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Poverty in America At a Record 46.5M

One in seven at the bottom for six straight years

September 18, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s poverty rate remained stuck at 15 percent last year despite America’s slowly reviving economy, a discouraging lack of improvement for the record 46....

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Sep-18-13 9:33 PM

The % of Americans working in August was 63.2% In August of 2009 in the midst of the recession that % was 65.4%. If the Obama admin could even hold the recession level of Americans participating in the work force (aka employed) there would be 3.25 million Americans w/ jobs. However this important statistic has decreased EVERY year since to the lowest level in 30 years.

August 2008 66.1%

August 2009 65.1%

August 2010 64.7%

August 2011 64.2%

August 2012 63.5%

August 2013 63.2%

Nearly 70% of the jobs created this year have been part time! The poverty level getting worse is no surprise.

Things are getting worse, not improving!!

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Sep-18-13 7:43 PM

I'm a firm believer that not one single job should be given to any non American, no matter how technical until there are not enough American workers to fill the jobs. We American's (citizens) can drive cabs, Manage 7-11's, motels, pick produce, etc. Force those to work that can or no welfare, not one cent.

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Sep-18-13 6:27 PM

Obama is the first President in history to go without passing a budget (though required by law). We are five years into his administration and he has yet to pass a single budget.

Before you blame "obstructionist" Republicans, think about this: Congress can't vote up or down on a budget IF THE PRESIDENT DOES NOT SEND THEM A BUDGET!!!

Obummer sent ONE budget to Congress. The Senate voted it down 97-0, with three cowards abstaining.

This guy is in over his head. When will you Kool Aid drinkers admit it?

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Sep-18-13 5:05 PM

oldrustedvanman, Bush created 8.4 million jobs and had the highest percentage of the population working as well as the lowest unemployment rate since WWII.

News Flash: Bush was president for 96 months, not just 8 months in 2008.

Nobama can't even come close after spending over a $1 Trillion for stimulus to crony capitalists.

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Sep-18-13 4:50 PM

Continued: It's still one of the biggest USW locals, but about 5000. Still better than Aliquippa, Monessen, Homestead, Warren, Youngstown, etc...

The world changes. 200 years ago you worked on a farm. 100 years ago you worked an assembly line. 20 years ago you worked at a computer terminal.

Now if you're lucky, you may have another factory job, if the idiots in Washington don't regulate us all into poverty.

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Sep-18-13 4:44 PM

The bulk of better jobs lost didn't go to China, Japan or India. They just went away. Steel mills designed and built for labor intensive processes were okay as long as everyone had them. Once the minimills got a hold on bar products, it was just a matter of time before they moved into higher value areas. Result? The minimills get most of the easy products, and the mills that have the cash to adapt move to the tougher stuff. Went back to a former Bethlehem plant I visited 20 years ago, and walked by an inspection station. Last time there were five people there. Now there's one, with several cameras and computer imaging software.

WP never had the cash to do this, because that great contract with all the benefits drained away the money for upgrades. Same with Weirton.

You see this in Auto, Appliance and all sorts of other manufacturing fields. Robots don't have to be paid, and work all shifts. Local 1010 at Indiana Harbor has 16,000 members in the 70s. It's still one o

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Sep-18-13 4:17 PM

Yeah, vanagon, after Pelosi and Reid took over Congress and doubled the deficit, and blew up the economy. Take a look at spending for 2005,2006 and the beginning of 2007. Even with a war, total spending as a percentage of the GDP was dropping.

Also, that job loss is only at the last few months of his second term. He had double to triple obie's best growth rate for most of his time, and his jobs were full-time, $20/hr and up, not $10 to 15/hr and part time.

Hope and Change, hah!

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Sep-18-13 3:50 PM

Bush was losing jobs at 750,000 per months.

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Sep-18-13 1:03 PM

Good points, OSM!

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Sep-18-13 1:03 PM

The POOR are getting poorer, but here is ONE reason WHY the RICH get RICHER under NOBAMA:

America’s companies, from Apple Inc. (AAPL) to Verizon Communications Inc., are saving about $700 billion in interest payments with the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented stimulus. Corporate bond yields over the past four years have fallen to an average of 4.6 percent from 6.14 percent in the five years before Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s demise, a savings equal to $15.4 million annually per every $1 billion borrowed. Businesses took advantage of the Fed’s largesse to lock in record low rates, extend maturities and raise cash by selling $5.16 trillion of bonds, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

Thanks Opie!

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Sep-18-13 12:06 PM

BTW, usually when a lot of people can't find work, they start small companies and find something to do. The rate of new business formation is the lowest it has ever been for such an extended time, and one of the big factors cited is the extended benefits handed out. people learn to get by with less, and get used to it. Another problem is the explosion of new rules and regulations, making it harder and more expensive to get going.

One of the founders of Home Depot said if the current rules were around when he started, Home Depot would not exist. What does that tell you?

If you are Rock or Hoopie, probably not much.

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Sep-18-13 12:01 PM

During his terms obie has had several "jobs summits" to solve the problem. An interesting point of these is none of the people invited are businessmen/women that actually employ workers. The closest he gets are guys like Immelt, who is in the job export business. No one from a manufacturing firm, a builder, or any part of the economy that produces wealth is ever there. Bankers, academics, consultants that never worked a day in a factory or a mine or a farm field, that's the "experts" he wants, because they won't say what a botchup this administration is.

There are only four ways real value is created Mine it make it build it grow it. Everything else is a service to those four. The fundamental problem is our leader thinks "a job is a job is a job", and puts our tax money into makework jobs to move money around.

Doesn't work, because that money has to come from somewhere, and if it isn't going to one of the four, or something that supports them, it h

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Sep-18-13 11:47 AM

Bad Economic News? Time to threaten to bomb another Mideastern country to move focus on a new crisis!!!

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Sep-18-13 11:39 AM

Remember that 'laser-like focus' obie was bringing to the jobs problem?

Looks a bit less than well focused to me. Looks like he needs a flashlight, not a laser, since he's clearly in the dark about job creation.

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Sep-18-13 9:40 AM

w ww.opensecrets.o rg/pres08/contrib.php?cid=N00009638

Barry OCronyism's list of corporate fiancees. I mean financers. Same thing.

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Sep-18-13 9:39 AM

Summing then:

The Party that after two terms of governance by “Hope and Change” is making more use of “social safety nets” than ever before still thinks all that misery is somebody else’s fault. Apparently “elections have consequences” only for Republicans. LOL

Who said “corporate donors”? Because I found some you need to bash, RockE. Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Google, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Time Warner, General Electric, Morgan Stanley? They’re been sidling up to your Corporate Embracer in Chief. Maybe Barry Bankrupter relates to the plight of the 1% more than you’re willing to admit.


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Sep-18-13 9:18 AM

Every one says the jobs are lost because of unions driving up wages and the cos. move to say China,Vietman,etc.Look farther into it the regs. cost more than the wages do the people are "replaceable" they have 1000s die in coal mines in China every year no biggy more outside the door. the real reason is the cost of energy to build the products and the regulations that the govt.imposes on businesses. Some of the regs make sense some dont when we arent allowed to burn coal but China is building new plants at least at the rate of 1 per WEEK it doesnt help global warmimg sorry climate change.It makes no sense if all do not do the same thing.The fact that the gas boom is helping cos. come back here to build their products here, but stop saying man is cause of the global warming, we have had climate change for billions of years and before humans even got here so how do you explain that?But its better if you feel needed so govt. wants to feel needed so"poverty"makes them n

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Sep-18-13 8:44 AM

you gotta love when the welfare's wage and benefits out weigh the working poor wages and benefits.and not even a drug test for the welfare benefits.

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Sep-18-13 8:31 AM

said John Iceland, a former Census Bureau chief of the poverty and health statistics branch who is now a Penn State sociology professor. "This lack of progress in poverty indicates that these small improvements in the economy are not yet being equally shared by all."

My question: Must they be equally shared by all?

Liberals and unbelievers would rather spend an eternity in a flaming he11 than for once acknowledge truth. Truth that their beliefs are based upon lies, manipulation, deception, and subterfuge. Truth that the fruits of their ways are the ways of suffering, pain, poverty, and he11.

Going against the 'grain of nature' has dire consequences. America is just beginning to see the fruits of a godless society.

The path of Obama is a path to poverty and ultimate destruction. The sheeple stubbornly refuse to 'connect the dots'.

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Sep-18-13 8:29 AM

Loving the fact that we are in sequester because the President will not present a budget that does not increase the debt and misery, and love the press releasees about how the Repubs are responsible for cutting off gov services (actually is automatic from previous legislation) and yet the President wants to start another war, that has not a thing to do with us. And just zipped off another $250 million in "humanitarian aid" to the rebels (who hate us openly). Thats $500 billion to them in six months, and $20 billion for Libya,Egypt and Syria in the last six months. Thats equal to the total annual budget of the post office. People are out of work, hungry, bridges are falling in and Obama (don't you dare say Muslim) has spent more on the Muslim Brotherhood's wars than he did on America. Wonder what kind of convoluted, ring around the rosy rant progressives have to make this sound swell? We have a President of dubious background, obsessed with installing radical Islamic regi

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Sep-18-13 8:25 AM

Summing then:

As GOPeers bemoan all social safety nets utilized by citizens who were lambasted via Recession Vers. BushII by defining those programs as "bums living large while WE struggle" so as for the GOPeer regime to be able to sidle up to and embrace(pun) middle Americans (whose votes they want but plights they can't relate to) while that same GOPeer legislative arm bows to its corporate donors.

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Sep-18-13 7:50 AM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama warned Republicans in Congress on Monday that he will not negotiate over an extension of the U.S. debt ceiling as part of a budget battle that will soon dominate Washington, with a deadline fast approaching.

Pivoting to domestic policy after devoting weeks to the crisis in Syria, Obama scolded his political opponents for threatening a federal government shutdown and attempting to attach conditions to funding the budget for the 2014 fiscal year that begins October 1.

"Let's stop the threats. Let's stop the political posturing. Let's keep our government open. Let's pay our bills on time. Let's pass a budget," Obama said.

Obama is like a THIEF that breaks into your house, robs you blind, and then lectures you on why you should give him MORE MONEY!!!

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Sep-18-13 7:43 AM

Oh horsemanure RuinedReputation,the MYTH is the Liberal Ideas of Keynesian Economics that have played out during the Abomination Administration in the last 56 months.

The greatest wage loss was in Big Blue Michigan, birthplace of the Union movement. Things got so bad, now even Mich is a right to work state.

Under Obama's policies the average middle class income is DOWN more the $4,300, a record 49 million on food stamps, a record 48% black youth unemployment, all higher than the great Depression.

Face it, FOOL, your liberals ideas have been in play for 56 months and the rich got RICHER proportionally than under the evil genius Bush.

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Sep-18-13 7:27 AM

In a Capitalist market the consumers (consumer spending drives about 70% of the market) are the "job creators!" one dude has 10 million dollars or 10 dudes have 1 million dollars which one/group consumes more?

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Sep-18-13 7:21 AM

Interesting, RockE. Unemployment and the cost of living are ALSO highest in non-right to work states. So if you live in a non-right to work state, although you’re probably angry about rising prices, you can be happy that most likely someone else is making higher wages.

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