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What’s Next for Washington Avenue?

Proposed Apartment Complex Plans Yet To Be Seen

October 6, 2013

WHEELING —Although City Council voted Tuesday to approve a controversial zone change on Washington Avenue, the proposed apartment complex that spurred a months-long debate between Wheeling Jesuit......

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Oct-07-13 9:30 AM

You know Washington Avenue has a nice interstate exit so what say we knock down some of those hundred year old homes and put a Sheetz or a Sunoco there maybe a casino and a few bars. To oppose further commercialization of Washington Ave would be so wrong. I can hear the Mayor now saying that its important to the growth of Wheeling. Truth is the backward municipal gov has destroyed most of the downtown, time to move into the neighborhoods. Its just that the out the pikers folks thought they were immune. A few of those swell casinos around the exit would be good, need to be on the residential side, traffic flow doesn't work well across I70. *****it up folks its for the common good of.....well thats a good question as to who all of this benefits. Bet you will pay better attention in the next election. Those good old boy you voted in are never reliable, maybe get someone with some actual qualifications next time.

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Oct-07-13 12:25 AM

oh...those dirty apartment rude to live on my coming..with their cars and loud boom boom music systems.I suppose it's better than a a truck stop?

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Oct-06-13 8:51 PM


No problem. Surely the landlord and WJU are willing to sign a permanent agreement that the apartments will be rented to HUD/Section 8/voucher/welfare/felon tenants.

If they are not willing to sign off on that, we will know their agenda.

There is not such a high demand for grad student housing and all but a few of those houses are in decent shape.

If you think Washington Avenue is bad, try taking a trip through East or South Wheeling sometime.

One of the biggest problems with WJU and the Diocese is the lack of transparency, from two entities that should be transparent at every step.

The Bishop has no legal control or influence over WJU but it is quite obvious that the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus has all but ceded control of the U to Bop The Bishop.

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Oct-06-13 6:50 PM

I see a lot of vitriol spewed toward WJU here. So many people have it in for the Catholic University or just the Catholics in general. Has anyone ridden by the area that is the proposed location for the complex? Quite frankly, if I were the landlords for the homes in that area, I would be embarrassed to say I owned those buildings. Everyone here is speculating about what MAY happen. Glad to see so may fortune tellers have their crystal balls out foretelling the future. First of all, the are and the building would have to be HUD and Section 8 housing approved for any of that to even happen. If the owners don't apply for and get accepted for it, they can't rent the units to anyone who is HUD or Section 8 renters. Jumping the gun again.

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Oct-06-13 5:58 PM

How do you plan on 1.5 cars per apartment???

At a bear MINIMUM there will need to be 72 spaces provided!!!

And there MUST be a written contract with residents that CLEARLY states the ONLY residents will be graduate students!

If this was REALLY intended for WJU students, it would have been built on WJU property!

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Oct-06-13 10:47 AM

It's amazing how many can be duped in the name of Religion and education.

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Oct-06-13 10:03 AM

Any obstacle, no matter to what degree it may negatively effect the neighborhood,or the entire city, will be overlooked and this future Section 8 project will proceed unabated. WJU being the instigator of this conspiracy is a slap in the face to every Catholic parishioner in the city, and the mayor allowing himself to be compromised by the money of the diocese and some CCHS boosters is the pinnacle of corrupt government.

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Oct-06-13 12:12 AM

WJU already charges students an annual fee to park, without the guarantee of a parking space. Now they are going to give up 56 MORE spaces to a private developer?

I thought WJU wasn't the property owner? Why would they make space available to a private property owner?

In ANY other parking situation I have ever encountered, your parking fee guaranteed you a spot, if it was a long-term (3 months or more) deal.

Parking-just one area where WJU rips off its' debt burdened students and poverty level professors.

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