elected by the shouldn't matter if you like them or not, respect their position and try to work with them instead of pulling this petty ********. Brubach is a puppet now of the mayor, and it's obvious to me now when I read that 2 of my neighbors signed the complaint. If Brubach, along with any of the other contenders that were mentioned in this article are elected, this village will NEVER recover from the continued corruption that will follow.

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Aug-21-13 7:11 AM

And another thing...Dave Smith and Ben Lenz would never do anything to try and benefit themselves as far as the way they voted on FD issues. Any issues that they voted on were to better the FD and/or the citizens! Who cares if they are emt's for the city? I'll tell you this, they are 2 of the finest you will find! But since the all mighty king mayor doesnt like them, all of the sudden its a conflict of interest! Pretty weird how this is a problem now, and hasnt been in the past years. Oh yeah I forgot, this is an election year..

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Aug-21-13 8:01 AM

If I'm not mistaken weren't the following employees members of the Mayors family: 1) previous Police Chief, 2) a dispatcher, 3) Financial Secretary. 4) and when he donates his equipment to the village you have to use his operator who happens to be his whose family is or was benefiting from his position?

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Aug-21-13 8:12 AM

I have one other item: I'd like to know who is paying the Attorney in the lawsuit agains Lenz and Smith?

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Aug-21-13 8:15 AM

Another lttle poltiical kingdom in turmoil. Its like watching Game of Thrones. These two guys must have angered the King. They were OK when they were not in opposition to him, despite the fact that the King knew that they could not legally be there. He let that go on until he needed to wack them. No person elected to make decisions that would effect their own paycheck should ever be on council. In little towns you sometimes have the minor kingdom of the Police Chief, the kingdom of the VFD Fire Chief and so often the kingdom of City Hall (often ruled over by the Queen of Clerkdom). And from time to time they squabble over our wallets and bones and we get to see the ugliness of the King.

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Aug-21-13 9:28 AM

It's always interesting to me that, normally there are the same few dozen of us who regularly comment on many stories that appear on this website and in the N-R/Intel. Then when there's a story about a "scandal" such as this one, you see people like DaveRice and jez2716 pop up. Never heard from before, and they're so passionate about that particular story and seem to know so many details and their comments are so incredibly one sided that it seems they have an insider's take on it. Almost as if they're involved, or perhaps one of the parties spoken about in the article. Hmmm...

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Aug-21-13 9:45 AM

As someone who used to attend Bridgeport council meetings until I had to stop due to so much bickering and some councilmen acting like kids vs. a group of "city fathers" acting in the best interest of the people. I personally am glad this is happening.

I admit that I voted for Dave Smith, Ben Lenz and Marvin Huserik. The reason was because I thought Bpt. council needed new blood, and Mayor Callarik needed a few on council to help keep him in check, just as any gov't needs checks/balances.

What I saw was simply an embarrassment. These 3 guys turned the city council into a circus. Not showing up for some meetings to "make a statement", trying to call their own meetings at times, acting like school children instead of adults, and voting against anything the mayor was in favor of, simply because they hated him.

I wanted checks and balances, not gridlock on council and a situation where the village would never move forward or improve because of these 3. Good ridd

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Aug-21-13 10:33 AM

@OhValleyGuy I believe that im entitled to MY opinion. I didnt state that was i was saying was factual information, just another mans opinion. And just because I dont troll a website and comment every day, which im sure you do, doesnt mean i dont care about my town. And besides, i will never take a comment seriously from a person who hides behind a name..

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Aug-21-13 4:20 PM

I read in the paper that Mayor Andy vote to abstain on the spending vote of $70,319 for Wells Fargo Insurance for workers' compensation. He worker there but I guess by abstaining keeps the vote legal or did anyone check? Now we are finding the politicans are no smarter than the common citizen.

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Aug-21-13 5:53 PM

Bridgeport needs to get a guy like Horsemeat down in Buttwood. Every town needs an Idi Amin. Buttwood-"Where Everybody Is Somebody"-has one in Horsemeat.

By the way, are people not somebody in towns outside of Buttwood?

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Aug-21-13 6:06 PM

I always find it amusing when lawyers sight "ehics" violations!!

Government of ALL kind must be OF the people and BY the people and FOR the people!!!

Not OF the mayor's family, BY the mayor's family and FOR the mayor's family!!!

If THAT isn't a "conflict of interest" and a "ethics violation" then I sure don't know what is!!!

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Aug-21-13 7:42 PM

Completely agree with Jes2716. The whole family works for the village did anyone check into that???

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Aug-21-13 7:57 PM

WOW!! Is it not a conflict of interest for his grand daughter to be a council member , seriously do you think that anything the man wants she will be against it, I find that very doubtful, how convenient, to spring this right before election and try to take all the rights away from the present council members now under fire, SHAME SHAME SHAME such unprofessional tactics, It appears that some people will try anything to get what they want, who knows, this can of worms getting opened up could backfire and really get some people with too much authority in trouble, none the less it will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the eyes of the law, GOOD LUCK citizens of bridgeport it looks like you are gonna need it!

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