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Some Vaccines Promise More

Some flu brands offer additional protections

September 3, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) —î Flu vaccination is no longer merely a choice between a jab in the arm or a squirt in the nose. This fall, some brands promise a little extra protectio....

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Sep-03-13 1:48 PM

SHOCKING NEWS: Novavax(Isconovas) is owned by Greenhunter, Magnumhunter and investors are urged to get into the vaccine "play". Monetization is the new word for "it is all for sale" as in monetization of academia, health care etc.spend sometime and you will find who is draining our economy, our health and our souls to build mega-mansions like David Kozel of Texas Keystone charged with molestation.Bad people are taking over businesses. New book The Quiet Don by Matt Birkbeck is a warning.

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Sep-03-13 12:43 PM

Just a few short years ago only the very young (age 2 or younger) and the elderly were recommended to get a flu vaccine, as well as those who are immunocompromised due to health issues. Now EVERYONE is apparently at risk, which is beyond ridiculous. I'm not sure where they got the statistic that 24,000 die each year in the US from the flu, because the CDC doesn't report a number that high. Usually the go-to number is 36,000 but that is worldwide. So if 36,000 die worldwide from the flu, doesn't it make you wonder why 24,000 of those are in the US and 12,000 are in the rest of the world (including developing and 3rd world countries with very malnourished people). Once upon a time the flu and chicken pox were rites of passage, and built your immune system. Now they are diseases of mass destruction that need to be feared and avoided at all costs.

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Sep-03-13 11:10 AM

DONT GET THAT VACCINE. My friend works in the e room at a big hospital. She said she has seen people get paralized and other horror stories when they took that flu shot.Better to deal with the flu for a few days than who knows what can happen to you when you get that shot.I could be wrong, but i heard now that when you get that shot that they make you sign a waiver stating that you will NOT come back on the hospital if anything should happen to you.

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Sep-03-13 6:21 AM

And then a 5th strain is discovered and they don't protect against it.

All of this R&D is done in China and most of the vaccines come from there.

Does make you fell warm and fuzzy all over ? . . . . . . .

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