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McKinley Behind GOP On Debt Limit

Congressman says delay of Obamacare must be tied to plan

September 25, 2013

NEW CUMBERLAND — If House Republicans are to vote to raise the nation’s debt limit, they will be looking for something in return, Rep....

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Sep-25-13 12:39 AM

David is looking much older and very stressed these days. At this point the ethane is being piped south and north. There may well be no regional cracker: not necessary.

The Obama health plan benefits most WV citizens. McKinley is making an error bad opposing it. WV is now the third poorest state in the US and going down . Right Wing politics are not in order here.

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Sep-25-13 1:13 AM

McKinley is nothing but a political hack for the tea party. He'd sell his own mother for a vote. Wreck the credit of the country to score a cheap political victory for teabaggers? Why not. These are dangerous people. Radicals of the worst kind. McKinley and those of his stripe must be voted out of office before they do irreparable harm to our nation.

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Sep-25-13 4:44 AM

to bad you can't see what truth is mr. for once.. he said raising the debt limit doesn't mean they must increase spending.. no? it means they must increase borrowing... just to keep the Govt. going as is.. it's a shame most don't see where this country is going...the few in congress that really want deep spending cuts to keep the country from going down the drain in the ocean of debt, are like the average American being on the Titanic only no life boats for us... the dog and pony show goes on, by their deeds you shall know them. Even the Federal Reserve Bank isn't about to stop it's electronic fabrication of one trillion dollars/yr. out of thin air. QE..but, but they keep talking about tapering.. doesn't matter what they say. it's matters what they do

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Sep-25-13 5:10 AM

Congressman keep up the good work!!! WV can't afford anymore Obama backers! Joe, Jay & Nick Joe been taking us down the wrong road for years!

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Sep-25-13 6:35 AM

McKinley makes a fool of himself in Congress. To even hint that a way to resolve an issue you don't like is to jeopardize the US economy shows a whole new level of desperation and lunacy just as many republicans have already stated. The split in the Republican Party is showing all of us how crazy the far right loons are and they will be just fine with wrecking our republic.

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Sep-25-13 8:25 AM

Those who rail against McKinley because he is a Republican are the same ones who voted for Obama. I am a lifelong Dem, lived through the Mollohan Kingdom holding a Congressional seat through two generations and not living in WV, ala Rockygoodfeller who keeps a house just across the border in WV so he can be elibible to run for office. Obama has dimmed the future of WV. More welfare programs are seen as prosperity? Imagine how dumb a coal miner or AEP plant worker would have to have been to vote for Obama. But their unions wanted them to and many did, TWICE. To gain respect for the lives of WV, we need to send two GOP Senators to D.C. and then we will see the DNC pay attention and stop ignoring WV as "expendable". Dems just took it for sure that we were dumb enough to vote against ourselves. Where is the Tea Party in WV? In your mind and no place else. TP is a buzzword for Dem dummies. Take back the Dem Party from WV haters, but you can't do it being a Dumocrat.

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Sep-25-13 9:07 AM

How is it that you complain that our Congressman not only holds town-hall meetings, attends them IN PERSON, and is not afraid to answer questions and talk through his reasoning? Did you get that from Mollohan? No he held a town-hall back in 2009/10 and stood at the college and IGNORED answering your questions or committing to his true position right to your face! Congressman McKinley asks the questions in Washington, brings back the information through calls and appearances and actually LISTENS to his constituents! If you dig a hole in the sand for years and years, it will collapse in on you - welcome to the Democratic desert! Looks like the coal-miners are at least equipped to help us tunnel out now. God Bless West Virginia & Congressman McKinley! Congressman please strategize to dig us out, no more debt!

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Sep-25-13 9:10 AM

Unfortunately the people of our government are incapable of controlling themselves, and go through these charades in hopes of fooling their constituents just to keep their jobs. If it takes shutting down the government to cut spending, shut it down.

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Sep-25-13 9:12 AM

...but what is behind that shiny white wooly-worm mustache?...

The world may never know..

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Sep-25-13 9:30 AM

Senator Barry Obama was ALSO behind Representative McKinley. In 2006, on the Senate floor, Senator Obama said, “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that “the buck stops here.” Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

I’m surprised Barry Obumbler would now support raising the debt ceiling. Failure of leadership? Yes. Americans deserve better? Absolutely.

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Sep-25-13 9:38 AM

President Obama made this promise regarding funding of Obamacare to a joint session of Congress, and to the American people, four years ago.

“First, I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits -- either now or in the future. (Applause.) I will not sign it if it adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future, period. And to prove that I'm serious, there will be a provision in this plan that requires us to come forward with more spending cuts if the savings we promised don't materialize. (Applause.)”

So now we’re increasing the debt ceiling again, to pay for Obamacare? And now the CBO projects Obamacare will raise the national debt by $6.2 TRILLION?

Just more broken promises from your Choomer in Chief.

w ww.whitehouse.g ov/the_press_office/Remarks-by-the-President-to-a-Joint-Session-of-Congress-on-Health-Care

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Sep-25-13 11:21 AM

I agree, one year delay to the employee mandate, plus 'ALL' or 'NONE'

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Sep-25-13 12:39 PM

So you libbies could care less about dumping even more unfathomable debt onto our children and grandchildren. And you could care less about the hard-working physicians who will be providing all the free health care you non-working gimme gimme groupies think you deserve. Or about the insurance company employees who are wondering how they will cover the cost of astronomically expensive universal health care you takers think your little Obamacare tax will pay for.

Tell us something we didn’t already know. LOL

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Sep-25-13 12:42 PM

SMART 1: "...anymore Obama backers..."? I reiterate, you need a different screen name.

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Sep-25-13 12:44 PM

acoustic, politics aside, I've listened to him speak and he's not very bright.

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Sep-25-13 12:52 PM

*McKinley is making an error by opposing it.

My point: WV is a very poor state. Hundreds of thousands of WV citizens will receive care via Medicaid and Federal subsidies for insurance under the Obama plan. McKinley should be all for it if he is concerned with his constituents well being and that of the providers. He is very out of touch with the reality of WV poverty and low incomes. Remember McKinley's campaign platform was coal and steel for the OV economy. Not looking so good these days.

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Sep-25-13 12:59 PM

atoddh, so more Government pork is what’s best for the wellbeing of West Virginians? Because that’s worked out so well for West Virginians so far? LOL

caltrans, snarkiness aside, is it McKinley’s success in business, his success in politics, or just his vast personal wealth that has you so envious? LOL

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Sep-25-13 1:21 PM

troll: McKinley's business has been almost exclusively work for government projects such as schools and WNHAC. He is a major-major- beneficiary of pork. He does not do much private work except non profits(which usually are pork.) His job now is to look out for his constituents. They are mostly low and will benefit from the Obama care plan and other Fed benefits.

Policies(right wing) designed to concentrate wealth at the top are not appropriate for WV.

BTH: I have a lot more net worth than McKinley.

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Sep-25-13 1:26 PM

troll: the WV decline in coal mining may put the State at the very bottom. No proposals for new employment have been put forth. The situation would be much worse now had Byrd and Mollohan not injected massive government spending into WV(eg FBI etc.)

The majority of WV residents will benefit from Obama's programs. Accordingly the WV Congressional delegation should embrace them; not oppose.

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Sep-25-13 1:38 PM

It's what the goberment does! FEMA paid a contractor to provide a study on "loss avoidance" The program spent 2 billion dollars to "avoid" 1 billion dollars in damages, say what?

Never mind that the US is spending about 200 billion per year in coastal development! I know where we can save 1 billion next year......

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Sep-25-13 1:45 PM

McKinley Reports a net worth between 4-13 million on his political financial statement! That is a he ll of a spread! fairly simple to figure (for those of us that are not politicians) Assets - debt = net worth......

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Sep-25-13 2:08 PM

So atoddh, then you’re standing by your statement that more pork is what’s best for West Virginians? Because all that pork over decades of liberal Democrit political dominance in West Virginia has worked out so well for West Virginians so far? Insanity...

BTW, atoddh, we’re sure you earned all that wealth the way McKinley did. So we’re very impressed with your self-made success. LOL

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Sep-25-13 2:09 PM

Oh really 5 years after President Obama was elected on a promise to reform healthcare, the Republicans are working on an alternative. You clown Obamacare was your alternative to Hillarycare. Obamacare was created by the Republican Heritage Foundation as the alternative to Hillarycare. Mitt Romney passed signed it into law when governor. You hipocrites were for Obamacare before you were against it. Go ahead shut the government down, you lost the House the last time, moron!

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Sep-25-13 2:23 PM

Ohiodem “Obamacare was created by the Republican Heritage Foundation as the alternative to Hillarycare.”

You lie. Was there an individual mandate in the Heritage Foundation Plan? No. An employer mandate? No.

Ohiodem “Mitt Romney passed signed it into law when governor.”

You lie. Was there an individual mandate in Romneycare? No. An employer mandate? No.

So the Dem’s statements are just lies. As usual.

Ohiodem “Go ahead shut the government down”

Harry Reid has threatened to do that very thing. Harry Reid plans to shut down the Government rather than pass the Government funding bill the House PASSED. So when the Government shuts down, Dems, you built that.

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Sep-25-13 2:46 PM

Please, folks, don't even consider McKinley as a conservative. He has voted the union line every time a serious issue has come up. Private Labor Agreements - voted for them. NLRB limits on power - voted against limiting them. He's voting what helps his personal industry - construction - and his relationship with that industry. As far as the debt limit, there should be a heck of a lot more than just a one-year delay in Obamacare. How about some ACTUAL significant cuts in spending instead of "reducing the increases" which is what passes for cuts. The GOP needs to do more than maintain the status quo. They need to step up and stand strong on like Ted Cruz, Ron Paul, and Mike Lee are doing consistently.

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