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Gas Wells, Schools Just Don’t Seem to Mix Very Well

September 1, 2013

In school, sometimes real life trumps academics. That’s what happened one day recently in my classroom when a senior student asked: “Mrs....

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Sep-04-13 7:18 PM

mkhunt, you are one cynical, uninformed person! There is nothing sleazy about this industry. Its employees know they drink the water and breathe the air where they work, and are concerned about the environment. Quick buck? These companies invest BILLIONS and take huge risks, with no guarantees. The return on equity for Exxon or Chesapeake is usually much less than that of most of the Fortune 500. Falsified studies? No, that was the Global Warming extremist zealots. Payments to politicians? Chamber of Commerce donations? What proof do you have? Most reporters are liberals and anti-industry, and rarely have their facts right. Instead, they rely on that font of truth, Josh Fox, a documented liar! Why shouldn’t churches, colleges and ordinary citizens lease their property? They have been doing it for 150 years in WV. After all, it is THEIR property, not yours. Try doing some research, and thinking for yourself. And please know that I take my responsibility to my children very seriously!

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Sep-03-13 2:00 PM

what is sacred is our responsibility to the children. This sleazy industry is continuously justifying itself in monetary terms which do not include health, loss of safe drinking water, air contamination and the quick buck scenario which leaves bust following boom. Texas Keystone is the latest corporation to reveal seamy, scheming at the top(Kozel brothers). Here is a list of co-opted entities: academics who have falsified studies, politicians who have been paid through "donations", civic organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, reporters who write fluffy, inaccurate pro-gas pieces, churches and colleges which have leased their property and ordinary citizens who take the money because "everyone is doing it." Lemmings of the frack insanity. Wake up! You have been sold the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Sep-03-13 11:55 AM

Mrs. Shalaway may be "a National Board-certified teacher", but like so many teachers, she has not done her homework and is totally CLUELESS on this topic. There have been a dozen or more oil & gas wells successfully drilled, fractured and operated on the campus of Beverly Hills High School in Beverly Hills, CA. If oil & gas wells can be safely drilled and operated in a densely populated urban setting like Beverly Hills, we can certainly do it safely in the sparsely populated rural hills of West Virginia.

And perhaps Mrs. Shalaway should look at how our schools are financed, and how they will be financed in the future. We tax oil and gas produced in WV with severance taxes (5%) and ad valorem taxes (about 2%) and about 70% of that tax goes to schools.

She should take a look at nearby Marshall County. The tax base there has DOUBLED in six years.

It's sad when teachers fail to educate themselves before bloviating like this.

This woman should park her car and tur

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Sep-03-13 9:00 AM

"Is nothing sacred?" What does the writer believe is sacred about a government school building?

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Sep-02-13 11:06 AM

motoclown, I haven't made a dime off the gas industry. And the groups you mentioned, parents, teachers, students...we've been hearing from them for years now. Lo and behold, they still have yet to bring something of substance to the table. The "concerns" they repeatedly bring up have been addressed countless times. The valid responses to these "concerns" don't fall in line with their environmentalist agenda, therefore they keep chirping the same overused and invalid talking points. Gee, sure seems like the folks asking the questions have already made up their minds.

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Sep-02-13 10:38 AM

Only those that are profiteers from this Industry, would with no conscience "Want a frack pad right next to a school, let alone two frack pads.' I would like to hear from the mothers involved, I would like to hear from the students that would be affected, not just the same old testosterone driven, pro-fracking, Industry guys posting here.

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Sep-02-13 9:30 AM

I wonder who's idea it was to get an English teacher to represent CHS in regards to a scientific matter. It never ceases to amaze me the fact that gas companies have been drilling here for several years now and people are still asking the same stupid questions they were asking five years ago. The gas companies have indeed made an egregious error, they've put way too much effort into trying to fix stupid.

As for the questions they posed to the gas company in that letter: My father always told me "if you ask a dumb question, you're going to get a dumb answer".

Radon gas? Really? Maybe if you lived in Martinsburg.

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Sep-01-13 8:22 PM

Well spoken by someone who makes her living from a steady county government paycheck, that is the result of property taxes paid for by landowners who leased their property to the energy industry. There is great irony in critcizing the system that pays yours wage. You should write a really angry letter to your Superintendent and resign rather than make your living from money generated by what you disdain. You work for a school board that raised the property owner's tax rate to the maximum allowed by state law to cash in on the increase in personal property caused by the increase in values from the energy industry. Since you have decided to use your education column as a personal bully pulpit lets make a deal. You refuse your tainted wages and I will refuse to pay the property taxes that pay your salary. You first.

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Sep-01-13 4:13 PM

Oh please spare us the drama! I grew up in the Ohio Valley 30 years ago when tertiary and secondary industries bellowed smoke and fumes in the name of prosperity. My parents and their generation had good jobs during that time. This was a time when the now pathetic northern panhandle of WV actually had an economy. My classmates and I are living proof that the poor little children will survive.

Now there is a great opportunity to revive this waning economy and become prosperous again, but folks like you are determined to not let it happen by crying "...but what about the little children?" Please stick to teaching mathematics and science to your students instead of trying to make a name for yourself by complaining about technologies you do not understand.

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Sep-01-13 12:26 PM

"Wouldn't it be ironic if one of those industries ends up driving out those same talented individuals we are trying to keep here?"

Wouldn't it be even more ironic if one of those industries ends up employing several of those talented Cameron students? And by spending their paychecks in the Cameron area those several gas industry-employed students further increase employment at other businesses in the Cameron area?

Where else in the Cameron area do you propose those talented students find jobs? Especially after you anti-gas loons drive all those businesses away because of your NIMBY attitude about an industry that heats your homes and schools? I suppose there's always food stamps and welfare...

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Sep-01-13 11:13 AM

Thank you Linda. Points well taken and deaf ears so noted.

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Sep-01-13 8:46 AM

no radon gas.every house in west virginia has radon gas in case these gas officials haven't checked the epa website.this part of the country has the highest amount of radon.naturally occurring.

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