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Death for Fort Hood Shooter

2009 base rampage earns Army major the ultimate punishment

August 29, 2013

FORT HOOD, Texas — A military jury on Wednesday sentenced Maj....

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Aug-30-13 4:19 AM

being treated as not an enemy soldier and his killing as workplace violence is just plan crazy and an insult to the US Military... he should be sent to Cuba, maybe he can lead a Muslim uprising there

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Aug-30-13 4:14 AM

after four years it's already been too long to do it quickly... the proper way to have taken care of him, should have been done within hours or days of the event.. a military firing squad, just as was done to any other combatant in WWII that would have done such a thing to our US Troops..

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Aug-29-13 6:33 PM

Beaverhausen-I agree. Let God deal with him. I do not think that we need to pay to feed and house him for the next 50 yrs. There is not punishment that would be just enough for the families. He should not be permitted an appeal or any attention. Do it quickly.

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Aug-29-13 6:02 PM

As much as some would like him to rot in prison, this is about what the families of the victims want. I would personally feel he deserved death if he murdered a member of my family, so I would know that there would be no appeals or overturning of convictions later on.

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Aug-29-13 5:42 PM

Actually, the death penalty is too good for him. I know, he thinks he will be a martyr and go to "paradise". In reality, there is not a shred of evidence or proof that there is an afterlife. None. If so, we will be doing him a favor by giving him instant oblivion.

Far better that he should be given life with no hope of parole, a sentence far worse than the "death" penalty.

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Aug-29-13 5:29 PM

Lets hope it is sooner then later.

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Aug-29-13 4:42 PM

Your posts make me laugh-I admit, in fantasy he would deserve it. But we are civilized and just off him Now. Hopefully he will find the 72 yr old virgin in )(ell

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Aug-29-13 2:28 PM

Triton is right on. The Russian Security told the USS DHS on three occasions about the Boston Bombers.

But monitoring Tritons phone is more important than profiling terrorists!

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Aug-29-13 10:17 AM

It would be appropriate to induce death by suffocation. Stick his head up a Camel's arse while he is being rectally assaulted by a goat, and dip his wank in a jar of fire ants. Did I mention putting camel fleas in his ears?

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Aug-29-13 9:30 AM

We can help him spiritually by putting him to death so he can get his reward of 72 virgins?? This is a Muslim with a Phd who took an oath as an officer who killed his fellow soldiers. But you must never, never point out that Muslims do these things. You must always pretend that they don't, even if it means you or yours are the next virgin ticket. German and Japanese families faced a lot of hate during WWII and overcame it by joining their American military and fighting injustice. Muslims? Muslims come to America but not to be Americans. they came for the benefits not the toll. Can anyone recall a Muslim cleric in the US outraged over this man's conduct? Nope. Ever see a letter in the paper from a cleric or US Muslim explaining that this does not represent them? Nope. Any Muslims tipping off the BPD or the PC befuddled FBI about the Boston bombers? Nope. The Russians did but the FBI is so PC constipated they could not act without violating profiling laws. We need to wake up.

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Aug-29-13 7:31 AM

I see the 72 virgins, Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven's Door . . . .

Or more like ONE 72 year old Virgin with PMS in }{ELL!!

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Aug-29-13 6:05 AM

He killed 13 people. He can only be killed once. That is not justice.

He should be tortured, first, and every effort should be made to humiliate him and make him understand that Allah will consider him unclean and unworthy.

While we are at it, they can shove a Koran up his closet homosexual rectum.

Until and unless we are more savage than the radical Muslims, they will continue to defeat us.

In the movie "Apocalypse Now" Marlon Brando's character, Colonel Kurtz, discusses this subject. He talked about a village where his Special Forces team had given inoculations to children to protect them from disease. As a warning to the people to not cooperate with US forces, the Viet Cong slipped into the village that night and cut off the arms of all the children who had been inoculated. Kurtz admired that sort of savagery, what it must have taken to do such an act, and lamented that the war could never be won if we were not willing to be that ruthless.

We must learn this les

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Aug-29-13 1:02 AM

He acted as his own attorney and admitted the act-NO APPEAL should be allowed, its a wast of time and money.

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