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Obama Delays Decision on Syria

President Asks for Congressional OK

September 1, 2013

WASHINGTON — Delaying what had loomed as an imminent strike, President Barack Obama abruptly announced Saturday he will seek congressional approval before launching any military action meant to......

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Sep-01-13 8:45 PM

The American people especially those who have people in the US miltiary owe the British people a vote of thanks. Without them voting this insanity down, Obama would have started his LONG PLANNED invasion of Syria. He has been building up troops there for a year, and some feel did not bring the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan because he wanted them in place for his next invasion. His new idea of consulting Congress is insulting to America. He said he did not need to do that when he bombed Libya for eight months killing 35,000,and spending $3 billion. He did not ask Congress before he destroyed Egypt. He is living some wild Islamic dream and does not mind spending US lives like pocket change and committing us to war after war. He IS everything he said he opposed. Please libeals, no more wars. If we had a military draft liberals would be more against war but since they will never serve they can pontificate on why we must kill more people to save them. Liberals please no war!

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Sep-01-13 7:34 PM

"It is proper for Pres Obama to go to Congress. Now we need to start hearing what position our lawmakers are taking."

What a load of bull, hoopie. He didn't need the approval of Congress until the Brits voted it down. Now France is waffling. The Arab League is against it. The UN is against it. They all want us to go in, but no one wants to take part. There is no coalition of the willing. Why, because they have no confidence in US foreign policy. His speech yesterday made him look indecisive. Thank you to the British people for having the courage to say no.

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Sep-01-13 6:25 PM

Lesson #4. Victory Has a Thousand Fathers, Defeat is an Orphan. President George W. Bush had a Congressional authorization for a use of force in Iraq, a UN resolution, popular support for military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and support of a broad international coalition. That mattered little when the wars did not go well.

Lesson #5. Think Before You Act. In terms of salvaging the president's shattered credibility as a foreign policy leader turning to Congress won't help.

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Sep-01-13 6:25 PM

Five leadership lessons on Syria and military power for Commander-in-Chief Obama

James Carafano

Lesson #1: Surprise is Still a Principle of War. If the president's priority was really to punish Assad with shock and awe, he went about it all wrong. The regime has had plenty of time to get ready--disperse assets; marshal its allies; deploy human shields; and decide how it will respond or preempt US action.

Lesson #2. Red Lines Only Work When They Are Red. The whole idea of a red line is prevent bad behavior by declaring if the line is crossed there will be swift and decisive action.

Lesson #3. A Shot Across the Bow Only Works if the Enemy Thinks You Are Serious About Sinking Their Ship. President Obama has already declared he won't intervene in the civil war, so any strikes will be little more than a nuisance to a regime that plans to fight to the bitter end.

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Sep-01-13 4:37 PM

oldmansdementia, get daFacts, JACK!

1) The United Nations passed 14 resolutions condemning Saddam Hussein and demanding inspections. He IGNORED THEM.

2) The US Congress and Senate OVERWHELMINGLY passed a resolution authorizing Bush to use Military Force. When did Obama get his permission from Congress __________???

3) There was a WORLD CONSENSUS and troops from 6 allies involed in Iraq. Name 6 allies who will send troops in to Syria ________________???

{ . . . . crickets . . . . .}

You need to keep your piehole closed before the flies choke you to death.

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Sep-01-13 4:31 PM

Poopie, dazzle us with your Union-tool sharpened rapier wit and TELL US where DOES Obama stand??

1) You can't or should NOT bomb chemical weapons plants because experts say it will disperse the toxic gases.

2) Opie says he will not but boots on the ground. Then what happens AFTER the bombing? How will that change anything

3) Rebels DESPERATELY asked for gas masks from the USA for the last year. Obama refused. Why????

4) The Arab league has condemned Syria. Why don't THEY clean up their own Muslim Mess?

5) In 2007 Joe Biden suggested IMPEACHMENT of George Bush if he did NOT seek Congressional Approval, yet Obama ways the USA will go it alone. Why the hypocrisy?

Dazzle us with brilliance there, Droopie . . . .

{. . . . crickets . . . . .}

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Sep-01-13 4:24 PM

boweltransplant, did you get an extra ten feet of Large Intestine in the surgery?

Your capacity for being FULL OF IT vastly surpasses normal humans!

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Sep-01-13 4:21 PM

I heard that BowelTransplant and Wonderlie were on the same debate team in high school.

They are famous for losing to a team of mimes.


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Sep-01-13 3:06 PM

Nothing can match Bush, Cheney IRAQ stupidity. NOTHING!!!

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Sep-01-13 2:30 PM

Ragnar, you must be watching Fox Noise. You don't know where the Pres stands? Talk about ignorance. His speech yesterday made it very clear where he stands. You should get educated and watch it. You would then learn instead of babbling nonsense. I own a Charger RT muscle car. My wife drive a Pontiac Grand Prix in mint condition. I lobby my legislators and go to their meetings. Do you Ragnar? Are you going to Mckinley's meeting on Tuesday? Bet you don't even know about the town hall, do you? LOL! Teabaggers are fools and every time they open their mouths more foolishness comes out. Pres Obama told us clearly where he stands. Smart Americans are now asking their representatives since they will be voting. I guess that leaves most of the posters in here totally lost! LOL!

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Sep-01-13 2:24 PM

The name calling in here is hilarious! Great entertainment! LOL! I just want to know where my representatives stand. Congressman Mckinley? Congresswoman Capito? Senators Manchin and Rockefeller? Where do ALL of you stand and tell us why you stand where you do! We know where the Pres. stands, now it's congress' turn.

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Sep-01-13 1:00 PM

"teabaggers are comments made by mental midgets', LOL. someone got their tea all stirred up!

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Sep-01-13 11:47 AM

Wow, Hoop! Ragnar really put you in your place. It, must be tough living in the shadow of such an intellectual giant.

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Sep-01-13 11:44 AM

Poor Blackrock. When did your PCP diagnose you with acute ignorance? Is there a cure?

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Sep-01-13 11:11 AM

Actually, the President can do pretty much whatever he wants for a period of 90 days, as long as he informs Congress of his actions within 48 hours.

Congress can then vote to cut off funding but since we already pay our troops, pay for equipment & supply purchases, pay for maintenance, etc. it is simply a matter of shifting spending around.

wvhoopie is a POS coward who probably drives a Subaru and stinks of incense and BO. "Teabaggers!" is a comment made by mental midgets.

Why is hooplehead so obsessed with finding out where McKinley and the rest of Congress stand on this issue?

Why not call out Barry Hussein Soetero and ask him why he wants to fight on the side of Al Queda now?

If he wants to do it because he doesn't know any better, he is too stupid to be Commander In Chief.

If he wants to do it because he doesn't care, he is a traitor and should be removed from office.

C'mon, Hooplehead! What is Barry's position?

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Sep-01-13 11:09 AM

Trollslayer your 10:29 analysis was spot on.

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Sep-01-13 10:29 AM

Here’s a clue: From the article, “Obama challenged lawmakers to consider ‘what message will we sent if a dictator can gas hundreds of children to death in plain sight and pay no price.’”

Obama is a politician first. Congress grants authorization, and anything that follows Obama can blame on Congress. Congress refuses authorization, and Obama is off the hook for his “red line” bluff, plus there’s the bonus that Obama can blame Congress for the deaths of hundreds of children.

Obama may be a clueless statesman and incompetent Commander in Chief, but he’s a consummate politician.

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Sep-01-13 10:28 AM

From the article, Obama “believes that as commander in chief, he has ‘the authority to carry out this military action without specific congressional authorization.’”

Clearly he does. Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, ... lots of examples of unilateral Obama acts of war, with no direct threat to the US or congressional authorizations.

From the article, “Delaying what had loomed as an imminent strike, President Barack Obama abruptly announced Saturday he will seek congressional approval before launching any military action”

Wonder why Obama would suddenly reverse his usual policy on this, and throw the Syria war decision into Congress’s court?

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Sep-01-13 10:12 AM

Notice how tools like Poopie want to pass the buck to "representatives" rather than address the issue that Obama SHOULD BE IMPEACHED for using Executive Order to attack Syria.

Nobody other Poopie is that that STUPID here . . .. oh sorry Wonderliar, Nobody but Poopie and Wonderliar fall for that crap.

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Sep-01-13 10:10 AM


Simple of YES or NO, you idiot Union TOOL ______________________?

Tell what the immediate threat to USA NATIONAL INTERESTS are in SYRIA??___________________________????

They don't have any oil hence they are dog feces.

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Sep-01-13 9:42 AM

Pass the buck? The teabaggers were screaming Congress must vote on Friday. Now, not surprisingly, a total about face saying "pass the buck". LOL! Teabaggers are totally flip flopping waiting for Obama to make a decision so they can go the opposite way. Phoneys for sure! Congress SHOULD decide if we should bomb a country or not. The republic is based on that very concept. I want to know what my representatives positions are and soon we will see.

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Sep-01-13 8:58 AM


Pick ONE, you can't have BOTH!!!

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Sep-01-13 8:58 AM

Republican president + war = BAD.

Social Democrat Party president + war = GOOD.

All of those missing WMDs from Iraq? Yep. They are Syria, now.

That picture of dozens of dead bodies in a warehouse? Yep. That was from 2003, in Iraq, not 2013, in Syria. The photographer called Obama out on this and embarrassed Barry.

The libbies took a page from the Hitler (one of their idols) playbook: tell a lie often enough, and loud enough, and people will believe it.

"Saddam never had WMDs" they kept saying. Eventually, people believed it.

Never mind that he used chemical weapons on his own people, that he had previously attempted to build a uranium enrichment facility, that he fought to keep UN inspectors out for years and that every prominent Social Democrat Party member said, with absolute certainty, that he DID have WMDs.

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

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Sep-01-13 8:35 AM


It's not Obama's fault, boo hoo.

BTW you friggen IDIOT, Halliburton sold off the Kellogg Brown Root (KBR) division that did work in the Mideast in 2007.

Obama likes KBR them so much they received BONUS COMPENSATION under HIS administration as well as massive NEW contracts.

Stop the lying Bushsheeet!

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Sep-01-13 8:29 AM

Remember the Hillary campaign commercial?

"Its 2:00 AM and the Red Phone rings . . . . Whom do you want in the White House?"

Now we know what would happen.

VOICEMAIL! " This Barack Obama. Sorry I cannot come to the Red Phone Hot Line but I am out playing golf in some exclusive White area like Martha's Vineyard.

Please leave your name and number at the tone and I will got back with you about this dire world threatening emergency...!


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