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One Promise Obama Kept

September 3, 2013

Back in 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama outlined his plan to wreck the coal industry and drive electricity prices up....

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Sep-05-13 4:29 PM

WVUGEO, yes there are processes that use fly ash as a feedstock. Your statements seem to reflect the idea that the plant isn't already doing something with the fly ash, and that is part of their problem. Since the article does not say anything about fly ash, you must be assuming the operators are "stupid" and/or "incompetent". I see nothing in the story to back that up.

Clueless, Yes, an obie-mandated lemon. Half a billion in extra compliance stuff. Interesting question what isn't working, the plant or the mandated cleaners. Poor construction is a matter for the courts, and for that, shame on them for not supervising better. Fact remains, obie said he will kill coal. when you cheer that point, be sure your neighbors can't hear you.

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Sep-03-13 7:41 PM

So basically the POWER COMPANY bought a lemon and somehow that is Obama's fault.... WOW talk about reaching

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Sep-03-13 1:48 PM

And, if extracting metals from Coal Ash is too complex for us to deal with, we can also consume Coal Ash, and flue gas sulfur scrubbing waste, by calcining it all into a high-performance substitute for Portland cement, as explained for one example in: "United States Patent 5,766,339 - Producing Cement from a Flue Gas Desulfurization Waste; 1998; Assignee: Dravo Lime Company, Pittsburgh; Cement is produced by forming a moist mixture of a flue gas desulfurization process waste product (and) aluminum, iron, silica and carbon, agglomerating the moist mixture while drying the same to form a feedstock, and calcining the dry agglomerated feedstock in a rotary kiln. Sulfur dioxide released... may be used to produce sulfuric acid, while heat recovered in the process is used to dry the agglomerating feedstock. (And) wherein said source of siliceous material, aluminum and iron comprises fly ash".

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Sep-03-13 1:29 PM

If the environmental regulation problems concern what to do with the Coal Ash, it might interest everyone to know that China has a plant up and running that's treating Coal Ash as an ore of needed metals, like Aluminum and Iron, with some others in more minor amounts thrown in. They're operating a process like that described in: "US Patent Application 20130115149 - Method for Preparing Metallurgical-Grade Alumina by Using Fluidized Bed Fly Ash; Assignee: China Shenhua Energy Company Limited, Beijing; Provided (is) a method for preparing metallurgical-grade alumina by using fluidized-bed fly ash ... . The method is simple, the procedure is easy to be controlled, the extraction efficiency of alumina is high, the production coast is low, and the product quality is steady".

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Sep-03-13 1:18 PM

We don't, of course, know which of "the environmental regulations" is compelling the expenditures. But, if one of them has to do with Carbon Dioxide emissions; and, since the author of this piece quotes two 2008 statements from President Obama, it might be of interest to note, that, in 2008, one technical branch of the US Government confirmed that a military branch of the US Government had figured out how to convert CO2 into liquid hydrocarbon fuels. As in: "United States Patent 7,420,004 - Producing Synthetic Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels; September, 2008; Assignee: The USA, as represented by the Secretary of the Navy; A process for producing synthetic hydrocarbons that reacts carbon dioxide, obtained from seawater or air, and hydrogen obtained from water, with a catalyst in a chemical process such as reverse water gas shift combined with Fischer Tropsch synthesis. The hydrogen is produced by (a) source that is fossil fuel-free, such as wind or wave energy."

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