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The Shutdown Showdown

Who will blink first? Government is on the brink as Dems, GOP face off

September 30, 2013

WASHINGTON — With the government teetering on the brink of partial shutdown, congressional Republicans vowed Sunday to keep using an otherwise routine federal funding bill to try to attack the......

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Sep-30-13 3:14 AM

The Republican-controlled House just sent ANOTHER debt ceiling bill to Harry Reid’s Democrit-controlled Senate which FULLY funds the Government, only DELAYS Obamacare, and removes the painful new tax on medical devices. Obama himself delayed the employer mandate and admitted the exchanges WILL NOT BE READY. When Democrits in the Senate refuse to pass this new debt ceiling bill, which simply delays implementation of a bill that OBAMA HAS ALREADY DELAYED, and removes Democrits’ onerous new tax on medical devices, it will PROVE obstructionist Democrits want this Government shutdown and are again playing politics with the American people.

The ball is in your court, Democrits. Do you act responsibly for a change to pass the debt ceiling bill and avoid economic hardship for your constituents, or do you allow a government to force a bill down the throats of Americans that your own constituents have told you in large majorities they do not want?

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Sep-30-13 3:14 AM

Do your job, Democrits. Pass the House bill or face the consequences of YOUR irresponsible games.

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Sep-30-13 4:00 AM

I recall that we had this same situation in 2011 and both parties blinked!

Shut'er down! Could someone be so kind to explain to me what I will be missing without the federal goberment reaching into my pocket?

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Sep-30-13 5:29 AM

Republicans must threaten to crash their Zeros into the aircraft carrier of ObamaCare. Their demand is that the House pair the "must pass" CR or the debt limit with defunding the health-care bill. Kamikaze missions rarely turn out well..least of all for the pilots!

Wall St Journal

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Sep-30-13 5:49 AM

RockeyHorrorReputation, since you like the WSJ I guess your missed 9/30/13

"At one time, getting a job was not that much of a problem. Neither was getting married. But the Affordable Care Act appears to create substantial disincentives both to hiring and marriage, potentially changing the fabric of American society in serious ways.

Let’s first look at hiring.

The Affordable Care Act is partly responsible for the slow jobs recovery. If employers with 50 or more employees do not offer the right kind of health insurance, and at least one employee gets subsidized coverage on the exchange, they are faced with penalties of $2,000 per employee per year. Since the first 30 workers are exempt from the penalty, moving from 49 to 50 workers can cost an employer $40,000 a year.

No wonder that many small businesses are opting to stay at 49 workers. If they decide to expand, they can use temporary workers or contract employees."


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Sep-30-13 5:51 AM

WSJ cont'd

"Without subsidies, low-income families will not be able to afford to buy insurance on the state exchanges. The Internal Revenue Service estimates that family plans will cost $20,000 (in after-tax dollars) a year by 2016. Anyone under 400% of the poverty line, currently $94,000 for a family of four, qualifies for a subsidy — unless a family member has employer-provided insurance.

Perversely, the only way for other family members to get subsidized coverage would be for the spouses to get divorced. Then the spouse without coverage and the children could get coverage on the exchange."

Barack Insane Obama--wrecking the job market and destroying marriages.

Ummmh ummh ummmmhhhhh!!!

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Sep-30-13 5:54 AM

Government shutdown? Seriously?

Seems to me far right extremists in Congress will still be getting their paychecks.

The same extremists will still be getting their health care.

The same extremists will be to blame for not paying the bills.

Hopefully this is the nail in the coffin for the Tea Party.

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Sep-30-13 6:17 AM

harry reid is that you in the goose outfit ....lie and blame...lie and blame... the demo motto

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Sep-30-13 6:57 AM

"RockeyHorrorReputation, since you like the WSJ I guess your missed 9/30/13"

...and neither debate fortitude nor sentence structure were DUHwraifferbait's forte in school. go seek solstice in the knowing that your budget hostage-holders, by repealing the MEAGER 2.3% medical device-makers tax, are in the pockets of Intuitive Surgical that has traded @ $585, ResMed which is trading at an all-time high, and the $50 billion conglomerate Medtronic....bubble boy

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Sep-30-13 7:25 AM

RockeyWhorer, you couldn't win a debate with a mime.

Posting at 3:14 AM, dude that meth stuff gives you a lot of zip, doesn't it? Hope Obamacare comes with dental 4U.

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

If the government shuts down and nobody sees a change, does it matter?

Long as the Mockees can get their welfare checks, all is right with the world.

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Sep-30-13 7:40 AM

Watching Tea Party Harikiri. Bwaahahaha!!

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Sep-30-13 8:32 AM

Repubs and wrat all smoke and no answers to the nations majority voters problems. Just bragg about how impotent they are in their own mind and blow smoke. Oh and don't forget cut down any not buying their swill. I still remember crying on being careless and losing a wallet with a couple of hundred bucks in it. You would have thought the wallet had millions in it then sayng he or it sh still claiming they were rich. Oh and don't forget admiting he it sh was covered by nurse wife insurance plan. Alway wah wah I, ME, Mine, my opine only and childish name calling. Yep real adult role model! And don't forget paper called INTELLIGENCER seeming to condone this type of comment day after day after tantrum after tantrum.

Sorry sometime you have to drop to their level and get some it sh on your hands. You know the drill say anything to get elected and do nothng but blow your own horn using the system R or D. No doubt this post will be deleated.

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Sep-30-13 9:00 AM

NR, please don't "deleate" billyboob's post. It's whimsical yet irritated style and creative use of extra vowels put it in the running for Democrit Whine of the Week.

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Sep-30-13 9:08 AM

Will the Democrit-controlled Senate be coming to work today? Or will Democrit Senators be watching the Government shut down on television?

Get to work and do your jobs, Democrit Senators. Pass the bill the House SUCCEEDED in passing, and FUND OUR TROOPS! Unpatriotic, un-American irresponsible liberal loons...

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Sep-30-13 9:09 AM

Yay! Shut er down. Just think of the cost savings.

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Sep-30-13 9:16 AM

My hope is that this entire evil and unGodly government collapses.

Time to get back to basics when it comes to government and 'we the people'.

The gov't is $17 trillion in debt. How is it possible that the gov't can simply keep printing more and more money and adding more and more people to receiving gov't assistance?

Over $17 trillion in debt. How is it possible that the gov't can start more programs that will cost trillions more. Trillions the gov't does even have in the first place.

How do these things happen without any checks and balances?


Are there any righteous people remaining?

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Sep-30-13 9:35 AM

21 demcrit seats are up for re-election in 2014. 12 of these are very shaking.

By the way, can anyone name some FAR-Right extremists in Congress? Oh, and john mccain and lindsey graham don't count.

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Sep-30-13 9:45 AM

Please don't deleate(sic) Billydaboob post, it is a classic Liberal cluster**** of Busheet !!

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Sep-30-13 9:47 AM

So Hairy Weed is MIA and Barry "TIGER WOODS" Obama was out on what 125th round of Golf in 56 months????

OOOOOOOH! Earth shattering problems they are working on, yeah riiiiight!

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Sep-30-13 9:49 AM

Senate to roll in at 2 PM EST Monday . . . .


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Sep-30-13 9:56 AM

When the President is golfing rather than working out a compromise two days before the Federal Government shuts down, it reveals his pathetic lack of leadership and his despicable disregard for the millions of Americans, including our military families, who will suffer from the partisan games Democrits in the Senate are playing.

When your military families start defaulting on their mortgages, remember America, Democrit Senators and your Golfer in Chief built that.

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Sep-30-13 10:16 AM

VA laon short sales increased 34% in the last quarter of 2012! What happened troll?

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Sep-30-13 10:18 AM

dying, it was probably Bush's fault.

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Sep-30-13 10:25 AM

troll, could be bush or reagan's fault! Those 100% nothing down loans sure did have a lot of defaults.....

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Sep-30-13 10:33 AM

Of course you remember there was a Democrit President between Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. who might have been responsible for a few of those defaults. When the Clinton high tech bubble burst lots of amateur speculators lost the mortgage money. Not everyone had the skill at cattle futures trading that Slick Willie's wife did...

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