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Barnesville Putting Brakes On Gas Industry Trucks for Pumpkin Festival

September 8, 2013

BARNESVILLE — As officials prepare to weigh giant pumpkins during the Barnesville Pumpkin Festival this month, Mayor Ron Bischof hopes the fleets of huge natural gas industry trucks do not disrupt......

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Sep-09-13 10:19 PM

Lizard, did you have any facts to bring then? Any argument to make? Other than counting agrees and disagrees and computing a statistically meaningless ratio, I mean. No? Well, good job on your division problem. Now it’s nap time, and then you can have your snack.

Direct hit, I must say. LOL

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Sep-09-13 5:47 PM

@JudgeandJury: Thanks for your eloquence - I couldn't have said it better, so I didn't try. Direct hit, I must say.

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Sep-09-13 5:43 PM

To all newbies: you can automatically disregard the sour, bitter, negative, uninformed and unenlightened comments posted by Trollslayer and Dawraith. All these two pseudo-intellectuals do is take up bandwidth. If you doubt this, do the math: check the ratio of their agrees to disagrees. They are the undisputed kings of the Land of the Disagreed With.

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Sep-09-13 11:14 AM

Astounding! I have never seen a person use a username that is so clearly fitting. JudgeandJury. Not really astounding though, just pretty funny.

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Sep-09-13 10:23 AM

Thank God for the 1000 character limit... yawn...

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Sep-09-13 9:46 AM

Astounding! I have never seen a person use a username that is so clearly a misnomer. Trollslayer, you are the worst kind of troll there is, the uniformed one that can only memorize party lines and spat them back at people with no real knowledge of the meaning of the words. Yes, the oil and gas industry has been around the area for a century, destroying and growing more parasitic by the year. You are so worried about the folks that sit around and do nothing, yet you completely ignore the real welfare "takers" as you call them, the industry itself. Fossil fuels are the most subsidized commodity in the world. How do you rationalize criticizing children and single parents for utilizing a safety net and then turn a round and act as a shill for the largest taker of them all? I know how, you don't think for yourself and you have no concept of reality. Keep watching Faux News and repeating talking points you don't understand Trollsayer. The rest of us will worry about the r

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Sep-09-13 6:50 AM

What's wrong with a little benzene in the pumpkin pie mix?

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Sep-09-13 12:30 AM

sounder - you should probably stay away from "bridges" that span "creative streams." Even in the "land of the young," because if you jump off a bridge, your "brainpower" and your age won't matter, however creative that stream may be. So, don't risk it.

BTW, the NSA and the IRS just flagged you for saying "60 billion dollars, pledged from private accounts" and "international banking."

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Sep-08-13 10:23 PM

I heard that the top 1%er's are paying 60% of income in some form of tax or fee! Makes me feel better about only paying 53% last year. LOL

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Sep-08-13 9:10 PM

sounder, anyone who lives inside the Capitol Beltway is a “taker.” Or you’re a bottom feeder serving the needs of the “takers,” which makes you a lower-level “taker.” Your 60 billion "pledged" dollars? All confiscated by the Government from someone else who earned them. So, in the words of your Choomer in Chief, you didn't build that. Sorry if that insults you, but it’s best that you know the truth.

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Sep-08-13 8:50 PM

Troll Slayer; within five miles of where I live, the new money generated by one form or another of high technology; the creative stream, the land of the young, who could believe that so much could be created by "brain power"? So for 60 billion dollars, pledged from private accounts, just how much of the Ohio Valley might be up for purchase? Don't even think of what might be for sale if the international banking community wanted to back up loans--like might it be possible for West Virginia, portions of Ohio and Kentucky to end up on e-Bay? I grew up in the valley decades ago but you folks don't know what big money is today, the power of the mind, the power of creative thinking? Troll Slayer; you need to find a bridge with more traffic.

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Sep-08-13 8:20 PM

Don’t take it so hard, cal. Under Obamanomics, the ranks of the “takers” are growing every month. Pretty soon you’ll be a majority, and then you’ll be able to take everything the “makers” make. Live the good life.

Of course we “makers” might just decide to become “takers,” too, and then where would that leave those of you who don’t have a clue how to support yourselves? I’m sure when you’re cold and hungry you’ll think of something. Maybe you can subsist on hope and change... LOL

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Sep-08-13 8:05 PM

Another brilliant analysis from the keyboard of trollslayer. ****! The 1950's still live in the demented imagination of trollslayer.

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Sep-08-13 7:00 PM

sounder, so you live in a region of “takers” who survive on the redistributed wealth of the “makers” elsewhere, where American values of personal responsibility and self-sufficiency still exist. My point exactly. Get a real job, get a real life, and get your hand out of my pocket, parasite.

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Sep-08-13 4:31 PM

Trollslayer: If you happened to live in an a place where workers can earn a lot of "keep" then you'd have a very different idea about wealth distribution, social engineering, those pesky progressive. Trust me, in my region, what we now have did not get here by any long infatuation with very conservative ideals. So you'd either have a change of attitude or be one of an isolated group, far removed from any main stream political ideology. I have noticed in those regions of the U.S. where the pot is nearly empty; the residue left, the remnants provide a very bitter stew.

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Sep-08-13 1:54 PM

Sistersville WV will be hosting their 45th annual Oil and Gas Festival next weekend. Oil and gas has been big industry in the Ohio Valley for nearly a century. Apparently welfare, food stamps, unemployment compensation, disability payments, slip and fall lawsuit settlements, and whining have replaced industrial labor as a West Virginia cultural tradition since the “Progressives” turned most of America’s economy into Democrit socialist redistributionism. But if you want to celebrate earning your family’s keep instead of whining about those who earn the tax money you loons survive on, go enjoy the Oil and Gas Festival and then get a job and a less shameful attitude.

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Sep-08-13 12:27 PM

Maybe it's time to convert the pumpkin fest to an oil and gas festival

Frac fest 2013

Featuring frac water taffy, frac shakes, frac ice cream, frac water lemonade and frac fudge

Performances by Frank frac water and the rough necks

And free MRIs and cancer screenings for all local water customers

And with the proliferation of Mexicans that they bring in, taco stands and taquilla should be plentiful and spanish should be adopted as Barnesville's official language!

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Sep-08-13 11:17 AM

b*tch b*tch B*tch!!! I don't see anybody saying NO to the money the drillers are bringing into the area?

Pumpkin Festival ? PFFFFFFFTttttttt!

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