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Bridge Liens Total More Than $2M

August 25, 2013

BENWOOD — Bellaire Bridge owner Lee Chaklos may not own the rights to any scrap metal that would result from the demolition of the structure, according to new court document....

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Aug-25-13 1:05 AM

It is almost amusing how so many of the trolls who post on here were calling the City of Benwood officials the crooks. The Chaklos', according to court documents, have (apparently) defrauded 3 companies to the tune of over $2 Million. Hold on to your turbans. This is going to get really ugly over the next few years from the looks of it. They are innocent until proven guilty, but 3 separate contracts granting rights to the scrap metal in the bridge constitute a lot of evidence!

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Aug-25-13 8:58 AM

it'll be scrapped after it falls into the river.

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Aug-25-13 9:03 AM

30 years ago the bridge was still in use. Some people open their mouth and remove all doubts.

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Aug-25-13 9:50 AM

The Chaklos are giving a whole new meaning to RIP; whether you go with Rest In Peace or Rip-off In Progress the questions remain, where did the 2mil go and just how much is the bridge worth in scrap? Using the "follow the money" idea I see major tax problems ahead for the Chaklos' and no end to current situation.

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Aug-25-13 9:51 AM

Please please tell me that Chaklos not only owns KDC, but DAC and RFK as well.

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Aug-25-13 10:06 AM

When someone says, “I have a bridge to sell you,” it’s a scam. Write that down for future reference.

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Aug-25-13 11:10 AM

If the liens are actually recorded then the priority for payment is established according to the timing of the filings. It would appear that the creditors and the city didn't exercise due diligence if this information is only now coming to light. The states of Ohio and WV should come together, demolish the bridge, recover their cost from proceeds of the scrap, and any excess distributed per the priority of the filings, and the Chaklos' criminally prosecuted.

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Aug-25-13 11:31 AM

The Longwell critics should bury their empty heads in the falling, rusting debris of the Bellaire bridge. Let em eat rust!

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Aug-25-13 11:38 AM

Ditto mikeyd.

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Aug-25-13 2:06 PM

@acousticportal:A very interesting question and probably an accurate observation. Wouldn't it be a hoot if the Chaklo's were the principals behind all of the lenders. I wonder if they are related to Bernie Madoff.

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Aug-25-13 2:12 PM

From Bob Ney to the Chaklos family the story of the Bellaire Bridge has a cast of unsavory characters.

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Aug-25-13 3:06 PM

Benwood officials and concerned others were warned *YEARS* ago that they were dealing with two whoopies sitting at a card table named KDC Investments.

Inattention and lack of due diligence can be extremely expensive.

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Aug-25-13 10:15 PM

The Benwood Bridge closed down to vehicle traffic in 1991.

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Aug-25-13 10:33 PM

Rome wasn't built in a day...but it was still quicker than it's taken to tear down this monstrosity. Good god, maybe sell it to the History Channel and they can have real life footage of "Life After Humans".

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Aug-26-13 6:23 AM

It appears that the people with whom Chaklos dealt did not exercise due diligence with regard to the lien/financial status of this project.

"A fool and his money were lucky to get together in the first place." - Gordon Gekko.

Buttwood is not without substantial blame here.

Remember the $500,000 cash deposit that they demanded, which they PROMISED would be returned when the project was complete? Remember that the money was going to be held in escrow by an "independent third party"? It turns out that that third party was an attorney working for Buttwood.

Horsemeat and Buttwood hid this fact, or lied about it, which makes them guilty of lying and committing fraud, just like Chaklos.

I propose that Chaklos and Horsemeat walk out to the center of the bridge and have a sumo match. I am sure that the bridge will collapse on its' own.

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