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Parents Shocked By Killer Staying at YSS

Convicted murderer was found living at Island youth facility

August 29, 2013

WHEELING — Parents of young children living on Wheeling Island said they were shocked and horrified that Shelton Cash, a convicted murderer and alleged sex offender, was living in their neighborhood......

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Aug-29-13 6:15 PM

A majority of "homeless" people are not truely homeless. They choose to panhandle so they do not have to spend their government checks on housing, or they are mentally ill and need to be in residential treatment. I know, and will hear all about this post, that the mental health system is broken, etc., but for many, homelessness is a lie or a choice. We have beggers at major intersections holding up signs saying that they are homeless, but they are obviously well fed, someone drops them off and picks them up, they stand there talking on their cell phones, and in general don't appear very needy. They just want beer and drug money. Please give your donations to agencies that will assess true need, because giving these people cash just enables them to continue to be a blight on Wheeling.

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Aug-29-13 5:48 PM

He does not look like someone I would be leary of.

I dont know that we can blame YSS. Triton I agree that these homeless people are often just very messed up. Yet they are homeless and shelters take them in regularly and if they start problems, they get kicked out. Often they are messed up because they fell through the cracks as kids. These kids he has sexually assaulted-will they get proper treatment or will they end up "messed up" and homeless. This time of yr, many homeless sleeping on river banks locally. Yss let him stay, but did they know he left on weekends or did they learn that after this all came out. They do not have funds to monitor these homeless adults. Our system in desperate need of repair. Of course we want to blame someone for this happening, just dont know who or if any person or agency is to blame.

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Aug-29-13 5:39 PM

FACTS: He served 16 yrs in prison for first degree murder. He was paroled in 2008.

QUESTIONS; Who did he murder and what were the circumstances? Was it a bar fight/drug dealings or was it his wife or an other innocent person? Was he still on parole or was he off parole?

If he was on parole still, the parole board is to know his where abouts and were responsible to confirm with YSS. If off parole, he was a free bird. To only serve 16 yrs for murder-is that due to the circumstance, I have much less compassion when one drug dealer kills another than I do when an innocent person is murdered. Do circumstances have something to do with his lenient sentence? Is that why he was paroled after only 16 yrs? I think these are questions that need answered before heads roll. Those convicted of murder or kidnapping or any violent crime should be registered for life. Law needs to change to protect innocent neighbors. Whats scarey is that he looks like any of my neighbors-nobody that I would be l

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Aug-29-13 1:29 PM

You're right, ovresident. The McCreary Center is on N. York Street. My apologies to YSS for my unsubstantiated comments.

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Aug-29-13 1:24 PM

@LynneS, you got it wrong, he was NOT in the facility that is supposed to be independent living for young people He was staying in the Hopes Promise center that has not been used since 2009. Two completely different buildings on different streets

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Aug-29-13 1:08 PM

I am disgusted because YSS is supposed to be a safe haven for children who have been traumatized and abused. YSS is supposed to serve our most vulnerable. It's reprehensible that they would put a 44 year-old man into a facility that is supposed to be independent living for young people graduating from years in placement. I'm not sure what they were thinking...if they were thinking. I would be hesitant to recommend that a client of mine move into this facility now. I hope that something like this would never happen again.

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Aug-29-13 12:46 PM

This was a poor offender, how about the gyn-obs who was finally arrested in Columbus,Ohio for perversion? Dr Bracken and how many others? Exploitation and prostitution in Wheeling, the sickening billboards and radio ads...the committee of 100 tried to reform but the vice was just moved out to Dallas Pike. Children are abused and grow up to become the abusers..this cycle spreads like measles.

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Aug-29-13 10:38 AM

I would like to know exactly who was in charge of monitoring this man. Or was he allowed to stay there with absolutely no supervision?

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Aug-29-13 9:47 AM

This is an example of our welfare "entitlement" society at work. The "Do-Gooders" are scamming the system using the street scammers to perpetuate their scam. It's a scamming mess. This newspaper should conduct a background investigation into just what and who YSS is. And you dear readers are the ones being scammed.

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Aug-29-13 8:48 AM

Another thing that is upsetting is that in response to this the YSS people want us to know that he goes home on weekends and does his dirt in Charleston. Yippy, kids are at risk somewhere else, whew that was a close one. If he goes home on the weekends and returns would that not tip you off that he has resources to have his own place. Its nuts!

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Aug-29-13 8:45 AM

YSS showed horrible negligence to have not only someone like that living in housing, but to find out that he has been living there for three months and was actually employed full time! Often time social service people get so caught in their own brilliance and holiness that they forget they are bound by earthly rules such as not allowing murderers and sex offenders into facility that are tax or donation supported. This highlights a reality that many don't like to admit, and that is that homeless people very often are really messed up people which is why they are homeless. They sell us the image of people crushed by the American way of life and victims of society but very often they are just really messed up, so much so that their families cannot deal with them. This guy scammed a parole board (who live to release inmates early)he scammed YSS who let a guy like this, who was working full time, use the services. A homeless shelter near any school is always a bad idea.

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Aug-29-13 7:26 AM

Potential "terrorists" everywhere.....

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Aug-29-13 6:21 AM

Heads should roll, not the least of which would be the parole board that let a first degree murderer walk after 16 years.

You get more time for selling blow.

Why is there a registered sex offenders list and not a registered kidnapper or murderer list?

I have always said that a guy could have kidnapped and killed children, served 20 years and moved in next door to a family with young children and you would have no way of knowing.

Register all or register none, I say.

In a normal world, someone would pay for this.

In Wheeling, however, which is run by the Tax-Free Mafia, there will be no punishment. They certainly protect their own.

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Aug-29-13 12:45 AM

It does not state that the guy was a registered sex offender. Those never caught are all around us-sorry but true. There was a Whg gynecologist that worked with a local childrens organization and caught on tape in Dublin Ohio. Was it investigated here? Do we believe that he only molested one little boy and after he retired from practice? Often these people need emergency housing, some do not have photo ID-they will not be refused at shelters. I feel for neighboring parents and glad nothing bad happened locally.

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