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W.Va. Insurance Marketplace Limited

Only Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield will participate in individual Obamacare plans

September 13, 2013

CHARLESTON (AP) — Only one company will participate in West Virginia’s new individual health insurance marketplace....

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Sep-14-13 9:05 PM

Obamacare Obstruction in N.C. Partly To Blame For Hospital Closure ****huffingtonpost****

"The hospital industry nationwide has lobbied state lawmakers and governors to adopt the Medicaid expansion as a way to reduce the burden of medical bills that go unpaid when poor patients can't afford their treatments. Nationally, hospitals provided $41.1 billion in so-called uncompensated care in 2011, according to the most recent data from the American Hospital Association."

Copied from this article....

Just sayin! Obama care is not the best we can do, but it's most likely better than what we had...

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Sep-14-13 1:07 PM

"According to the L.A. Times, Health Net’s, “exchange customers will be restricted to 36% of its regular physician network statewide.” But it isn’t just Health Net. Some hospitals are only in one network, like UCLA’s Medical Center is only covered by Anthem Blue Cross. The world-renowned hospital Cedars-Sinai may not be assigned to any insurer’s metal plan. Californians need to check to see if their doctor and hospital are in network with the plan they choose."

I guess hospitals like Cedars-Sinai will be reserved for govt officials and other friends of Obama !!

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Sep-14-13 12:53 PM

Obamacare by it's nature is limited! Americans will have fewer choices in doctors and hospitals to go along with their limited choice in healthcare plans.

"Many NH hospitals cut from Anthem insurance list"

By GARRY RAYNO State House Bureau

CONCORD — Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, the only insurer approved to offer policies on the health insurance exchange created under the Affordable Care Act, has narrowed to 14 the number of hospitals for the ACA plans that will be offered beginning Oct. 1.

Paula Rogers, the company’s governmental affairs director, said the move was made to reach affordable premium levels." (Union Leader)

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Sep-14-13 10:09 AM

Obamacare, what could POSSSIBLY go wrong???

"With Obamacare’s massive Patient Data Hub poised to open soon, a sloppy mistake by an Obamacare employee hasn’t exactly inspired confidence that Americans’ private information will be closely guarded by Obamacare’s powers-that-be.

As the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports (and Andrew Johnson highlights at NRO), an Obamacare exchange employee in Minnesota accidentally sent out an email containing 2,400 Americans’ Social Security numbers.

The Star Tribune writes:

“A MNsure employee accidentally sent an e-mail file to an Apple Valley insurance broker’s office on Thursday that contained Social Security numbers, names, business addresses and other identifying information on more than 2,400 insurance agents."


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Sep-14-13 9:52 AM

It seems very unfair if one is forced to buy insurance with only one vendor available.>>

What, exactly, did you expect?

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Sep-14-13 9:10 AM

If we all just drink more water we won't spend as much on health care!

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Sep-14-13 8:26 AM

Despite the President's promises it's like the bill was written to FORCE people off their current plans and into exchanges. I guess that's one way to get the numbers you need!

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Sep-13-13 10:15 PM

Well atoddh, what do you expect when the government tells a company how much it can charge for it's product. If I sold widgets and the government set the price, I'd get out of the widget business as quick as possible.

Guess you can keep your insurance policy if you like, right Obama?

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Sep-13-13 10:08 PM

What? Who changed the channel?

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Sep-13-13 10:02 PM

Marcellus “Where's TOOLPLAYER on this one?”

Yeah Marcy. I’m really surprised with this one. Because we NEVER had a single fistfight in the Ohio Valley before the O&G folks got here. This area was pure as the driven snow, no pollution, no crime, no noise, no dust even, and then the roughnecks had to come and spoil all the purity and sweetness. Like a shadow. OOOoooooo....

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Sep-13-13 6:30 PM

Sign Herron and the Boy Mayor up for ObamaCare. It is such a wonderful program, surely they should take advantage and save taxpayer dollars.

atoddh-you have been advocating single payer for a very long time. Now you complain about the lack of competition?

This is the whole goal of ObamaCare! Yes, you can keep your own doctor, blah blah blah. But ObamaCare is making everything so expensive that insurers are opting out.

My father in law's family health insurance is $200 per week. Under the ObamaCare option, it would be $140 per week but it would cover much less and have much more expensive co-pays.

Where is the savings?

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Sep-13-13 3:43 PM

Could the City of Wheeling convert the city employees plan over to Obamacare and save alot of money for the city? If it is good enough for Congress why not join them.

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Sep-13-13 7:58 AM

Says Atoddh, the cheerleader for Government Single Payer/no competition system!!!

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Sep-13-13 1:31 AM

It seems very unfair if one is forced to buy insurance with only one vendor available.

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