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GOP: Defund Obamacare To Dodge Default, Shutdown

September 19, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans vowed Wednesday to pass legislation that would prevent a partial government shutdown and avoid a historic national default while simultaneously canceling out......

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Sep-21-13 1:35 AM

rover1958, thank you for your service, I'm sorry for your troubles. And yes, you are nuts, or very drunk. "Sick of the Nazi camp sob stories, dead is dead, one party Democrat American rule, send American citizen Republicans to reeducation camps and mark them with stars..." on and on and on. You're out in a field that's far beyond left field and sound like a dangerous, red flag case. Sober up or see a mental health professional ASAP.

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Sep-20-13 9:27 PM

OldStupe -Rover, are you a communist, or a fascist

Neither, I'm an American. I can say what I want as I OWN this country. I've paid the dues. I'm not a 'renter. Sick of the sob story about the 'nazi camps'...dead is dead.....many loyal Americans were killed by our government in wars but we just don't talk about it. Why don't you put a 'google search' for daily articles about 'Agent Orange'? All who responded to the call and went to Viet Nam are DYING of this deadly poison. Big Pharma contracts sold it to DoD to dump on Viet Nam to kill the foliage fell on all our troops. I didn't duck out from the draft claiming 'Jesus Freak or being 'gay' I went as ordered. My friends are already dead...I'm dying. After 40 years our Government fessed up and admitted it. My only child has massive birth defects. My only grandchild also has severe birth defects. Thanks for the War. Vietnamese now sell us shirts! Death is death...Nazi camps? Old News.. YAWN!

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Sep-20-13 8:14 PM

According to Northwestern University, hardly a big hotbed of conservatism, if you take out the one really big different cause of death for Americans we actually live longer than most West Europeans.

What cause? Accidents. The rate of death from car accidents is hugely higher here than there. And if you look at deaths from serious medical problems, it gets more interesting. Two year survival after diagnosis for cancer and heart disease is significantly higher here than France or England, and five year is almost double compared to GB.

And that's what you want to get rid of. Peabrains.

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Sep-20-13 8:07 PM

Birdie, O'Reilly speaks for himself. He has been a jerk before, he will again. He has been wrong about a lot of things in the past. Unlike so many Democrats, conservatives do not take marching orders from the Party bosses. We have brains and can think for ourselves. Unlike you.

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Sep-20-13 8:03 PM

So Rover, are you a communist, or a fascist? This is clearly the comments of some kind of totalitarian. Is your idol Stalin, Hitler, or someone kindler and gentler, like Lenin? He killed less than ten million of his own people, unlike Stalin or Mao, who did in tens of millions.

Had some friends whose parents were the only survivors of their families from Nazi camps. This was a truly disgusting post.

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Sep-20-13 7:53 PM

Ug, you should work on your typing. 500 million I will believe, 500 billion is the annual sales of Exxon Mobil in a VERY good year.

And as far as it goes, 500 million in profit is dinky. Take a look at what Google or Yahoo pull down in a year. But then again, they are owned by Democrats, so that's okay. Take a look at the figures 3 to 4 percent is real good in the insurance business.

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Sep-20-13 7:01 PM


I told you so. And Bill agrees with me.

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Sep-20-13 7:00 PM

BUT the NR tells its readers that the Dem party is controlled by "extremists"? Really?

As I have said on many occasion that if you want to know what the far right extremists are up to, look at what they are accusing everyone else of.

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Sep-20-13 6:59 PM

Bill O'Reilly dismissed Republican attempts to defund Obamacare on his Thursday show, calling it an example of "fanaticism."

The GOP has been riven by internal conflicts between members who want to vote to defund the health care program once again, and members who have said the effort is doomed.

O'Reilly apparently agreed with the latter, as he made clear on his show.

"Fanaticism on the right is also harming the country," he said, adding, "There is no way Obamacare is going to be defunded. It is not going to happen."

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Sep-20-13 5:52 PM

I got a better idea for Congress! Pray the Democrats take the house...then have total control over Congress and the White House. Introduce legislation to OUTLAW the Republican Party as being 'subversive'. Force all registered Republicans of the then outlawed party to wear a STAR on their shirts so we know who they are. Send senior Republicans to re-education camps (the old Japanese/American shacks in the Western deserts would work) for ten years.

You think I'm nuts? Hey, in my lifetime I've seen Japan, Germany, and the USSR and the Soviet client states fall and be restructured. I've seen commy China become the greatest Capitalistic mega-power on Earth. I've seen America go from world leader to world laughter.

It can happen! We could call it the 'New New Deal' for a New New Single Party America.

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Sep-20-13 4:48 PM

In 2012 United Health Group was biggest winner.Over 500 billion in profit after the bills,taxes salaries etc were paid. The biggest loser was Molina with 20.1 million in clear profit.What they need to do is regulate the health insurance industry forcing them to put a huge percentage of that profit back into lower premiums,lower deductibles and better services.Unfortunately that will never happen because the health insurance industry lobbyist's have more power than our own elected officials not to mention a whole bunch of them are major share holders in these companies which should be illegal. If they own stock in an industry they should have no voice or vote on any issue that directly affects that industry.I vote for scrapping Obama care once i see the health insurance industry regulated.Public utilities could over see it with the addition of a few health care professionals per state.the auto insurance industry is regulated,so are public utilities. No new bureaucracy needed.

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Sep-20-13 3:51 PM

MSN is reporting that Obama is justifying the House vote as getting back at him by defunding his landmark legislation,instead of even considering that the members may be voting their constituents goals.

Is there no limit to the arrogance of this "community organizer" who wants to be king.

Obama must have finally realized how irrelevant his terms in office have been, except for the "fairy-dust" ACA plan which he so proudly adopted as "Obamacare".

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Sep-20-13 3:19 PM

My mistake, blaming the Senate for the lack of a Budget. It is the President's job to send a budget to both Houses of Congress for passage.

Obama can be in control of the lack of government funding by continuing resolution by simply sending a budget to the Senate and House for approval.

Since the Senate has a Democratic Majority, they should be able to approve such a budget and send it on to the House...but then again, isn't it easier for Obama to do nothing and complain that the Republican lead house will not fund the Government? Especially when Obama's mantra is parroted by the main-stream media.

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Sep-20-13 3:13 PM


"And now he will shut down the entire government rather than admit he might be wrong."

Wish Charleton Heston was still around to narrate it. Maybe Clint Eastwood...

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Sep-20-13 3:12 PM

Too bad it's not the time of year for political ads.

I can see it now. "He's written a bill to improve health care for all Americans. He then started granting exemptions for hundreds of groups, mostly with political connections to him. He put together support payments to reduce the cost for employees of some government agencies making three times the average pay of an American worker. One group of his biggest supporters, the trade unions, have called this law a job killer. He has postponed enactment of critical parts of the bill that was to benefit all Americans."

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Sep-20-13 3:00 PM

Or, maybe Obama is counting on Senator Harry Reid to refuse to call a vote on the House Bill.

Obama may expect Harry to "throw himself under the bus" so Obama does not have to decide if he wants to be responsible for the government shutdown or defund his landmark legislation.

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Sep-20-13 2:51 PM

Sounds like the House has passed a bill to defund ObamaCare while providing continued funding for all other government programs.

It's now up to the Senate to decide if they want to let funding run out on other government programs.

What to do, what to do? Forgo funding and be the cause of a government shutdown or defund ObamaCare and see if Obama will veto government funding or if he was bluffing.

Of course the Senate could send a Balanced Budget to the House for consideration and acceptance (for the first time since Obama became president); before the continuing resolution expires.

Least anyone forget, (and despite the liberal media spin) all of these continuing resolutions, the sequester, and all of the debt ceiling increases can be blamed on the Senate that failed to send a Balanced Budget to the House during either Obama administration.

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Sep-20-13 2:04 PM

wonderwhy; From your lack of response one would surmise that you are really a "closet conservative", unwilling to share your good fortune with others; or you falsely claimed to save money on your insurance due to the ACA provisions. does repeating a falsehood numerous times make it seem true to you?

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Sep-20-13 12:15 PM

Dum, in case you haven't heard, pre-existing has already gone into limited effect, and it's already going broke. Better start checking your facts before you blather about stuff.

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Sep-20-13 11:24 AM

Dum, not quite correct. Per Forbes, Gates and the Koch brothers are about the same, around $72 billon. But throw in Buffet and Ellison, both known libs, and all of Sam Walton's kids, and the bros are totally swamped.

Isn't it odd, how most really rich people are Dems? Could it be that the elite tell the rest of us what we want to hear, while in the background they are taking care of their buddies? Buffet may loudly proclaim support for a supertax on the superrich, but his accountants fight over every dime of tax he actually pays, and by most accounts he owes over a billion in disputed taxes.

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Sep-20-13 11:18 AM

BTW, those "obscene" profits we kept hearing about when they were selling this junk to us? One good thing is most insurance companies are publicly held, so their annual statements are available. Cigna and Aetna were very profitable when obie was pushing his plans. They were making about 4% on sales.

Wow, that's obscene, all right. A whole three and a half cents of your dollar premium ended up in their pockets.

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Sep-20-13 11:05 AM

Ohiodum, it's obiecare that is planning to yank out the colonoscopy for us geezers, not the current insurance plans.

My sister runs a big hospital in the Southwest. She's retired Army Medical Corps. She HATES dealing with Medicare and Medicaid, because they have no reason to be sensible. Insurance companies have a goal, to keep most customers happy. Enough people ***** about poor service on claims, the HR department will get another carrier.

Once the government gets in, there is no alternate. and as a bureaucrat, saying no means you haven't stuck your neck out and "made a call" that may cause you flack down the road. Unless the No goes to someone with political clout, how can it hurt you?

She gets 10 times as many no's from Medicare as any insurance company. And this is where Dum and his buddies want to take you.

Why? Simple. More bureaucrats, more control, MORE POWER OVER THE REST OF US.

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Sep-20-13 10:49 AM

Why can't people think? Follow the money. Who is the biggest contributor behind this propaganda campaign against Obamacare. None other than the Koch brothers, between the two of them they have more combined wealth than Bill Gates. People like that don't even have health insurance. People like that can pay out of pocket for any health care they need a million or two for a new heart, no problem. Do you people really think these guys are spending millons of dollars because they are worried about your healthcare? Do really think an insurance company should be able to drop you if you get sick? Do you really think you should be denied health insurance if you have a pre-exsisting illness. You don't think a senior citizen should be entitled to healthcare screanings like a colonoscopy or an EKG? You don't think insurance companies should have to compete? You don't think drug companies should compete? Do you really think Bill ORiely, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Shawn Hannity care about you?

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Sep-20-13 9:48 AM

another shutdown of this crappy government.would we be better off or worse?i don't believe that they will shut down because they like to take in as much money as they can get.when you can do a crappy job and still get paid for it you'd be a fool to shut down.all this does is show us once again how incompetent this bunch is not the fault of the commoners that this country is failing.

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Sep-20-13 8:56 AM

Ug "all i have to say is the law is in place..,"

Yes, it was illegal to sell or make booze, and slavery was even in the Constitution. So what? Those idiots in Washington and Charlestown make mistakes, and later fix them. obiecare is a huge fraud and a terrible job-killing mistake; it needs to be killed. I'm just amazed Boehner has finally developed a spine.

But maybe he figures he can put this through the House, then have it die in the Senate and get him off the hook.

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