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Obama Urges Action On Syria

Kerry making the case for direct response to fatal chemical attack

September 2, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration geared up for the biggest foreign policy vote since the Iraq war by arguing Sunday that new physical evidence shows the Syrian government used sarin gas in......

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Sep-02-13 2:07 AM

President Barry Sotero Barack Hussein Whoever Obama and John Swiftboat Kerry are "finding it hard to land partners." No sh|t! A couple of incompetent, world-class stoners are embarassing to support.

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Sep-02-13 3:25 AM

Obama's own party does not support him. America knows we have a president who has failed on all accounts to lead this nation. His policies and (in)actions have torn and divided a once great nation.

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Sep-02-13 6:52 AM

Five leadership lessons on Syria and military power for Commander-in-Chief Obama

James Carafano

Lesson #1: Surprise is Still a Principle of War. If the president's priority was really to punish Assad with shock and awe, he went about it all wrong. The regime has had plenty of time to get ready--disperse assets; marshal its allies; deploy human shields; and decide how it will respond or preempt US action.

Lesson #2. Red Lines Only Work When They Are Red. The whole idea of a red line is prevent bad behavior by declaring if the line is crossed there will be swift and decisive action.

Lesson #3. A Shot Across the Bow Only Works if the Enemy Thinks You Are Serious About Sinking Their Ship. President Obama has already declared he won't intervene in the civil war, so any strikes will be little more than a nuisance to a regime that plans to fight to the bitter end.

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Sep-02-13 6:52 AM

Lesson #4. Victory Has a Thousand Fathers, Defeat is an Orphan. President George W. Bush had a Congressional authorization for a use of force in Iraq, a UN resolution, popular support for military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and support of a broad international coalition. That mattered little when the wars did not go well.

Lesson #5. Think Before You Act. In terms of salvaging the president's shattered credibility as a foreign policy leader turning to Congress won't help.

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Sep-02-13 6:54 AM

President Bush had SHOCK and AWE.

President Potatohead has Shlock and HA-HAW!

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Sep-02-13 6:58 AM

Here is some WORLD opinion-UK Telegraph:

Barack Obama is proving an embarrassing amateur on the world stage compared to George W. Bush

George W. Bush was widely mocked by the Left during the Iraq War, with liberals jeering at the “coalition of the willing,” which included in its ranks some minnows such as Moldova and Kazkhstan. Michael Moore, in his rather silly documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, went to great lengths to lampoon the Iraq War alliance. But the coalition also contained, as I pointed out in Congressional testimony back in 2007, Great Britain, Australia, Spain, Italy, Poland, and 16 members of the NATO alliance, as well as Japan and South Korea. In Europe, France and Germany were the only large-scale countries that sat the war out, with 12 of the 25 members of the European Union represented. The coalition, swelled to roughly 40 countries, and was ONE OF THE LARGEST MILITARY COALITIONS EVER ASSEMBLED.

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Sep-02-13 7:01 AM

. It is a truly embarrassing state of affairs when Paris, at best a fair weather friend, is your only partner. John Kerry tried to put a brave face on it at his press conference today, by referring to France “as our oldest ally,” but the fact remains that his administration is looking painfully isolated.

There can be no doubt that David Cameron’s defeat in the House of Commons was a huge blow to President Obama, and has dominated the US news networks this morning. The absence of Britain in any American-led military action significantly weakens Obama’s position on the world stage, and dramatically undercuts the Obama administration. The vote reflected not only a lack of confidence in the Commons in the prime minister’s Syria strategy, it also demonstrated a striking lack of confidence in Barack Obama and US leadership

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Sep-02-13 7:04 AM

This community organizer with ZERO experience in private industry of managing even a lemonade stand is a HUGE freakin' failure on the world stage.

His Economic program has brought the world's greatest economy to a third world S***hole status and he is now reducing the world's greatest military to a friggen JOKE of chickenshats who hide behind drone and cruise missile attacks.

Jimmy Carter must thank God every Sunday for finally giving us a President that makes his disgusting failed regime look like the Golden Age!!!

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Sep-02-13 7:15 AM

Russia, China and North Korea are laughing at the Incompetent In Chief. How pitiful a once great nation has become. Is there a Ronald Reagan on the horizon?

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Sep-02-13 8:34 AM

BR, Ted Cruz maybe??

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Sep-02-13 9:23 AM

Funny how all the morons who were fooled by the lies of lilbush, supported a useless war that left massive unpaid bills and debt, killed and maimed thousands of our military heroes and accomplished NOTHING,(feel safer from a dead Saddam Hussein?)are running their mouths on overtime, destroying the President who simply wants to lob a few cruise missles, to let our enemy know that if you kill 2000 people with chemicals (500 children), that there is a price to pay. They actually seem to be supporting Assad just to badmouth Obama and on fire traitors.

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Sep-02-13 9:49 AM

Obama, the killing machine, just can't seem to satiate his*****for blood. He, along with Yasser Arafat, have redefined the qualifications for the Nobel Peace Prize...

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Sep-02-13 9:51 AM

...l u s t for blood...

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Sep-02-13 9:51 AM

If this was a single event as Obama is spoon feeding us it might make sense, but in fact he has been meddling in ME govs for yrs now and using military power to again decide events in favor of radical Islamic groups. We have been building forces there for over a year earmarked for invading Syria as the dubious civl war has stalled. This comes off as BO's Gulf of Tonkin excuse to attack. Saddam DID kill 100,000 Kurds with nerve gas, per the UN and yet toppling him was a war crime to the very same befuddled libs who now demand more war for the same thing. If we let him, Obama is happy to use the US military as the air wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. We bombed Libya for the Brotherhood killing 35,000 Libyans "to save them"? Obama IS the civil war and you/I have been paying for it to the tune of over a billion dollars in arms to units that INCLUDE AlQuida. We don't trust this President anymore. He is a phony and dangerous to peace. Stop killing US soldiers on behalf of the MB p

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Sep-02-13 9:56 AM

when france is your only ally you'd best pay attention.weren't they the country that didn't allow us to use their airspace during the iraq war?

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Sep-02-13 10:07 AM

Goosed(man?) with the sub zero IQ, why is your Messiah so Effing Dishonest that they used PICTURES of Muslim bodies from the IRAQ war to CLAIM they were victims of Assad in Syria???

As we have said here for the past 5 years, SADDAM HAD WMD's. He gassed between 10,000 and 100,000 Kurds.

There is satellite evidence of a caravan of more 30 vehicles that went from Bagdad to ahem ahem SYRIA 3 days before the US attacked.

An Iraqi pilot wrote a book about flying a 747 full of WMDS to Damascus that same day.

Every major DUMMORAT including Swiftboat Heinz-Kerry CLAIMED they had WMDS BEFORE the war.

Yet you CLOWNZ claim there WAS NO WMDS in IRAQ??

Feces for brains.

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Sep-02-13 10:10 AM

I formed the largest collalition of allies (40) in history for the Iraq War.

I got 14 UN resolutions demanding inspection of WMDS in IRAQ.

I got a resolution overwhelmingly passed in the House and Senate.

Miss me NOW???


George W.

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Sep-02-13 10:14 AM

And the Dummorats have Hillary "Benghazi" Clinton on-deck to bat next???


What does it matter!!!!

Like Vietnam, it will take a Republican president to get us out of this effing quagmire of Egypt, Libay, Syria, etc.

Iraq Iraq Iraq?? They have two democratic elections now and are the number 5 oil exporter to the USA.

Egypt was a FORMER ally now in Chaos. We supported the Muslim Brotherhood with overthrew Mubarek.

Now he was quietly let out of prison!!!!!!

Miss me NOW??


Hosni Mubarek

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Sep-02-13 10:17 AM

Goosedung you and your effing Messiah are the Traitors! You dumb***ks are supporting the Taliban faction in Syria.

You know the same ones who created the biggest attack on US soil in HISTORY, killing over 3,000 Americans??

OF course what would one Expect from the Muslim Manchurian Candidate with NO RECORDS from birth through Presidency.

After all, 9-11 just killed mostly a bunch of rich white Crackas and Jewish stock traders and business people. And WE KNOW they DESERVED it because they were RICH and EVIL non-Muslims, right????

Pathetic traitor.

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Sep-02-13 11:05 AM

Simply put, Obama is a national embarrassment, is a disgrace to the ***** race, and is like a vagrant who has found a whole apple in a garbage can.

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Sep-02-13 1:42 PM

" all the morons who were fooled by the lies of lilbush"

Following is an alphabetical listing by state of how each senator voted on President Bush's Iraq resolution. A "yes" vote was a vote to grant President Bush the power to attack Iraq unilaterally;

Christopher Dodd (D): Yes

Joseph Biden (D): Yes

Evan Bayh (D): Yes

Max Baucus (D): Yes

Hillary Clinton (D): Yes

John Edwards (D): Yes

Thomas Daschle (D): Yes

Dianne Feinstein (D): Yes

Joseph Lieberman (D): Yes

John Kerry (D): Yes

Harry Reid (D): Yes

Charles Schumer (D): Yes

Jay Rockefeller (D): Yes

77 yes votes in the Senate

296 yes votes in the House

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Sep-02-13 1:55 PM

No telling how many defense contractors have fleeced the American taxpayers for how much. Agreed ? Attach a credit card terminal to any war and the contractor lobby will shame the elected representatives into approving another costly charge card action . Agreed ? How bout a BOGO from the contractors ? Most conflicts are about preparing ground for another chain retailer . Agreed ? At what point in any elected individuals terms should they say, " Enough. I need to leave America more financial positive than I found it " As for the alledged bad treatment in other countries. It could be said. Glad we don't treat our people like that. Just drop a million guns into the middle east and allow the oppressed to talk to their oppressors.

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Sep-02-13 1:58 PM

there would be no more conflict ih the middle east if you used the ultimate threat. Give them ultimatum. Lay down your arms or face forced membership into the American Democratic party. They will throw down everything and maybe throw up at the though of self inflicted doom.

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Sep-02-13 2:22 PM

@wvexpat: You should burn some incense in front of your shrine to Obama that President G.W. Bush took the action he did. The WMD's that Assad is now using were shipped there from Iraq as were the airplanes. Guaranteed that if GWB had continued in office the world today would be a much more peaceful place to live. Why can't you just admit the disaster Obama has been? Don't continually demean yourself for your political parties kowtowing to Obama because he is black, and black is their power base.

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Sep-02-13 3:33 PM

Hef, Not sure you got the point of my post. I was making a counterpoint to Goose's post of;

Gooseman Sep-02-13 9:23 AM Agree | Disagree Funny how all the morons who were fooled by the lies of lilbush,"

I was pointing out all the Dem's who are obviously "morons" to Goose.

My incense days are long past! LOL

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