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Union Wants W.Va. Teacher Raises

Says educators must be better paid to keep them from taking out-of-state jobs

September 24, 2013

CHARLESTON (AP) — West Virginia’s largest teachers union said Monday it wants the state to begin offering teacher salaries that are competitive with those in surrounding states, although it didn’t......

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Sep-25-13 10:47 PM

DT, Most people on here know there are teachers like you. If there wasn't the world would be more screwed up. Unfortunately most of them are young and the system beats them down by the time they are in their 40's if not before. Thanks for your effort and no need to apologize for your English.

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Sep-25-13 11:33 AM

why do you people from other states keep coming back to a wheeling news paper site? it has to be because you miss the area or were you just to weak to make it here? why not move on and take care of your own state? well, maybe your only goal in life is to post hate on every site you can find. must be a very sad life you live.

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Sep-25-13 11:27 AM

DedicatedTeacher if the westest is no big deal why do they give the children snacks, breaks and more time to relax? this is not allowed during normal class hours. this is coming from a parent of two children who have finished college.

yes, some teachers do care. if they could thin the heard and pay the teachers what they are worth and not across the board I would have no problem with any amount of raise.

it's the one's who are along for the ride that pulls the rest down. I hade teachers and seen some of my kids teachers pass along kids that can't spell their name. what of them? should they get paid what you do?

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Sep-25-13 8:51 AM

Actually I am surprised that teachers are that close to the national average. WV's economy and cost of living is not the same as most other states and wages tend to mirror that. Anyone who wants to move should. The argument that we will move if you don't pay us more is really not a viable one. There are hundreds of young teachers waiting to teach in th OV, waiting tables, subbing. The older teachers have a sweet gig and don't want to give it up. Every year union reps start the same thing, troopers will leave, teachers will live..but if they wanted to leave they would have already. Its an empty argument. If they are in it for equal wages with NC or PA, or MD they would have gone there first. Teachers are not starving, a lot of other people are though. Young teachers leave becuuse old ones won't retire and when they do, they become fulltime subs, double dipping the taxpayer and keeping young teachers out of work. Now thats a problem for keeping young teachers here.

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Sep-25-13 5:26 AM


I said earlier that I had great teachers, so there are many of which to be proud.

Also, there are a few that should not be teaching, but the union leadership will not allow this and if the administration tried to remove them, the union would put their job at risk.

So, any comments from the union, and at times the administration, is that everything they do is for the kids is bs. Only when it fits their goals.

You should consider that you should not be apologizing on your grammar skills as you are a math teacher, but improve your grammar. There are six classes a day outside of English where kids see (or not see) role model behavior. Would you want the other teachers to use examples of incorrect math with your students? Hopefully not.

The WORSTEST is required in WV or you can't participate in any other school activities. Everyone should try and eliminate it. A standardized test should be just that, not just a WV standard with no real comparison.

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Sep-25-13 2:52 AM

And as you all can see I am brand new to this posting stuff and did not realize that after 1000 characters it just dropped the rest and does not continue in another posts. Oops and I made some really good points. But oh well, I hope I just made some of you aware that their are teachers who try and care and that their needs to be some changes for testing scores to count and for parents to be more involved. We need to work together! And I am a math teacher not English so please don't mind the grammar!

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Sep-25-13 2:47 AM

So please quit bashing on teachers so much and realize there are many teachers like me that care and love their job. But it is really discouraging when all I read is such hateful comments from people who really do not know all the ins and outs of my job. I welcome any parent, member of the community, administration, whoever to come to my classroom and observe. They will see that I am a proud, dedicated, caring teacher who is trying to make a difference every day, every class, with every student.

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Sep-25-13 2:43 AM

There are so many teachers who care and love their job, especially me. We are more than just teachers. There are so many parents who should not be parents. There are so many parents who have no idea if their kids have homework, a quiz, a test, or if their kid is getting bullied, doing the bullying, depressed, in a bad relationship, etc. I love teaching! I am that teacher that stays after school 4 days a week and tutors students FOR FREE! I tutor students that are not even in my class, I tutor students in all subjects and find any way possible to help these students pass. Teachers get blamed for students not being prepared after graduation, but you all have no idea what it is like in a classroom. I do the best that I can in the 45 minutes per class, 5 days a week, that I can. Like I have already said I also make myself available afterschool 4 days a week to help those who may get lost in the shuffle and need that extra one on one attention. But at some point the parents have to come

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Sep-25-13 2:26 AM

Then there are the standardized test scores that some of you keep referring to. These scores on the WESTEST do not matter to the students because there are no rewards or consequences for how they perform on them. Other states make these scores count towards graduation or having to take certain classes. In the state I taught before the students in the 11th grade were so nervous and stressed when it was the time to take their standardized test. They knew these scores depended on graduating and if they were going to have to take extra classes their senior year to pass this tests and actually had to retake the tests till they got a passing score. When I started teaching in WV these kids do not stress or worry about the WESTEST. They will tell you that just want to get done so they can lay their heads down and take a nap. I do not see how you can base any test scores that make no difference to the students grades, classes or graduation on a teacher's or school's teaching ability. I bet if

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Sep-25-13 2:18 AM

I finally had to break down and become a member so I could reply to these posts. I have no idea what most of you have against teachers. It seems as if you want to blame everything wrong with education on the teachers. I put my heart and soul into my job. No, I definitely did not become a teacher for the money. I became a teacher to make a difference! After 7 years of teaching in 2 different states I have realized how difficult and frustrating it is to do so. I moved back to this area 2 years ago and got a job immediately. This is because of the lack of certified math teachers in the Ohio Valley. At this time there are positions not being filled in 2 different counties that I know of because of there being no certified math teachers to even apply for the positions. So for those of you who are always stating there is someone younger and better that would love to have our "easy" job, where are they? They are not bidding on about 3 to 4 jobs that were posted. The counties are

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Sep-25-13 12:21 AM

What's the deal now with a "mentor" program? I notice Marshall County has this set up now. All the new teachers and principals have mentors made up of older educators.

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Sep-24-13 10:37 PM

With the widespread use of computers, fewer books are needed. All schools should submit their desired books/quantity to a state purchasing office and the state should buy tens of thousands of books at once, for a bulk discount.

Cut the administration staff, start cutting back to local buildings with internet learning, put physical fitness/labor back into the school day and tell the teachers to either be happy with their good (for this state) wages or get another career.

When outcomes do not improve, spending should not increase. No corporation will continue to invest capital into a procedure or piece of equipment that does improve output or efficiency. Why should taxpayers do this?

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Sep-24-13 10:26 PM

Freeze the State budget for education. The citizens of the state are taxed enough and they do not have the great jobs like other states. If you cut the top heavy administration department throughout the state and use the saving for the teachers the budget could stay the same with a increase in pay. The BOE are getying like the state and federal government of being over paid and over staffed and you end up with poor results.

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Sep-24-13 8:57 PM

I like the way these clowns always site "neighboring" states!!

West Virginia is a POOR state!!

If you don't like the pay then LEAVE!

$45,000 is a VERY high salary for a SIX month job!!!!!

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Sep-24-13 8:04 PM

Can't pay a good teacher enough, can't get rid of the bad ones. ENUFF SAID.

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Sep-24-13 7:47 PM

Had some WONDERFUL teachers in school - some you knew it then, and others you knew it later. They should have been paid a lot more.

Had some that were totally incompetent, and when you consider they taught thousands of students and wasted many hours and minds, well it just borders on criminal.

To suggest the teaching industry is the only one where there are no employees who don't fit is pathetic.

So, Mr. Lee can have his union and some of the bargaining it brings, but when you consider the teacher's union never lets a teacher be dismissed for imcomptenence, that is truly sad.

And that is why no one should respect this approach, as it does a disservice to young minds.

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Sep-24-13 3:02 PM

Hef, hard to have political graft and featherbedding when you get rid of all that overhead. These are fine old OV traditions. What kind of resident are you???

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Sep-24-13 3:02 PM

ohiodem, WV state budget for education is about 55% of the total, this does not include local funding. Ohio will spend 15 billion of a 62 billion state (2 years) budget on education, also not counting any local funding!

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Sep-24-13 3:01 PM

OhioDum, Where does the rest of that money go? Unionized staff, people filling out all the Washington-generated paperwork for the Dept of Education, Food programs, and just miscellaneous dumb stuff, maintaining all those buildings, heating them, running the buses, all those little details.

If there were still 1 room school houses run by the school marm, maybe your evaluation would have some value.

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Sep-24-13 2:55 PM

The problem is, teaching is a byproduct now, not the primary goal. Employment of lots of government workers that put union dues in Democratic campaign coffers. is the goal.

That said, teachers get a year's pay for nine months work. Yes, I know they need to keep up their credentials and all that. So what? I have to do that, and no one gives me time off to do it. I can't retire at 90% pay after 30 years. Very few of us can. And sorry, teaching in WV is just not a high stress job. Detroit, maybe, not here.

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Sep-24-13 2:55 PM

ohiodem, I've had paid lunch and non-paid lunches. No "planning" periods are in my future! Interestingly about 85% of the school budgets are for salary and benefits....with your 87K pay example where is all the money going?

In 49 of WV's 55 counties the school system is the largest employer! I'm sure Ohio has the same "problem" in those 800+ school districts....

Does more pay corrolate to a better education?

I knew what I could expect in wages when I chose my major, been fairly accurate so far!

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Sep-24-13 2:50 PM

My old school district covered about 120 square miles of rural and small town PA, with about 4000 students. To handle that, with about 12 buildings, they had less than 90 admin people including all the principals. With no computers anywhere.

Now, with the same number of kids, fewer, newer buildings and computers everywhere, it takes 150.

Why? Keeping up with all the paperwork from Washington. No one had to keep track of how many kids ate what for lunch, they just fed us, and if they did a lousy job, they heard about it at the next PTA meeting. Nobody cared how many of what ethnic group were there, they just taught them. Nobody cared about a lot of meaningless stuff that keeps bureaucrats happy.

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Sep-24-13 1:15 PM


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Sep-24-13 1:07 PM

A very wise State Superintendent of Schools suggested some years ago that School Boards be consolidated, reducing the number to eleven, thus greatly reducing the burdensome administration cost of fifty-five boards and introducing volume purchasing and duplications, which would be another huge savings. But alas, this made to much sense and the idea was squashed before anyone got wind of it.

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Sep-24-13 12:46 PM

dyingov, So where ever you worked you never took lunch, read the paper, took a coffee or smoke break, took a nap or made a personnel call. I am impressed. It costs $13500 for a student and you have say 25 students that is $337,500 a year. Lets say the teacher makes $87500 in wages and benefits were is that other $250000? I am guessing a lot of that is going to administrators sitting in an office pushing papers.

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