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Half of U.S. Says Racial Equality Not Yet a Reality

August 23, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Has the U.S. achieved Martin Luther King Jr....

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Aug-25-13 2:59 PM

If obama had a son, would he look like the one who killed the Australian baseball player? obama, sharpton and jackson want the division that is going on now, and they foment it everytime they speak.

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Aug-25-13 11:35 AM

Here is an OPINION I will give you all, based on my 35+ years working in industry:

A black man with an education and modest ability will USUALLY be promoted much higher than a white man with equivalent qualifications. Corporate America is under pressure to show blacks and females in management positions, so all thinks being equal, the black or female will get the promotion over an equally qualified white male.

YES, that is my OPINION because it impossible to get any real research data on that.

But those of you who have worked in industry likely KNOW my observation is correct.

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Aug-25-13 11:32 AM

Ice, please fell free to refute ANY POINT I have EVER MADE with facts AND THEIR REFERENCE SOURCE.

You state your BELIEFS and think they are FACT because you BELIEVE them to be.

But when I challenge you, you refuse to produce a verifiable, bonafide source.

Sorry, my facts RULE, your facts DROOL, which is why the left HATES ME HERE :)!

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Aug-25-13 10:22 AM

oldman, is that how Herman Cain became so rich? Oprah Winfrey? Barry Obama? You know, Barry Obama is worth $5 MILLION. Not bad for a “community organizer” turned one-term Senator turned Golfer in Chief. LOL

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Aug-25-13 10:03 AM

mikeyd, the rich slave holding founding fathers set up the divide between the rich and poor.

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Aug-25-13 8:27 AM

icecream, Vice President described Barry Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.”

Barry Obama described his grandmother as “a typical white person.”

Are those sentences facts or opinions? And would you like to watch your Pres’s and Vice Pres’s racist statements on video?

w om/watch?v=EgIFV7jXBFQ

w om/watch?v=r8gnmUyminI

You can't just brush off as "opinion" every fact that disproves your world view. Well, you CAN do that, but it just makes you look silly.

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Aug-25-13 1:29 AM

Wrath, Thanks for welcoming me back... It's been a long time for me...

Everyone is entitled to their Opinions, as long as they are called Opinions, Not Facts!

I believe you were calling your Opinions Facts... Unacceptable!!!

Your statement Wrath, "But you are NOT entitled to your delusions parading as FACTS."

Well you, Mr. Wrath, are NOT entitled to your delusions parading as FACTS.....

WRATH; YOU stated your delusional opinions as FACTS!!! " FACT: Obama has been the worst thing to happen to blacks since Slavery! OPINION FACT: "more black on black crime than ever". OPINION FACT: "OBAMA is a massive FAIL!" OPINION

I didn't share any delusion opinions, calling it fact!


I shared OPINION, but didn't call it FACT!

There is a real difference and things that are opinion, get mixed as fact..

We must keep this line of division clear!!

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Aug-24-13 11:58 PM

daHog, thanks for gettin my back!

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Aug-24-13 11:57 PM

Imcreamed, everybody including YOU are entitled to your OPINIONS.

But you are NOT entitled to your delusions parading as FACTS.

1+1= 2 is a math FACT.

1+1= 100 is your OPINION parading as a fact in your self-deluded mind.

FBI crime statistics don't lie no matter how politically incorrect or embarrassing they are.


The proof of self delusions is I didn't go anywhere, YOU are the one that disappeared here for a year.

YOU are welcome BACK, I just AM.

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Aug-24-13 9:54 PM


I am not expecting people to accept facts that I've posted, unless I have a source to back it up... Wrath was just being his old demanding overbearing self.. His facts..accept it..

I can handle a scientific truth.. I can handle a truth that is well documented as The Truth..

Can You???

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Aug-24-13 9:03 PM

Ice... just because many people do not recognize a fact for being true does not make something false into a fact. Can you handle the truth? One fact that most will agree on is that there are more blacks in prison than any other race. The reason is a fact that some do not agree on. This fact is because these blacks do more crime that other races. This does not diminish the fact that there are many fine hard working black citizens. But people who keep the race issues going try to blame anyone but the perp doing the crime. This last statement is not a fact but my opinion, although it seems to be a fact to me.

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Aug-24-13 8:26 PM

Mr. Wrath,

At some point, you have to realize that your facts are not facts recognized by the vast majority...

Your Facts are more like Your Opinion rather than known facts...

Welcome back Mr. Wrath, nice to hear your demanding, overbearing ways again...

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Aug-24-13 7:56 PM

braintransplant, I haven't seen your kind of stupidity since Al Gore ran for President.

FACTS are not hatred, FACTS are not racists.

FACTS are FACTS. Get over it.

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Aug-24-13 7:54 PM

Iscreamed, FACT: Obama has been the worst thing to happen to blacks since Slavery!

FACT: Black unemployment rate DOUBLE whites under OBAMA!

FACT: Black YOUTH unemployment: 48%, highest in the history of this country.

FACT: more black on black crime than ever.

FACT: OBAMA is a massive FAIL!

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Aug-24-13 6:42 PM

Equal opportunity does NOT guarantee equal RESULTS!!!

Even after decades of discrimination against NON-blacks, the results are STILL the same!

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Aug-24-13 5:18 PM

Obama, on his white grandmother “she is a typical white person. If she sees somebody on the street that she doesn't know, there's a reaction in her that doesn't go away and it comes out in the wrong way.”


So Obama sees the “typical white person” as racist. That’s a racist statement in itself. That’s why Obama will NEVER be the healer of racial division he was assumed by so many to be.

And those who assumed that, simply because Obama was the first black President, that characteristic would make him a “healer of racial division”? That assumption is racist, too. Were you one who assumed that? Try to separate your intellect from your racism and think about it.

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Aug-24-13 4:35 PM

Perhaps the survey numbers were skewed by whites honestly answering that they see discriminaton and prejudice many times in their daily lives. Or perhaps black people have been so perverted by the "activist" leadership that they feel that its their right to be racist. Racism is not just about white people, it occurs among all groups. White communities and leaders reject racism and racists, the black community sees racists like Al Sharpton to be heroes, no matter how many times they are exposed as phonies. We do have a long way to go, but making racism about whites only is a major obstacle. Blacks are equal or even more equal in the job market but they prefer to manipulate others by throwing racist terms around. There are really horrible racist murders in the news this week where whites are the victims. No much media outrage, no mention of them from the black leadership. Thats racism too. There are many reasons race relations have stalled and much of it is about black ha

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Aug-24-13 3:10 PM

Obama has not split this country--Racists have split this country...

There are too many racists and only one Obama..

Many people cannot stand to have a black President..It wouldn't matter to racists if this black president could walk on water--he would still be hated...

The blacks of this country have benefited in many ways, but are still not respected and many times feared, simply because of their skin color... Successful, educated, professional blacks have earned our respect, but have not been given respect... Go figure the crazy white man!!!

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Aug-24-13 3:01 PM


Good of you to notice our Resident-hate filled negative person... No one is certain who he is or where he is from... We know he claims to be from Wheeling and is currently residing in So. CA

I haven't been on for a few months, so this info may have changed...

Welcome caltransplant to this site...You have seen some good people and some very hateful people... There are a few here who speak the voice of reason--even if you don't always agree...

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Aug-24-13 2:24 PM

I'm new to the area, but have been reading this site for a while. Would someone tell me, who this "Da Wraith" person, and what is his or her story? Man, I haven't witnessed hatred on that scale since Hitler offed himself.

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Aug-24-13 5:15 AM

Ask the 88 yr old WWII vet that was beat to death by black teens with flashlights because he was white. If he could talk, he would say he didn't care what color the killers are.

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Aug-24-13 1:58 AM

When our government treats white people as well as other "races" who get benefits and provisions that we do not yet have, then we will have racial equality.

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Aug-23-13 11:34 PM

Nixon? Seriously? LOL

Maybe we need to review a few historical Democrit icons. George “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” Wallace. Robert “Grand Kleagle” Byrd. Jokin’ Joe “first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean” Biden. Barry “typical white person” Oracebaiter.

I know the last two weren’t historical, but with any luck they'll be history soon, and they’re so appropriate here.

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Aug-23-13 10:09 PM

The GOP view on Blacks has not changed over the past half century and was best captured by President Richard M. Nixon who, in an Oval Office tape noted, "most of them basically are just out of the trees, let's face it, they are."

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Aug-23-13 4:03 PM

It's no wonder Black Americans have a dimmer view on their progress from 5 years ago. While the average American has seen their income drop by 4.4% since the recovery began, black Americans have seen their incomes drop by 11%. Obama's policies have particulary hurt black teens. The unemployment rate among 16-19 year old Black Americans has increased to 41.6% from 36.3% in 2012 (BLS)! A 5% increase since LAST YEAR!!

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