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Another Man Sought In WJU Beating Death

September 5, 2013

WHEELING — Police on Wednesday were still searching for at least one more person in connection with the Saturday fight that led to the death of 21-year-old Wheeling Jesuit student Kevin Figaniak,......

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Sep-06-13 9:58 PM

if what I heard is true today about the beating it is no doubt murder. came from a pretty good source.

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Sep-06-13 6:36 PM

I dont recall reading much police bashing posts in former articles on this subject but maybe I missed. I think the police have done well in this case. They are human-some good and some bad. The bad need weeded out, but dont see too many good people lining up for this low paying job. Maybe there are not 3rd or 4th person involved. Maybe the survivor was embarrassed that his friend took such a beating with 2 on 2. Dont meant that to be mean, Im just saying that he is likely suffering survivors guilt. If there are others involved, I hope they are caught soon. Why are we making this about police I am sure they are eager to make another arrest.

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Sep-06-13 9:13 AM

Police have to have the worse job in the world. They have to deal with the worse of humanity and in less than desirable conditions, extremely low pay and their every move in under scrutiny. They put their lives on the line (yes, even for the loud mouth haters on this site) and help us protect our children. They are humans who can only do so much to protect our communities. The citizens need to step up and support them so they will want to come back to work and protect us another day. United we stand, divided we fall.

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Sep-06-13 2:48 AM

Backtracking over your ridiculous accusations about police officers being responsible for this attack? I was working at a hospital when 9/11 happened, btw. But your accusations reek of conspiracy theorist musings.

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Sep-06-13 12:11 AM

Hefner, when there is an assault and someone dies it is called MURDER. I have never heard of anyone being charged with " assault that went terribly wrong".

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Sep-05-13 10:25 PM

What a d bag. After papering the site with some of the dumbest comments this side of the wraith, now you are seeking any negative story about police.

Jumpvans? The only people dumb enough to take you seriously, incidently, also claim that 9/11 was an inside job.

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Sep-05-13 1:58 PM

not a big fan of wheeling pd. have a lot of power hungry kids who were picked on in high school now carrying a gun. I have been around the country and have never seen a city with so many cops. it's like a police state and think this is why people are getting tried of them.

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Sep-05-13 12:03 PM

@triton: One other note. I think good policemen should be the highrest paid of civil servants, but emphasis the "good". Generally speaking the WPD is a good outfit, though terribly overstaffed and terribly managed.

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Sep-05-13 11:05 AM

@triton: With all due respect you're a little over the top when it comes to praising the WPD or any other PD as a group. Like the military one should respect the uniform and the authority of a police officer, but there are a lot of scoundrels who wear that uniform. A murder case which really this isn't; rather a case of assault that went terribly wrong, is generally speaking, the easiest to solve because the investigator works from the inside out, and unless it's a professional hit, there is generally plenty of evidence. These two guys may have even turned themselves in. There is still so much that is unknown about this case that I reserve my prognosis.

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Sep-05-13 8:37 AM

When this incident occurred this site was loaded up with cop haters, from here and from other areas, who ridiculed WPD and boasted that they would never solve this crime, blah blah blah. But they have done a top rate job on this and have people in custody and more coming. Its a tragedy when something so cold as this happens and it shocks us to know that people are here who can harm us. Its nearly as bad to see that there are people who bark like mongrel dogs at the people who are here to protect us and to solve crimes when they occur. The Wheeling police have done a good job here, and the Chief has kept us informed. The cop haters and the negative barking dogs add nothing to this community other than the foul odor of hate. Wheeling is enduring and recovering from a terrible incident and we can take some comfort and pride that those who work for us, to protect and serve are doing that.

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