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House Against Attack on Syria

Senate’s authorization vote expected next week

September 7, 2013

WASHINGTON — Suggesting an uphill fight for President Barack Obama, House members staking out positions are either opposed to or leaning against his plan for a U.S....

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Sep-09-13 2:05 AM

doing nothing is a solution? there is a name for folks who take medicine when they don't need it.

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Sep-08-13 6:54 AM

with the war powers act the pres. doesn't even need congressional approval does he...looks like congress is just going through the motions here to cya as most state here...poll after poll show large majority of Americans do not want to attack Syria. But the psychos running the country will most likely attack Syria. Why? Because they want to and they can.

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Sep-07-13 4:51 PM

So let me get this straight

19 AlQuida members killed more than 3,000 Americans during the 9/11 attacks and now we have politicians that want to ARM, TRAIN, and ASSIST them in killing even more!!!!!

All this while these SAME traitors are trying to DISARM Americans!!!

EXECUTE any and ALL who support such actions as they are CLEARLY guilty of TREASON and MUST be made to pay for their crimes!!!!

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Sep-07-13 10:01 AM

When is the last time you read "Obama to seek Congressional Authority?"

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Sep-07-13 9:49 AM

Do you really think doing nothing is a solution? If I had a crystal ball and knew who the next President would be, say someone like General Petraus, I might wait, but with Hillary or Paul on the horizon, no way.

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Sep-07-13 9:11 AM

Vote of Congress? Obama didn't need any vote of Congress to declare War on Coal by using the EPA as the "army" to attack.

Obama didn't need a vote of Congress to unilaterally POSTPONE Obamacare until after the 2014 elections.

WHY is this any different? He was fully prepared for the attack but when he saw so much RESISTANCE from the American People, he NOW wants to be able to share blame Congress for the decision.

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Sep-07-13 8:45 AM

Have you ever wondered why Obama wants to "fix" the rest of the world while totally ignoring what's going on right now in our own country?? I have and the answer I'm coming up with is scaring the noodles out of me!!!!

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Sep-07-13 7:49 AM

the US politicians vs. the world.

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Sep-07-13 7:41 AM

If a member of Congress is still undecided at this point, it means that they are waiting to see who else votes for or against. They are trying to cover their political behinds with their constituents.

Members in toss up races next year will be permitted to wait until the very last minute to decide. Then, once the outcome is certain, their party leadership will give them permission to vote whichever way will benefit them in their home district.

If you know nothing about Congress, know this. For every member of Congress, their number one priority is not national security, freedom, a balanced budget or protecting the Constitution. No, their be all/end all of existence is to keep their cushy job. Period.

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Sep-07-13 6:05 AM

Obama is worried that we will send the wrong signal to the rest of the world. Obama IS the wrong signal.

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Sep-07-13 12:22 AM

Leaning against = hedging your bets.

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