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Zoning Showdown Looms

Washington Avenue Issue To Be Settled On Tuesday

September 29, 2013

WHEELING — Washington Avenue residents believe the future of their neighborhood will be at stake Tuesday when City Council chooses between clashing visions for development....

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Oct-01-13 9:28 AM

This is not about the few same people speaking out AGAINST crucifying the neighborhood. Signatures have been submitted to Council in opposition. Have only seen ONE College representative speaking for this at each meeting. What a shame.

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Sep-30-13 6:06 PM

Ragnar has identified the situation succinctly. If this is passed it is because the city manager and the mayor have pontificated on behalf of WJU, there by securing invitations to the Bishop's Christmas party. What little minds will do just to be recognized.

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Sep-30-13 3:46 PM

CherokeeProud gives you a good run for your money.

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Sep-30-13 3:44 PM

Ragnar, keep up the good work. Ignorance can be very entertaining when carried to the extreme. It's like slapstick, only funnier.

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Sep-30-13 12:51 AM

Heron and McKenzie (and I'll never know why he is mayor)have probably been talking to the City Council,(pumping them up) and talking them into passing this zoning change. Heron and McKenzie probably told them that it would be a big boost for Wheeling, another lie like the one about the field on 15th St. If WJU wants housing what the heck is wrong with them building it in the downtown or remodeling one of the many vacant buildings. And if they tear houses down and displace people (which Wheeling is good at) it would be an utterly shame. Hope nothing big comes up for Wheeling or they will again be tearing down residential homes down again. The government of Wheeling makes (NO!)sense at all. It's like seek and destroy!

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Sep-29-13 10:32 PM

To the people who are constantly "rah-rah, Wheeling" - look up the article from 9/21/13 "10 cities that may not make it back from the crash" - Wheeling is number THREE and Steubenville is number TEN! Wake UP! This area has had it's heydey and the fat lady left the Ohio Valley a loooong time ago. These so-called decision makers in this town are big fish in a very small and shrinking pond full of scum. Get over it.

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Sep-29-13 8:38 PM


Have you been out and about recently? Go to Kroger or take a walk through Pleasanton, Steenrod and Edgewood?

There are hundreds of new faces living here and they are not working in the gas industry or at any other job (there are none). So why are they here?

Answer-because the Friendly City is TOO friendly to the welfare/Section 8 crowd. Not city ever improved itself by welcoming criminal scum. Wheeling should take a look up the river at Stupidville, or at the FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

The blacks in Wheeling are accusing the police and courts of racism. That is a sure sign that the police and courts are doing their jobs effectively. Cries of racism and threats of legal action are nothing more than attempts to blackmail authorities into not doing their jobs, so that this group doesn't have to think of an explanation for the lousy behavior of their "youths".

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Sep-29-13 7:53 PM

Good luck battling the Catholic Church.....

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Sep-29-13 6:29 PM

Not a resident of Wheeling but I do drive through this area of Washington Ave. once or twice a month. It is a very nice residential area and in my opinion does not need to change. The change that is implicated with the building of a multi- apartment building will do exactly what the negative commenters say. There are clearly other areas that this can be built.

Ragnar.......dead on again!

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Sep-29-13 6:16 PM

No one moved into Wheeling from anywhere to destroy the place. Wheeling went over the cliff because of the indifference and lack of the local poltiical establishment to look ahead and develope new ideas that might work. Not seduced by every Tom, Dick or Harry who showed up with a smile and late model automobile I am thinking of the Rogers Hotel project for one; there are so many others. America voted with it's cars, of my parents generation, leaving the hard to park retail district of Wheeling in the dust. Mansions gifted to institutions might arrive with fanfare and good intentions until the white in elephant goes hand in hand with the termites and what will we do with the place light of day.

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Sep-29-13 2:26 PM

I have to ask why the NR shut down the comments section on both articles that discussed the so-called "racism" of the Wheeling Police Department.

The thugs from Cleveland/Detroit have moved into this area and are destroying Wheeling. This is a crisis and it must be addressed. I think it's telling that the 15 or so comments on the first article were 100% critical of these race hustlers.

The people know that the thugs (and you know which group they belong to) are polluting and destroying the town but they are afraid to speak out. They would rather be victims than save Wheeling.

I have noticed a lot of new faces in the area and they are not working in drilling (or any other job) so why did they move here? Welfare, HUD, Section 8, etc. They found a decent, though rundown, town that they hadn't destroyed, yet, and they moved in with their aunts, cousins, girlfriends, etc. and are not in the process of turning the Friendly City into Little Detroit.

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Sep-29-13 2:21 PM

The Diocese claims that they have no influence over WJU and, legally, that may be true but it seems as though every decision or event at WJU has something to do with the Diocese.

The Diocese is getting a new athletic facility for Central Catholic. The Diocese was behind the dismissal of Father Julio at WJU. Both the Diocese and WJU support illegal immigration and ObamaCare. The Diocese stole the Mount property from WJU (the main reason for Father Julio's ouster). The Diocese demolished the Mount and "forgot" to file the paperwork with the state.

There is no need or demand for rental property.

If the developer and WJU sign a legal guarantee that the property will never become "mixed income", Section 8, HUD, etc. and if the traffic issue can be solved (I don't think it can) then I could support this.

Those city officials who claim to be undecided are already decided. They just don't want to admit it publicly, fearing a backlash.

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Sep-29-13 1:18 PM

The Mount property is Catholic owned. But this is really about Mr.Bedway. Then about WJU. So Mount property is out of the question. And BTY, WJU gets what it wants. Even is not the best idea.

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Sep-29-13 12:23 PM

The adjacent Mount property is Catholic owned. Would be ideal for housing.

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Sep-29-13 11:32 AM

WJU has already cleaned out the Lewis mansion, filling a dumpster and WJU is ready for demolition of this building. Are you surprised any Councilman not voting for the change? Council has met with WJU. To build and develop does not mean to destroy this decent neighborhood. Former WJU Pres. because stated," there are several options to build." People speaking at City Council in opposition, were representing the petitioners, due those unable to attend, because of their jobs. No ill feelings toward any individual. YOU WILL HAVE DESTROYED nice part of our City Council. Tell WJU to build downtown,where your graduate students are attending their classes now in the Stone& Thomas building. Space is available in that building to house the students. Do NEVER donate to the WJU any property. Take your last peek at the Lewis Mansion. Was donated. This building was never intended to be torn down. And look at WJU vacant land. You will see another bad business decision.

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Sep-29-13 11:27 AM

This is getting to be the story of this country' Big companies, schools and churches reaching out and grabbing property that becomes non- taxable, thus raising property taxes for other citizens.

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