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Mother of Missing Girl Released From Jail Again

August 21, 2013


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Aug-23-13 11:11 AM

judges in this area don't care about's been proven about how many times?

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Aug-22-13 1:52 PM

The mental health issue she has is the same as many in our society right now. No shame and no morals.

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Aug-21-13 3:21 PM

There has to be a reason why they keep letting this piece of scum walk every time, and if I had to guess, I think I know why. Regardless though, I still think she should be put away for a good long while and detectives work on her from a jail cell.

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Aug-21-13 9:02 AM

Who IS this Daniel Fugate that he lets some "mental health professional" (bleeding heart, enabler) determine where this woman is going to live? If I read correctly, this woman has a subtance abuse problem. Welcome to Wheeling, home of substances-a-plenty. This woman does not deserve to have anyone care about what might be "detrimental" to her well-being. Tell us where you buried your daughter, Lena.

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Aug-21-13 8:59 AM

While I am not an advocate for "popping out multiple children" that you cannot care for, it appears based on the article she has "mental issues", and needs some help. Why lock her up is she can WORK and be educated to take care of herself? 70 thousand to take care of her in prison, or a couple thousand, (that would be offered to any other woman on the outside who chooses to engage in unprotected sex and have multiple children to multiple fathers) seems like it IS the better choice. Legally, a Judge cannot order sterilization - don't you remember the old Donahue show with that Judge from Youngstown back in the 80's or 90's? (Why would you remember that come to think of it. lol) ;o)

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Aug-21-13 8:49 AM

The Judge is an Azz, plain and simple. Another clear example of Liberal Progressives. Violate the conditions of parole once and go back and serve the remaining sentence. Three times not for her, I doubt we will have to wait long for number four.

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Aug-21-13 8:30 AM

Why are we paying for this woman to attend college when she needs to be in jail for murdering her child??? Why is she in Wheeling? So she can keep seeing her half-way house boyfriend and get pregnant again to start the child welfare checks coming again? Watch her crank out eight more kids in the next eight years. Throw this POS in jail until she agrees to being sterilized or leave her in jail until she can no longer reproduce.

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Aug-21-13 8:17 AM

Is there some reason that she has to be in northern WV feeding on our wallets and not back in the double wide downstate feeding on her kinfolk's wallets?

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Aug-21-13 5:09 AM

what a shame.

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