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New Life On The Corner

Company has plan for revitalization of East Wheeling block

August 21, 2013

WHEELING — Following a 20-minute, closed-door discussion, City Council’s Development Committee on Tuesday approved Kristoffy Real Estate’s plan to revitalize a vacant and dilapidated street corner......

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Aug-26-13 10:26 AM

It says low income housing, but it is actually middle income for this area.

I applaud the development & hope it succeeds. If they can't get a loan the property reverts back to the city so no loss there.

Hopefully this will help stimulate more growth in East Wheeling. The recreational field, the social security building, and DHHR are all now in this area which means plenty of workers with mouths that need fed. Good Mansion Wines is in East Wheeling too. Slowly but surely it looks like East Wheeling is being taken over by offices and businesses.

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Aug-23-13 1:01 AM

rag: they probably have to include "low income housing" to get the money. The location is a little too far for the lunch crowd.

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Aug-22-13 9:36 PM

If monies are legally available for such development, especially if they must be repaid, and a business is created, thus too are jobs and taxes paid, and, perhaps revitalization of an area of the city that needs it greatly. At least these folks are doing something positive.

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Aug-22-13 1:55 PM

Donald was a Dem at the time, Clueless.

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Aug-22-13 8:29 AM

All of the righties that are condemning this business model should thank the big GOP advocate DONALD TRUMP as it was the DONALD that invented it back in the eighties.

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Aug-22-13 6:42 AM

ragnar/realitypolice, I think you answered my critics comments, thanks!

Our business "model" is not quiet the same as it was 40 years ago......

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Aug-22-13 2:08 AM

WhgsFuture; Not everyone who left Wheeling,left it for hatred of wheeling... Some/many left wheeling because they were young and looking for adventure and new job opportunities... I did so way back in 1964... I still have family in Wheeling... Wheeling will always be a part of me... I hope to get back there for a visit in 2 years...

So-- just because people left,doesn't mean they hate Wheeling, they have many reasons...Why else would we still be attached via this Newspaper if we didn't still care...

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Aug-21-13 7:28 PM

EXACTLY how do these private entities get Government GRANT money to fund their businesses? What do they write on these Grant applications? "Yes, we promise to renovate these blighted buildings in these crime-riddled areas, create housing for people (that poor people won't be able to afford...) and jobs." OK - so what happens when that rosy plan goes awry? How about customers walking from the new pretty eatery past the Convenient at 11 pm and they get mugged? Or solicited by the hookers?

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Aug-21-13 6:06 PM

Oh, I see. Taxpayers will finance a for-profit venture. If it fails, the developers lose nothing and taxpayers take it in the poop chute.

If it succeeds, the developers turn a profit at taxpayer expense.

What do taxpayers get out of this?

For-profit enterprises should rely 100% on private funds. Otherwise, their business model is a joke and their idea is a loser.

Residents of Wheeling-vote every single one of these "leaders" out next time so that you can fire Herron and keep Wheeling from turning into Detroit.

Judging by the look of many of the new residents I have seen hanging around-even in decent neighborhoods, now-Detroit-like is not so far off.

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Aug-21-13 5:59 PM

would a location on the River or Center Market be better for the project? CJ Kaiser already has a nice building redone adjacent to the Capitol.

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Aug-21-13 4:58 PM

Maybe the people of the Ohio Valley want freedom from more laws, regulations, speical interest, special idea and the Nanny State that WV is becoming. Let business create the jobs and let the governments take care of the water, roads, and other necessities. Government should not be creating more government jobs or in entertainment business to keep citizen occupied while the politicians and appointed believe the public is not to be informed but should go along with the council rule of indoctrination, manipulation and mislead while citizens pay the cost by higher fees and taxes.

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Aug-21-13 4:42 PM

The citizen not council owns the land. I read in Arizona they bought guns from people and the local politicians thought they could just melt them down. No, they used government money so they are required to auction the guns off to the public but I could be wrong but it sound right. Whom would you check with local politicians or maybe State Attorney or Ethic Commission?

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Aug-21-13 3:48 PM

I never understand why some people choose not to leave Wheeling for good. I mean the folks who clearly hate everything about Wheeling, the Ohio Valley, West Virginia... Move away! Your doom and gloom attitudes are worthless to those of us who want to improve our city. At the very least, keep it to yourself!

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Aug-21-13 3:10 PM

What will the ad for dining say? Patio dining and chance of death by desert?

I think its a bit more than the structures that are dangerous and an eye sore.

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Aug-21-13 8:51 AM

ok ISN'T HE ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS?? (The lawyer) If he wants to fix it up and make it livable and aesthetically pleasing, you mean you want to stop him just because he is a lawyer? That is illogical. The mere fact that he owns 23 businesses in Wheeling, (based on your assertion - I did not fact check you), wouldn't that mean he is a 'business man' and might know what the heck needs done?? Keep in mind - just because it may not be "your choice" as a neighborhood to live in, clearly people DO LIVE around there. GIVE HIM A CHANCE! ;O)

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Aug-21-13 8:27 AM

Sort of sounds like a shell game with taxpayer money. Does anyone remember why the Keg and Kraut had to close? Not many people were anxious to leave their car anywhere near there to go and eat, though the food was great. And now we learn that, through the layers of city hall secrecy that a new restaurant will open and needed land for outdoor patio seating. Wonder who would want to sit outside there? Next we will have to fund bullet proof vests for those customers hunkered down behind the sandbags having dinner on the patio. None of this sounds like a good idea.

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Aug-21-13 8:25 AM

Why a closed door session? Is anything ever discussed publicly by this city council?

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Aug-21-13 8:23 AM

Remember that old song...."and no one knows what goes on behind closed doors"...the ballad of Wheeling.

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Aug-21-13 7:44 AM

The REAL article headline shoule be New SCAM on the corner.

In the rest of the country, investors use their OWN money (or are on the hook for the borrowed money).

In Whee-ling it is fleece the taxpayer for handouts.

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Aug-21-13 6:02 AM

Sure give them a goberment grant (hand-out).

"Kristoffy Real Estate co-owner Heather Slack."

The "real" owner, Jeffrey McCamic-lawyer....Maybe he can get his lawyer friends to "invest" into the East Wheeling project! No, better if the tax payers are on the hook! Likely that not many peeps are interested in investing private money....For the record, I'm not interested (tax payer and all)in funding lawyer's side businesses!!!

Interesting search results; Jeffrey McCamic is the organizer/owner of 23 businesses in Wheeling.

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