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D.C. Shooter Heard ‘Voices’

Mental illness didn’t affect security rating

September 18, 2013

WASHINGTON — A month before he went on the rampage that left 13 dead, Washington Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis complained to police in Rhode Island that people were talking to him through the walls......

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Sep-21-13 8:03 PM

It's always been about mental instability... Some mentally ill are a danger to themselves or to society...

No fully functioning adult--says, I will go out and kill 20 people today...But a mentally unstable person may have voices telling him to do just that...

That's what background checks are meant to do--check on criminal behavior; mentally unstable, history of violence, or a record of incarceration...

I was told a gun registration isn't required for a shotgun..Sounds good to me.

No one wants to take any law abiding person's gun away...

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Sep-19-13 10:44 AM

Guess you really don't need a semi-auto, 22 cal., high capacity magazine, "assault rifle" to commit mass murder.

Who'd a thought?

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Sep-19-13 10:35 AM

The shooter could've been Obama's brother.


The weapon was an AR-15 Shotgun. Imagine that.

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Sep-19-13 3:38 AM

It has been reported, although not too widely, that the shooter's friends say he was an Obama supporter. Another twisted mind from the left.

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Sep-18-13 8:35 PM

I think the biggest crime here is that MILITARY officers are DEAD because they were stripped of their G O D given RIGHT to keep and bear arms!!!!!!

And their families will now be paid tens of millions as a result!!!

CRIMINALS and nut jobs will ALWAYS have access to weapons!!!

If just ONE officer had a hand gun this entire incident would have been diffused in short order!!!!

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Sep-18-13 5:52 PM

I could line up 10,000 fully loaded "assault" rifles, safeties off, and leave them sit on my front porch for a year and do you know how many people they will kill in that year? ZERO.

I could line up 1,000 inner city lowlifes or illegal immigrants with access to any weapons-except firearms. How many people to you think they will kill in one year? Probably somewhere around 20-50.

Rest my case.

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Sep-18-13 3:41 PM

Ban Violent Video Games! Imprison Quentin Tarrentino for crimes against humanity!

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Sep-18-13 3:40 PM

Whgflailing, guess we better ban all those automobiles, 43,000 a year die in auto crashes.

No, little boy, it is nutcase who plays video games and hears voices in his head.

Do YOU hear voices telling you to post stupid crap at the NR??

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Sep-18-13 2:11 PM

No, feel-good, it was a mentally ill person that chose to use a specific tool to accomplish his ill-thought plan. If that tool had not been available, do you think he would not have sought another tool to accomplish his goal?

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Sep-18-13 1:39 PM

it's not the voices that killed. it's the gun that killed.

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Sep-18-13 12:57 PM

Piers Morgan repeated over and over to Ben Ferguson that a AR15 was used. Morgan is like most far left Libs, make up your own facts and figures and argue to your last breath that they are true and accurate.

I hear 'voices' all the time myself, they say " get these wacko Liberals out of Office"

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Sep-18-13 6:16 AM

Most military personnel are given a confidential level of clearance, which requires reinvestigation after 15 years. Secret clearances are reinvestigated every 10 years, and top secret clearances every five.

Good luck on that!

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Sep-18-13 5:57 AM

Oh and in spite of MASSIVE REPORTING by the Liberal Press, Alexis did NOT HAVE an AR-15.

He used mainly a Remington 870 SHOTGUN and a handgun.



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Sep-18-13 5:56 AM

The Pentagon Inspector General released a report Tuesday showing 52 convicted felons had routine, unauthorized access to Navy installations over roughly the past nine months.

The 52-page draft report found the lapses were largely the result of cost-cutting efforts and circumventing the competitive bid process in hiring contractors to provide access control.

“Those decisions placed military personnel, dependents, civilians and [military] installations at an increased security risk,” the report concluded.

The report was released one day after a Navy contract worker used a valid access card to enter the Washington Navy Yard and fatally shoot 12 people.

Government FAIL!

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Sep-18-13 5:50 AM

crazy is crazy.. used to be they would lock one up for being nuts or for acting nuts... now it's even that we are not supposed to say someone is nuts, especially if they with defunded mental institutions more and more nut jobs are out on the streets...along with the ones like this guy already there...The liberal left pushes that everyone has the right to any perverted thought they may have, but when someone goes off the deep end blames the right when they do..we have a pres. that wants to go to war because some Syrian children were gassed in their civil war, but on the other hand supports the killing of millions of unborn babies at home...My inner voice tells me. Something is very wrong in America. Expecting many more mass murders in the USA from the twisted minds that run wild

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Sep-18-13 5:45 AM

Does one get the feeling this clown got a job because of affirmative action??

Somehow I can't see a white guy with his record of violence and GUN VIOLENCE against other people getting and holding a Secret clearance.

And what about the crap that all mass murderers and serial killers are white???

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Sep-18-13 4:51 AM

Have you been hearing voices? Is that the question that determines "mental" illness? Funny stuff....

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