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Wipes Plaguing Cities’ Sewers

Communities warn against ‘flushable’ wipes

September 24, 2013


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Sep-25-13 12:02 AM

There was a time when surgeons did not wash their hands between surgeries and the dr. that suggested it was thought to be nuts. Now everyone is going around with hand sanitizer. Hey, if you really want a clean bum, use bum wipes. Those who flush the wrong ones will suffer the circumstances in their own yards as well, Just like the white mice that have clogged their drains. We dont really want the government to monitor our *** wiping do we?

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Sep-24-13 10:23 PM

Wefailing, laughing your head off and LM AO are synonymous.

I heard you lost a debate with a mime once.

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Sep-24-13 5:57 PM

l m a o. wrat says she wants to debate. wow. how sad. guess she can't just comment on the subject and move on. her man must have really done one over on her to be this full of hate.

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Sep-24-13 1:15 PM

Vannyfanny, since we don't agree on politics, may I interest you in a friendly debate of Quantum Mechanics?

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Sep-24-13 1:09 PM

As a fomer Waste Water Plant Operator, I can understand the problem of the wipes, and thier non-soluable problem. Sending a man down in the sewer to clean the trashrack every day was a problem, because we would bring up five to 25 gallons of things that people would flush down thier toilets. It got to be quite a prolem, and with the advent of 'flush yer bum wipes', its more of a problem then before!

Communutors would shred up the big stuff that got through, but, this stuff cloggs up everyting in the plant, including the sewer systems.

I wish you well...


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Sep-24-13 12:52 PM

When we first got running water and then toilets, we were having a real problem with flushing down the corn cobs, then the newspapers were causing clogs, magazines were no better, and then came toilet paper, that at first was very week and caused excessive hand washing in the creek, and just now I'm getting used to the paper and along comes moisten wipes. We used to just drag our butt on the grass. What is this world coming too?

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Sep-24-13 10:48 AM

What ****** article

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Sep-24-13 10:27 AM

This article stinks.

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Sep-24-13 9:25 AM

Do Do, your the ass wipe.

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Sep-24-13 5:51 AM

What? Ban the official seal of the Democratic Party?

Clogging up voting booths too!

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Sep-24-13 2:21 AM

wonder how long till they are banned?

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Sep-24-13 2:10 AM

Please use the flushables for that fresh bum. Maybe the cities could get the flushables at discounts and go door to door to sell them at a discounted price.

headline could read CLEAN BUMS CREATE NEW JOBS

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