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With Age Comes Job Experience

Some employers finding the new blood anemic

September 14, 2013

Older people searching for jobs have long fought back stereotypes that they lack the speed, technology skills and dynamism of younger applicants....

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Sep-17-13 4:35 PM

Great post! The 50+ group shouldn't be overlooked. Many still have tons of energy, are interested and engaged in technology and respect employers; hours, values, timeframes, etc... Not to mention, wisdom goes a long way.

Looking at my father, he's 60, running a business, working 14hours/day and sometimes teaches me a thing or two about the web - hard to believe since that's the field I work in. He says he still has the energy and has no interest in stopping anytime soon.

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Sep-15-13 5:45 PM

Talk to any restaurant or store manager and they will tell you the same thing

All the teens and 20 somethings call in sick every time it snows, come in late, leave early, and take 15 smoke breaks a day!

And I will ALWAYS hire experience over some college grad ANY day!

There's just no substitute for age, wisdom, and experience!

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Sep-14-13 7:01 PM

50 is not old anymore. Older workers can contribute a great deal and I see no reason why anyone should be put out to pasture.

Hell, if you have people 65 or older who are in good shape and still want to do the work, why not? They can get Medicare and they won't cost you too much in benefits.

Younger people, in general, have no work ethic. I am almost afraid to eat fast food and casual dining food in the Ohio Valley.

More companies should make it a point to NOT hire a person under 25 unless they show exceptional maturity and talent.

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Sep-14-13 3:14 PM

Nice to see that the older people are being wanted more for jobs and the sad part is this will be fewer jobs for the youth. Corporations are starting to understand experience and reliability. Everyone has different values and corporations want the ones that conform to their thinking.

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Sep-14-13 11:50 AM

Indeed, "old guys rule"!!

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Sep-14-13 11:49 AM

Having just gone thru a job "transition" and being over (a little) 50, it was gratifying that I received (and accepted) an offer within 24 hours!

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Sep-14-13 9:53 AM

I have worked in a lot of offices and the worst ones are the ones with a lot of younger 20somethings.

What's bad is a lot of companies are discriminating against people over 35 and these 20something babies are actually getting put into management positions just because they have a business degree. Never mind the fact these kids have no idea how to manage or how to deal with people in general.

Hslf of them still have the frat boy mentality and are not mature enough to be in middle management or above at a large company.

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Sep-14-13 9:49 AM

the old people actually show up for work.

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Sep-14-13 8:36 AM

My experience with younger workers is they have the "Entitlement" mentality that is epidemic in the USA as a whole in the last 10-20 year.

"You OWE me" for gracing your business with my wonderfulness.

Another attitude is my happiness is more important than your success. I want to start at $125,000 with the corner office and get 5 weeks vacation.

Working 50-60 hours a week in a white collar position is "old school" I demand personal time for my pursuits of rock climbing, surfing, skiing, jerking around,etc.

If I have to travel on the weekends for business I should have comp time off.

If you don't like my tattoos and tongue piercing, you are just an old phart. etc. etc.

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Sep-14-13 8:11 AM

Many older people have a work ethic, integrity, humility, team spirit, discipline, maturity and knowledge that is completely lacking in most young people today.

I would rather have 10 good, older workers than 50 young guys on meth.

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Sep-14-13 7:08 AM

Old guys rule!

Old age and treachery can always overcome youth and enthusiasm, as the saying goes :).

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