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Syrian Rebels Feel Let Down

They say Obama has lied for years about helping them

September 12, 2013

BEIRUT — Syrian opposition forces feel let down and more divided than ever because of President Barack Obama’s decision to seek a diplomatic path to disarming Damascus of its chemical weapons....

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Sep-12-13 2:20 AM

Too Bad, Find another Big Daddy!!!

I don't like the rebels or trust them any more than Assad...

None of them can be trusted, if they represent the Shia, ultra-conservative Muslim... Willing to stone women to death!!!

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Sep-12-13 4:54 AM

waaahhhhh...I'll give them a tip..don't vote for Obama next election

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Sep-12-13 5:32 AM

Gee. Why didn't a world super power come to the aide of the Rebels in the American civil war, when "honest" Abe sent Gen. Sherman through the south to burn and kill everyone in his path. Yes, women and children also. But, but O honest Abe was just doing it for people's own good was he?

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Sep-12-13 5:34 AM

HEy rebels, gimme a break!

We Americans have to put up with this a&&hole everyday as President as well as John "Swiftboat" Heinz-Kerry, world famous Flip Flopper.

He was FOR our wars before he was AGAINST them too!

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Sep-12-13 7:24 AM

Gee, wasnt it the Congress and right wing media that fought AGAINST missile strikes against Assad?

Oh, right, so now it is Obamas fault the strikes didn't happen according to the right wing media?


You people look very, very silly trying to play all sides of an issue, only to belittle the US President.

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Sep-12-13 7:31 AM

"Fortunately, it appears most members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, oppose a punitive, unilateral military strike against Syria." NR

Oh so the rebels blame Obama?

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Sep-12-13 7:37 AM

Goosefeces it was NOT the GOP or Congress who PROMISED that if the RED LINE was crossed, there would be severe consequences.

Dopey Opie found out he should ask Mommy FIRST before making threats he can't back up.

Massive EPIC FAIL!

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Sep-12-13 7:48 AM

Washington Times "U.S. intelligence has yet to uncover evidence that Syrian President Bashar Assad directly ordered the chemical attacks last month on civilians in a suburb of Damascus, though the consensus inside U.S. agencies and Congress is that members of Mr. Assad’s inner circle likely gave the command, officials tell The Washington Times.

The gap in the intelligence has raised debate in some corners of the wider intelligence community about whether Mr. Assad has full control of his war-weary Army and their arsenal of chemical missiles, which most likely would be treasured by terrorist groups known to be operating in Syria, said officials, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity because they were discussing intelligence matters."

OOPS! WMDS in IRAQ, version 2.0!!!

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Sep-12-13 7:51 AM

NYTimes "PUTIN MOCKS USA: 'Extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional'..."

Sounds just like Obama, bad mouthing the USA!!

Maybe Putin will be the Dummocrat Presidential candidate in 2016??

Not born in the USA, you say??? Neither was Obama , bbbawhsahshsh!

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Sep-12-13 7:54 AM

I understand next week Obama will propose replacing the Bald Eagle as the symbol of the USA.

He favors the ChickenHawk as the new US bird.

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Sep-12-13 8:34 AM

Clearly the plan was to give Obama an alibi so that, as in Libya, he would commit the US Navy carrier force to being the Air Wing of the Muslim Brotherood. Obama's attempt to rush into "responding" was his part in the play. It is more likely that the "rebels" (why does the press call them that) used the chemicals as part of an elaborate Obama theatrical effort for the US people. They are not talking about being disappointed that the world did not respond, they are specifically saying they are ****** that Obama did not give them the bombing runs on the Syrian Army that he had promised, ala Libya. It is a fact that Obama had been building up forces in the region for an actual boots on the ground invasion of Syria, in fact Gen Blah Blah his political Chief of Staff was before Congress a month ago saying that very thing. Said in public before Contress, not mentioned by the press during this latest one act play. Had the Brits decide to not be Obama's stooge, we wou

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Sep-12-13 8:53 AM

if we have another civil war we won't feel let down if you syrians don't show up to help.we want to know who our enemies are.

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Sep-12-13 8:54 AM

Why are these people called terrorist when they attack us and rebels wen they attack someone else?

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Sep-12-13 8:56 AM

Gooseman- All we have to do is go thru the past articles. The duwhops on here are the best flip floppers. It all boils down to whatever Obama does, these tin foil kids are against. They refuse to acknowledge this. no wonderwhy........ Same crowd was whining the muslim, birther commie thing a few months ago......

and shhhhhh, they forget 911 and Iran contra.......

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Sep-12-13 11:04 AM

Another fake photo? That photo could have been taken in downtown Detroit. You can’t fool us, AP. The Muslim Brotherhood rebels in Syria aren’t the only Obama supporters your Flip Flopper in Chief has let down lately. Hope and Change is failing worldwide now.

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Sep-12-13 11:35 AM

The U.S. should not arm the rebels, however, we should neutralize Assad's military assets, more or less leveling the playing field. If Assad hadn't used the gas and Obama had kept his mouth shut, we wouldn't be in this face reddening mess.

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Sep-12-13 1:30 PM

The rebels are absolutely correct on one point, Obama only offers "rhetoric", something this country has painfully come to realize.

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Sep-12-13 3:48 PM

CBS News The CIA has been delivering light machine guns and other small arms to Syrian rebels for several weeks, following President Barack Obama's decision to arm the rebels.

The agency has also arranged for the Syrian opposition to receive anti-tank weaponry like rocket-propelled grenades through a third party, presumably one of the Gulf countries that has been arming the rebels, a senior U.S. intelligence official and two former intelligence officials said Thursday. They spoke on condition of anonymity

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Sep-12-13 4:50 PM

BigMike, Yes and Russia their BFF is selling Assad weapons while he is looking for WMD's.

Worse still, the great "peacemaker" Russia is selling weapons AND a nuclear reactor to Iran which they need to make atomic WMDS.

Wanna bet Putin gets the Nobel Pizzz Prize next year?

Opie got it for basically being black and having a pulse, why not a KGB THUG like Putin??!!

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Sep-12-13 4:51 PM

Yes the rebels will now lose nay hope of winning. But who are they??

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Sep-12-13 4:51 PM

Yes the rebels will now lose nay hope of winning. But who are they??

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Sep-12-13 6:34 PM

Read this afternoon that Russia is going to increase weapons to Syria. two dozen MIG-29's was mentioned....

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Sep-12-13 6:38 PM

I'm glad to see that the majority of this country is tired of the US trying to be "mommy and daddy" and police the world and deal with every issue in every country. It has happened time and time and time again over the last century (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan)and it's ridiculous. These places we are helping don't care about us and we shouldn't care about them. Let them sort their own problems out, they're a different country for a reason. We have to stop trying to fight everyone else's battles and focus on how messed up our country is. We lose more and more freedom every single day, and even when I see a step forward in one area I see ten other steps backwards, most of them with the full support of the US citizens. We cannot sustain our budget if we keep overspending on "protecting the world". We need to focus on ourselves, get the*****out of Iraq and Afganistan, stay away from Syria, and stop poking around in the affairs of the middle east and the w

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Sep-12-13 7:48 PM

Putin has OWNED Obama. Painted the dumbass community organizer into a corner he cannot get out.

Opie still needs Russia to keep their OTHER pitbull, Iran, in check.

But he can't criticize Putin or Vlad will just go back to calling his bluff--letting US handle it.

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Sep-12-13 8:38 PM

any hope of winning.

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