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Senator Pushes CHIP Funding

Rockefeller wants to ensure program will continue past 2015

September 7, 2013

CHARLESTON — Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., on Friday called securing funding for the future of the Children’s Health Insurance Program a “moral imperativ....

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Sep-08-13 4:41 PM

ever notice our problems generally last as long as the term of office. Then a new mystery crisis sits in for new promise makers to tinker with under the guidance of old politicians who didn't solve the last set of troubles.

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Sep-08-13 2:42 PM

medical care is lopsided. they get your money and you really get nothing . like restaurant. the take your money to their vault and you take their goods to the waste disposal facility

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Sep-08-13 2:39 PM

need to make medical care individual choice. Individual doesn't get treatment they croak.

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Sep-08-13 2:36 PM

these silly elected folks need to drop leaflets in every country with list of demands they plan to make on the American population. would stop all the migrants seeking a better way.

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Sep-08-13 12:07 PM

Food(freedom from hunger) is a right in the USA. Accordingly we have Food Stamps, Rag.

Medical Care is a right in every developed country except the USA. Doctors worldwide receive attractive salaries. Profiteering should not be a goal of medical providers.

Suggesting care is a right does not suggest doctors not be compensated properly.

We are very close to a national system now. The Government will impose price controls, if they are paying. This is a good thing.

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Sep-08-13 8:58 AM


I have to disagree with you. Someone has to provide medical care, testing, prescriptions, etc.

What you are saying is that the time, money and effort a person puts into being a doctor means nothing. That these doctors should then work as much as they are told, for whatever wages Obama deems necessary.

You are implying that one group (providers) has a legal and moral obligation to provide their product (health care) to another group (patients) with no right to sell their skills in the free market.

That sounds a lot like Communism to me.

If someone becomes a doctor and does not want Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, ObamaCare, etc. patients, that is their legal right.

If a doctor can get 1,000 patients to pay him $100 per month, cash, why should he not be permitted to do this?

Since food is a basic requirement, why not require all restaurants in Wheeling to provide full meals at $5 each, on demand?

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Sep-07-13 10:13 PM

The Senator is very correct in saying medical is - should be - a right of all citizens. He has worked very hard to bring the USA up to developed World standards in this regard.

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Sep-07-13 12:50 PM

Fine and good, but I thought Obamacare was going to take care of such issues. Should not programs like CHIP be discontinued if the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented?

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Sep-07-13 11:45 AM

Anyone in the Rockefeller family wouldn't know moral imperative if it bit them in the behind. This family is old and corrupt to the core. Hypocritical, sick, only after resources for them and their fellow high level families. This guy is a total tool. Cannot stand the sight of him. The woman looks like a zombie, too but at least she isn't into the dark stuff these people are doing behind closed doors.

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Sep-07-13 8:08 AM

what do politicians know about morals?

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Sep-07-13 7:32 AM

Beware anyone who tells you that we have a "moral" obligation to fund any program. What they are saying is that the government has a moral right to steal your tax dollars, at gunpoint, in order to fund some program.

In effect, morality is whatever some politician claims it is. It is immoral to not fund a spending program but not immoral to rob taxpayers to pay for it.

The government constantly violates the Equal Protection Clause, by placing the wants and needs of one citizen or group of citizens over the wants and needs of another citizen or group of citizens.

I have a moral right to keep my money so that I can buy a new Jaguar. If I want to donate that money to buy health care for low income children, that, too, is my right.

But no American has a "right" to steal wealth from other Americans. No Americans wants or needs are more important than my wants or needs.

Your rights don't outweigh my rights-in a Republic.

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Sep-07-13 6:18 AM

"I've done in my nearly 50 years in public service."

Like he has been doing us all a favor!

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