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Obamacare Pledges Hollow for Many

September 27, 2013

For years, President Barack Obama and other promoters of a federal takeover of the health care system have promised it would make insurance affordable....

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Sep-27-13 7:13 AM

The WV exchange will be open next week. Then all will see the price tag.

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Sep-27-13 9:30 AM

When Government establishes and runs a mandatory spending program, the price tag is irrelevant. If your vote-buying liberal pols needed to, the Government could borrow and print enough money to make Obamacare free for everyone. Of course that would increase the already accelerating rate of inflation and would eventually bankrupt the nation, but for a while – at least though the 2016 election – all the free stuff would be wonderful. Much like getting a new credit card and going on a shopping spree is wonderful – until the bill comes.

The Trustees project Medicare will be bankrupt by 2026. Social Security will be bankrupt by 2033. Nancy Pelosi was right. We have to read the bill to find out when Obamacare will be bankrupt. But as a Government Ponzi scam, like all other Government Ponzi scams before it, Obamacare WILL eventually go bankrupt. And today’s youth will be the ones paying the price for our greed. Your kids will be so proud... And liberals, you built that.

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Sep-27-13 12:38 PM

A unique new survey of health care professionals finds that 56 percent oppose Obamacare, with more than nine in 10 believing that there could be major negative impacts such as a drop in quality care. A shocking 19 percent believe Americans will die earlier.

In its 2013 Health Care Survey of 200 top health care professionals nationally, Coupa Software told Secrets that health care professionals are worried about a number of setbacks that the health law could result in. Asked to list the “negative impacts,” of which they could pick several, here's what Coupa found:

-- 53 percent, “Quality of health insurance policies will suffer.”

-- 51 percent, “Quality of care will go down.”

-- 49 percent, “The law is overly complicated.”

-- 42 percent, “Insurance exchanges will be poorly managed.”

-- 37 percent, “The law still allows insurance companies to be the middleman.”

-- 32 percent, “Too complex for businesses.”

-- 19 percent, “Americans will die

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Sep-28-13 10:11 AM

Anyone with a brain has looked back in history and read how the conservatives acted when SS and Medicare were enacted. The same remarks, the same whoa is me, the world is over, we're all socialists now, freedom is gone. It's an exact repeat from those times. Do your homework and look at the history! It's all from the same playbook!!!

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Sep-28-13 5:33 PM

"In its 2013 Health Care Survey of 200 top health care professionals nationally, Coupa Software told Secrets"..... BWAAA HAAAA HE IS QUOTING COMIC BOOKS AGAIN. BWAA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!

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