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State Shuts Down Broker

$34,000 in credit card fraud alleged against Mark Busack

September 26, 2013

WHEELING —The West Virginia Division of Financial Institutions has ordered A Plus Family Mortgage of Wheeling to close its doors....

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Sep-29-13 10:44 AM

That's Italian is gonna be that's a bankrupt!

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Sep-28-13 12:20 PM

getaclue, They can't all they know if what Rush tells them, they can't think for themselves. He has actually expanded gun rights, you can carry a gun at national parks now. I don't think denying x-cons or mentally ill people guns is gun grabbing.

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Sep-28-13 9:45 AM

I worked for his dad 40 yrs ago and what a******he was. He was hated by every employee. He totally destroyed a family business own by him and his brothers. And on Sunday, he would put on the Holy Act on the alter. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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Sep-28-13 8:47 AM


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Sep-27-13 7:27 PM

Heard a yr. ago he was charging up to $150.00 to get a concelled permit, when other in the valley was charging 60to 70 bucks to get their permit/.

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Sep-27-13 7:20 PM

Can kiss his concelled license good-bye..

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Sep-27-13 7:18 PM

GOOD,, Mark Busack, A WASTE.

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Sep-27-13 6:59 PM

Mark Busack is a horrible person. I know this because I had the misfortune of working at his store a few years back. I believe he is a sociopath to the highest degree! The stories I could tell would become Ohio Valley Legend! A P****+++ LOSER!!

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Sep-27-13 4:00 PM

Jjwsk5, start by filing a police report. The state has already taken his license. Now it's up to the courts. You could also contact the prosecuting attorney.

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Sep-27-13 3:19 PM

This happened to my parents through him, can anyone tell me the correct steps to take to help them. I've had them call their credit card companies, what should be my next steps. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Sep-26-13 11:26 PM

He didn't just play with our money - he played with our lives and always cool as glass as he lied to us standing in front of him. While he was fixing us "free sandwiches" our credit cards were processing over $4000 of That's Italian charges.

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Sep-26-13 10:24 PM

I don't care if this lowlife put the money back the same day (after the customer complained, of course). It is STILL theft!

This loser should be in jail for the next 25 years, without parole.

If you rob a bank of $5,000 and you come back the next day to return the $5,000 (by having robbed ANOTHER bank of $5,000), how much time do you think you will get? Try 20 years, pal.

Put this scum in jail, seize his assets and wreck him. Period.

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Sep-26-13 6:25 PM

My husband and I were taken by Mark as well. We contacted the WV division of Banking, but after much time and effort, we were told that we would need to contact the Ohio Division of Banking. After a year of trying to get satisfaction and contacting the WV and. ohio attorney Generals office, as well as the WV and Ohio Banking Comission I ran out of steam. No one wanted to deal with this issue, even though I was told that they knew Mark was engaging in unlawful behavior.

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Sep-26-13 5:39 PM

Wonder what Fitzsimmons, Novotney, and the crew think. Bloomer will have a field day with this one.

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Sep-26-13 5:04 PM

dino, I guess he only told some of the secrets to financial planning!

troll, Yes the peeps are putting down payment, closing cost and the mortgage on a credit card! The housing bubble is growing again.....

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Sep-26-13 4:41 PM

Wow. What a complete and utter disappointment. I'd be scared ****less to mess with someone's credit cards like that. Sounds like he just got into some trouble, found a way to juggle things to delay the inevitable and finally got caught. Sad and very disappointing.

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Sep-26-13 4:17 PM

He did our refinace loan a couple of years ago and we experienced the same type of activity. We contacted our caredit card company and they withdrew the payments from That's Italian so we caught it in time. However, we felt his business practices needed to be addressed so we contactacted the attorney generals office in west virginia via phone calls and by letters.

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Sep-26-13 4:16 PM

I just talked to the WV Division of Financial Institutions *********** 304 558 2294. I talked to Loren Allen about filing a complaint.

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Sep-26-13 4:11 PM

Darn good buffet though.

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Sep-26-13 3:40 PM

People need to check credit card statements thoroughly if they used his catering services from That's Italian or The Hole in One!!

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Sep-26-13 3:36 PM

People should be aware that he not only used credit cards in his mortgage business but his restaurant, "That's Italian". Individuals that used his catering services and paid by credit card need to check their statements thoroughly!!

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Sep-26-13 3:36 PM

I wondered when this would make news. I have been hearing from people how he made unauthorized charges with their credit card, and then repaid their charges with someone else's card. What a creep! To claim it was an accident, what a joke. Good thing he will get convicted of a felony and lose his guns as well.

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Sep-26-13 3:32 PM

Mark will be in jail very soon- he has committed wire fraud too-

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Sep-26-13 3:29 PM

this low life dead beat robbed my company of over 20k - How do i get it back? i am out of state and had no idea- please help me

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Sep-26-13 3:21 PM

When people give their personal information to Obama Care 'Navigators' this will be 'small change'!

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