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Manchin to Oppose Binz Nomination as FERC Head

September 19, 2013

WHEELING — Actions speak louder than words to Sen....

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Sep-20-13 8:54 AM

Manchin will vote as he is told to do, and then he will don his great big you hillbillies are suckers smile and tell us that he told this guy to not do the bad stuff and the guy said he wouldn't, so Mojo went ahead and voted for him. Obama may have thrown in a big sack of Manchin's ego ****** and told him he will get him on MSNBC again so he can rerun video of himself on TV. Joe loves being important in D.C. and has never noticed that he is nothing more than a dancing bear for the smart guys who must be laughing themselves silly at this idiot. Want to improve WV's future, send TWO Republican Senators to D.C., if even for one term, and the National Dems will stop treating us like retarded cousins. Right now they feel we are so dumb they could start selling our organs to the Chinese and we would still vote for Dem party toads. Sending Capito to D.C. is a good start. Tenant is just being told to run to convince women its OK to vote against your kid's futures.

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Sep-19-13 5:58 PM

Dec 2010 Denver Post: "The Colorado Public Utilities Commission voted Monday to shut six aging Front Range coal-fired power units and allow Xcel Energy to replace them with a new $530 million gas-fired plant." What no wind turbines, no solar, No new age CO2 conversion process?? A natural gas replacement!! How could they!!

"The state is out of compliance with federal clean-air health standards and has to submit a plan next year to the Environmental Protection Agency showing steps to cut pollution.

Xcel, which serves 1.4 million people in Colorado, proposed a series of options with costs that reached as high as $1.3 billion.

"None of these scenarios are cheap," said PUC staffer Ron Davis. "Rates are going to rise."

Commission Chairman Ron Binz said the HOPE was that a comprehensive plan to cut pollution would be "more cost-effective."

HOPE: There's that word again.

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Sep-19-13 1:11 PM

GEO, your Colorado 66% coal-fired power number from 2011 was already down 10% in just one year, to 58% in 2012. That's the REAL fact, Jack. And that number will keep dropping because of Colorado’s Clean-Air Clean-Jobs Act. More appropriately named the Already-Clean-Air No-Jobs Act. Thank loons like Binz and Obama for killing your favorite industry, coal.

blogs.denverpost.c om/thebalancesheet/2012/08/30/coalfired-power-declines-west-natural-renewableenergy/6163/

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Sep-19-13 12:54 PM

For the sake of total honesty, as we posted onto the op-ed: "Reject Anti-Coal Nominee for FERC": Through August of this year, Colorado, where Binz served as chairman of the Public Utilities Commission, produced about 15 million tons of Coal, which ain't bad, considering their underlying geology. By comparison, West Virginia had produced about 80 million tons. And, according to the USDOE's Energy Information Agency, through 2011 at least, we doubt a whole lot has changed in the last one and a half years, 66 percent of the electricity generated in Colorado came from coal. Someone will no doubt click "Disagree"; but, those are the facts, Jack.

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Sep-19-13 11:42 AM fair! He stole McKinley's mustache.

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Sep-19-13 9:38 AM

Every once in a while B. Hussein permits Mojo to pretend to represent W.Va.'s interests, but only on a few issues.

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Sep-19-13 6:28 AM

MOJO is for MOJO. Period.

If throwing aborted babies down abandoned coal shafts and clubbing baby seals suddenly had 60% approval ratings, MOJO would be photographed chucking lifeless corpses down into a mine and beating the snot out of a poor baby seal.

The man, like his boss, Barry Hussein Soetero, is a narcissist. His daughter is the same way (an MBA, Heather? Really?)

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Sep-19-13 5:52 AM

If Obama & his team nominated this guy! Enough said! Vote NO Joe!

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