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Surviving a Doomsday Scenario in Underground Style

September 9, 2013

LOS ANGELES (AP) — In the backyard of his remote Southern California home, Bernie Jones is etching an unconventional blueprint: a construction plan to build his underground survival shelte....

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Sep-09-13 10:10 PM

Lizard, when "the end" comes can I have your stuff then?

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Sep-09-13 5:50 PM

This person is clearly a fool. There will be nothing to survive for. Read "The Road".

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Sep-09-13 5:22 PM

Whiner dawg, your condesending pontification is meaningless if you live in or near a big city like LA, Chicago, Detroit,etc.

DaHomeBoyz****& kick urass & take ur toyz, dontcha know nuttin, Homie????

Lots of guns and ammo will allow you to KEEP your supplies.

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Sep-09-13 3:40 PM

wheeldog, Like I told my neighbor in 1999, Y2K thing and all! You have the supplies and I have a gun, who do you think will have the supplies in the end?

People likely have a 2 week supply of food and water without even stock piling it.....

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Sep-09-13 2:08 PM

Personally, I support the practice of having enough basic emergency supplies on hand to support yourself for at least three weeks. This is in case of a large-scale natural disaster that temporarily shuts down the transportation and communication systems and knocks the power grid off-line. For the longer term I suggest becoming more self sufficient in growing or raising your own food, acquiring elementary skills in construction and repairing equipment and developing a cadre of friends who can support one another. Stocking up semi-automatic firearms and ammunition and holing up in a military-style bunker is not going to pull you through a prolonged emergency.

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Sep-09-13 1:16 PM

mkhunt "Radiation from frac waste is now a growing concern..."

Only for those of you who have no clue what radiation is. That MINUSCULE quantity of radiation is being injected right back where it came from, more than a mile underground.

Stop whining and start focusing on our REAL problems. The 15% REAL Obama unemployment rate and what we can REALLY do to fix that (create more jobs, like the OIL AND GAS industry is doing), the $17 TRILLION dollar national debt and what we can REALLY do to fix that (support manufacturing in and exports from the US, like the OIL AND GAS industry is doing), the problems we have in the Middle East which stem from our dependence on foreign fossil fuels and what we can do to fix those (like support domestic production of OIL AND GAS)...

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Sep-09-13 11:23 AM

People continue to see shelter as a pre-nuke scenario: bomb damage and then clean-up. Radiation is forever. Work to stop escalation of aggression and proliferation.Washington state has a nuclear contamination problem from Hanford Nuclear Plant and people are dying. Radiation from frac waste is now a growing concern...we have problems that a bunker will not solve.

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Sep-09-13 11:03 AM

some people want to live forever.i wouldn't ride motorcycles if i worried about this stuff.

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Sep-09-13 9:07 AM

Political spinners love leading people around by the lips. Notice that we have been conditioned to attach "gun issues" to people who see trouble in the future and prepare. But its only been less than a year that the Federal Gov was encouraging people to stockpile supplies to be "able to survive unaided for at least two weeks" after a natural disaster. FEMA ran TV spots about that telling people that in the event of a disaster it can take time to mobilize rescue efforts and that in areas where there is substantial population it may take as long as a month to move assistance to an area. But now, left wingers fear that this is about right wingers and guns. You can still find FEMA brochures and information about this online. But "preppers" become "gun nuts" and therefore likely to be lets hate them for doing what FEMA told them to do? Last year we lived here without power for two weeks. GOP/Gun/GOD nuts were buying generators

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Sep-09-13 8:50 AM

Because RIGHT WING NUTJOBS like Limbaugh and Beck preach it is the end of the world to their LOW HANGING FRUIT LISTENERS, the LOW HANGING FRUIT TINFOIL HAT WEARERS believe them and start to prepare for this IMAGINARY. END.

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Sep-09-13 7:51 AM

Why do bomb shelter sales increase under Democratic Presidents?

At least ONE business can say Obama has been good for their sales!!!

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