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Buyer Beware On Obamacare

Cold reality behind the warm rhetoric on rollout

September 30, 2013

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is the insurance industry’s most powerful pitchman these days as he drums up interest in the health insurance markets opening for business Tuesday....

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Oct-01-13 7:58 PM

Forbes 4/23/12

The Trustees of the Medicare program have released their annual report on the solvency of the program. They calculate that the program is “expected to remain solvent until 2024, the same as last year’s estimate.”

But what that headline obfuscates is that Obamacare’s tax increases and spending cuts are counted towards the program’s alleged “deficit-neutrality,” Medicare is to go bankrupt in 2016.

And if you listen to Medicare’s own actuary, Richard Foster, the program’s bankruptcy could come even sooner than that.

BBWAHAHAHAH! SS & Medicare are the two biggest Financial Disasters in the history of the World!

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Oct-01-13 7:54 PM

OLDIDIOT, the TRUSTEES of SS/Medic claim it is going broke, WTF does a Bumpkin from Bellaire like you know???

Politico 4/25/12

Here’s some bad news: The latest report of the Social Security and Medicare trustees shows an unfunded liability for both programs of $63 trillion. That is equal to about 4.5 times the entire U.S. gross domestic product.

The unfunded liability is the amount we have promised in benefits, looking indefinitely into the future, minus the payroll taxes and premiums we expect to collect.

It’s the amount we must have in the bank today, earning interest, for these entitlement programs to be solvent.

We not only don’t have the money in the bank, no one has a serious plan to put it there.

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Oct-01-13 7:49 PM

oldman "Both are solvent and S.S. is owed 3 trillion by the general fund."

Hilarious! The "general fund" is $17 TRILLION Obamabucks in the red and bleeding another TRILLION dollars a year. But someday you libbies will pay all that back... LOL

I have a deal for you, oldman. Lend me a thousand dollars. Since I'm already deeper in debt than I can possibly ever repay I'll owe you forever, but it's ok because you can say you're "solvent." Too funny.

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Oct-01-13 7:36 PM

Troll,Social Security and Medicare are the most popular programs ever. Both are solvent and S.S. is owed 3 trillion by the general fund. Are you ever going to be capable of telling the truth about anything. YOU LIE, YOU LIE and you lie some more. SAD!!!!!!!!

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Oct-01-13 5:46 PM

atoddh “Health care should be a right of every US citizen.”

When did entitlement (the feeling or belief that you deserve to be given something) come to mean a right?

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Oct-01-13 12:58 PM

atoddh “Health care should be a right of every US citizen.”

You certainly have the constitutional right to express that opinion. But until you amend the Constitution health care is NOT a right. Find it in the Constitution and prove me wrong.

But when you Democrits can’t get something done the legal way, you resort to illegal acts like Obamascam. And Social Security. And Medicare. And welfare and food stamps and the EPA and the DOE and the Department of Ed and...

All unconstitutional. And $17 TRILLION in unconstitutional federal debt later, you want to blame conservatives for this financial mess. LOL

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Oct-01-13 12:54 PM

oldman, the “right wing nuts” who opposed Obamascam also opposed the other two Democrit vote-buying Ponzi scams that are rapidly approaching bankruptcy? Yes, oldman. That tells us all we need to know about you Ponzi scamming Democrits. LOL

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Oct-01-13 8:31 AM

The right wing nuts who oppose A C A opposed Social Security and Medicare. Does that tell you anything?

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Oct-01-13 1:05 AM

It is very unfortunate-a public disservice- the NR and certain WV Congressional members are opposing the Obama Plan which will benefit the majority of WV residents.

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Oct-01-13 12:54 AM

Health care should be a right of every US citizen. This is the case in all other developed nations. Profiteering from disease and human suffering is barbaric. Obama's plan is a step in the right direction toward single pay national care.

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Sep-30-13 11:14 PM

If Obama's lips are moving he's Lying! Can't believe that many stupid people in the Valley, to vote for him!! Throw Obamacare & him over the hill!!! Go GOP! WV getting redder everyday!!

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Sep-30-13 10:25 PM

Obama and the democrats are liars.

This so-called affordable health care act is not affordable at all.

The fact is, millions are now losing their health care and millions more are losing jobs and income all because of democrats and an incompetent US Supreme Ct.

And Barak did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord....

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Sep-30-13 10:06 PM

Why do people ASSUME that those without insurance go running to the ER everytime they have gas???

Ever hear of taking care of YOURSELF???

The TRUTH is that those on medicaid do EXACTLY that!!!!

They CONSTANTLY run their rug rats to the doctor racking up thousands in anual bills on the backs of taxpayers!!!

The reason???


And this will simply create MILLIONS more that WILL now be running to the ER for a headache!!!!

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Sep-30-13 8:20 PM

Can't tell which one of the two guys in the picture is the DOCTOR and who is the PATIENT!

Welcome to Obamacare 2014.

You get to see a first year nursing student instead of a Doctor!!!

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Sep-30-13 5:01 PM


Or maybe they're fighting Obamascam because it will ruin health care in America as we know it? Maybe they're fighting Obamascare because it will add $6.2 TRILLION to Obama's future-crushing $17 TRILLION national debt? Maybe they're fighting Obamacrap because it's KILLING JOBS in an already DISMAL OBAMA UNEMPLOYMENT RECORD OBAMA FOOD STAMP NATION?

Loony leftists are such simpletons.

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Sep-30-13 4:55 PM

NR has cried wolf for so much and so long, not worth reading anything else related to Obamacares in this paper.

Obviously, far rights BIGGEST concern is that Obamacares gets wide acceptance, approval and makes positive changes to health care insurance industry.


Because if that happens, not even the **** brothers will have enough money to fight the wave of approval and acceptance of OBAMACARES.

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Sep-30-13 12:48 PM

The Standard:

"Most Popular Question at How to Get Exemption From Lack-of-Coverage Penalty Fee?"


In other words, ACA EFFING SUX, HOW DO I GET OUT OF IT!!!!!

Remember, Atoddh, without a bunch of young folks being INTIMIDATED into signing up, the PONZI SCHEME COLLAPSES!

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Sep-30-13 9:05 AM

atoddh, "What is wrong with this?"

Let's see, where do I begin?

First of all, the entire bill was conceived by certain people who are adverse to: American ideals and traditions, truth, and Christian principles. (I wouldn't trust such people as far as I could throw a ton of bricks.)

Second of all, it plays on people's emotions. It is supposedly aimed at insuring millions of uninsured. Never mind asking why millions have no insurance in the first place. The poor already have gov't insurance using 'medical cards' so it ain't for them.

Third, it removes incentives for people to work and even live healthy lives....and I could go on..

The truth is that this Obamacare is evil to the core. So much so, that even the very politicians who supported it don't want any part of it. The spineless snakes made the poison (using the working people's money of course), and now they are telling hard working American's to 'drink it up'...all of it.


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Sep-30-13 7:36 AM

Safeguard this, Atoddh: we don't WANT you Effing business, go elsewhere.

If EVERY insurance company OPTS OUT of Obamacare, then WTF are you parasites going to do?

The carcass done died!

This is a business proposition, it if doesn't make sense, companies are OUT of it.

The Best hospitals in CA are Cedars Sinai LA and the University of California Medical Centers.

ALL of them have opted OUT of Opiecare. There are enough people with MONEY and/or private insurance to keep the BEST and BRIGHTEST running.

Opiecare gets the 3rd stringers. If you have newly diagnosed cancer, how does that make you feel, eh????

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Sep-30-13 6:28 AM

the US Govt. borrowing new money will have interest to pay on this new borrowing.. debt increase. so they borrow new money to pay the interest on money that war previously borrow that they cannot pay... it is exactly like the person with ten credit cards maxed out that then gets another card and borrows cash on it to pay the interest only on the old cards...This house of cards is certain to crash. WHY doesn't the press and the American people see this?

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Sep-30-13 3:00 AM

If they can't afford Obamacare their care is paid for by taxation of those who can afford it. So even with Obamacare you're STILL paying for the freeloaders, atoddh. But with Obamacare you get the IRS as the middleman, and $6.2 TRILLION more Federal debt. What a deal.

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Sep-30-13 1:02 AM

The safeguards on insurance company abuse of customers- as discussed- is a very good thing.

Yes folks who have no insurance will have to buy it. They previously used ERs where the cost/fees are shifted to those paying. What is wrong with this? No more freeloading.

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